99 Healthy Smoothie Recipes – The Ultimate Smoothie List

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Anti-bloat detox diet: Part two of how to get a flat tummy in four days
Mix 2l water and 1l juice and drink all day. Leave a Comment Cancel Comment Your email address will not be published. I have no pink grape fruits at the moment. Yes you can try a mixture of orange and lemon or orange and lime juice 3 parts orange juice to 1 part lemon or lime. Asparagus Asparagus is an anti-bloating superfood.

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Smoothie Recipes With Yogurt

Your body will eventually get used to them. Dairy If you feel gassy after a few slices of cheese or a bowl of cereal with milk, you may be lactose intolerant, which means your body lacks the necessary enzymes to break down lactose the sugar found in dairy products.

That can cause gas to form in the GI tract, which may trigger bloating. So before all that gas gets to you, steer clear of dairy products and opt for the many lactose-free or nondairy alternatives out there. The American Gastroenterological Association AGA also suggests the use of lactase tablets like Lactaid, which help people digest foods that contain lactose. Apples An apple a day may save you a trip to the doctor's office, but it does not keep the bloat away. High in fiber, apples also contain fructose and sorbitol, sugars found in fruits that many people can't tolerate, Sass says.

Apples are a great snack, however: One fruit provides an average of 4. Eat them in moderation and separately from meals, and time your eating right: Other fruits that bloat: Salty foods Eating high-sodium foods can trigger water retention, which can balloon you up, Sass says. Avoiding sodium isn't as simple as steering clear of the saltshaker, however. Sodium sneaks its way into most processed and packaged foods, including soups, breads, and these other surprisingly salty foods.

That makes it very difficult to avoid. When and if you do succumb to salt, drink a lot of water to help flush it out. The vegetable contains quercetin, a flavonoid antioxidant that helps reduce swelling, says Sass.

So slice it up and eat it as is, or swap sugary drinks with a glass of cucumber water. Bananas also have soluble fiber, which can relieve or prevent constipation.

The pomegranate green smoothie is filled with nutrients and is great for breakfast or an energy boost after a workout. The added benefit that this smoothie provides is weight loss, which can come into effect relatively quickly. Best January Weight Loss Detox. Cindy is blogger and writer and she has a passion for fitness that she wants to share with you, and anyone else who is interested in living a healthier lifestyle.

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