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I try to eat there several times per month and when traveling overseas, I look forward to returning to the states to eat at Kolam. Consumers are not only rejecting diet brands, they are also increasingly shunning big processed foods in favor of fresher options. Potassium Broth Carrot, celery, spinach and parsley. Lamb Greek Style Paidakia A whole baby rack of lamb. She lobbies heavily for the "lean" menu items that support our mission to serve fat and lean world cuisine under one roof. We had exclusive use of the lodge and we were able to provide everyone with overnight accommodation.

Authentic Thai food on Spokane's South Hill

Lean Cuisine

We humbly thank you for coming to Fuego. Sit back, have a cocktail, enjoy the live music and, of course, the food!! We have the best staff anywhere and you can take that to the bank. Our restaurant is available for private events: We would love to discuss how to be a part of your next event. Fuego Bistro Latin Fusion Cuisine.

Dinner Menu pdf Download. Fuego Bistro E. Hours Open today Our Chefs and Staff. Special Events and Catering. Tripadvisor Hall of Fame. Been in the top ten for Phoenix restaurants for over 8 years. Arizona Army National Guard. Hummus with Chicken Tender tips of chicken breast sautéed with cilantro, fresh garlic and a dash of lemon juice; all served on hummus.

Vegetarian Maza Hummus, baba ghannooj, tabbouli, fattoosh, vegetarian grape leaves, falafel, mixed veggies and pickles. Mediterranean chicken wings Lightly battered and pan sautéed. Fried Cauliflower Fried fresh cauliflower with onions, spices, tahini and parsley. Entrees All dinners are served with your choice of soup or salad and rice or fries.

Shish Kabob Your choice of lamb or beef. Shish Tawook Classic or with lemon-oregano. Charbroiled, marinated chicken breast kabob. Shish Kafta Quality ground lamb, parsley and onions, charbroiled. Chicken Shish Kafta Charbroiled chicken, parsley and onions. Grape Leaves Dinner Choice of lamb or vegetarian stuffed grape leaves served with side of yogurt. Hummus with Lamb Tender lamb tips sautéed with herbs and pine nuts. Hummus with Chicken Chicken breast tips sautéed with herbs and pine nuts. Hummus with Shawarma Choice of marinated charbroiled chicken or lamb.

Hummus with Ghallaba Classic or zesty. Choice of vegetarian, chicken, lamb or beef sauteed with veggies. Sautéed Lamb, Beef, Chicken Sautéed with mushrooms.

Lamb Combo 1 pc kafta, 2 pcs kibbee ball, 2pcs meat pies, 4 pcs meat grape leaves. Chicken Creme Chop Thinly sliced chicken breast battered with Mediterranean herbs and spices; pan sautéed. Classic or Zesty Ghallaba Choice of chicken, lamb or beef, sauteed with veggies.

Garlic and Almond Rice Ghallaba Classic or zesty. Choice of meat sauteed with veggies and mixed with toasted slivered almonds and nce; served with our homemade garlic sauce. Vegetarian Ghallaba Classic or zesty. Potato substitutes for meat and sauteed with veggies.

Shawarma Plate Choice of marinated charbroiled lamb or chicken. Shawarma Combo Combination of marinated charbroiled lamb and chicken. Quail Served with lemon-oregano sauce.

Tenderloin or Chicken Seared Sajji Thinly sliced, marinated and seared, your choice beef tenderloin or chicken breast. Lamb Chops 4 Pcs Tender, marinated and charbroiled. Mjadra Lentils and cracked wheat cooked with onions and olive oil. Arayes Ground lamb with fresh parsley, onions, pine nuts and almonds served with fries.

Borgul Cracked wheat cooked with tomato, on ions, green peppers and mushrooms. Baked Kibbee Layered kibbee stuffed with sauteed ground lamb, sauteed onions, special herbs and spices. Hummus with Salmon Sauteed salmon. Salmon Fillet Fresh, chargrilled. Salmon Ghallaba Classic or zesty. Fresh salmon sliced and sauteed with veggies and natural herbs and spices. Swordfish Ghallaba Classic or zesty.

Swordfish sliced and sauteed with veggies and natural herbs and spices. Sautéed Swordfish Sautéed with mushrooms. Shrimp Ghallaba Classic or zesty. Sauteed with veggies and natural herbs and spices.

Sauteed Shrimp Sauteed with mushrooms. Combos and Party Trays. Shish Combo Platter Party Shish kabob, shish tawook chicken kabob and shish ka ta ground lamb, parsley and onion. Shish Combo For Two Party One kabob, two tawook chicken and two kafta ground lamb, parsley and onion.

Served with two salads or soups. Shish Combo For 4 Party Two kabob, two tawook chicken and our kafta ground lamb, parsley and onion , Shawarma, two lamb chops, one hummus. Served with our salads or soups. Sampler Plate For 2 Party Tabbouli, hummus, baba ghannooj, falafel, grape leaves, lamb grape leaves, chicken Shawarma, lamb Shawarma, shish tawook and shish ka ta.

Served with two dinner salads or soup. Shish Palace Tray For 8 Party A delicious offering that includes four shish kabob, four shish tawook, four shish kafta, four lamb chops, Shawarma chicken and lamb mix, large order of hummus and baba ghannooj. Falafel Ground chickpeas, fava beans and vegetable patties cooked in vegetable oil, wrapped with vegetables and tahini sauce. Mjadra Lentils, cracked wheat and sauteed onions. Hummus and Vegetarian Grape Leaves.

Hummus and Lamb Grape Leaves. Hummus Deluxe Hummus with falafel and tabbouli. Hummus Tawook Chicken kabob and tabbouli. Hummus Kabob Choice of lamb or beef. Hummus Shawarma Choice of chicken or lamb. Shish Kabob Choice of lamb or beef. Shish Kafta Charbroiled quality lamb or chicken ground with parsley, onions and herbs. Shish Tawook Charbroiled chicken kabob. Shish Tawook and Tabbouli Chicken kabob with parsley salad.

Lamb Shawarma Charbroiled marinated lamb. Chicken Shawarma Charbroiled marinated chicken. Chicken Ghallaba Sauteed chicken and veggies. Smoked Turkey Sliced smoked turkey breast. Juices Fresh squeezed to order. Your choice of orange, apple, carrot, carrot apple, carrot beet or lemonade. Potassium Broth Carrot, celery, spinach and parsley. Power Mix Carrot, spinach, celery, radish and beet. Cobra Carrot, orange, beet, radish and apple. Smoothie Fresh squeezed and blended with strawberries, banana and honey.

Your choice of apple, orange, mango, papaya or carrot. Coffee, Hot Tea, Iced Tea. Turkish Coffe Pot 2 cups. Lovin' Spoon Chocolate Cake. Daily lunch specials Entrees Served with soup or salad, and rice or fries. Ghallaba Classic Or Zesty Choice of chicken, lamb or beef, sauteed with veggies. Grape Leaves lamb or vegetarian. Shawarma Plate, Lamb Marinated charbroiled lamb.

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