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She has bright red hair, with green eyes with beautiful eyelashes. Zendaya, 22, reveals how she transitioned from child star to leading lady as she continues her rise in Hollywood Rashida Jones gets hug and kiss from dad Quincy Jones at LA premiere of documentary about his life She helped create Many Harry returns! Chloral hydrate-- which is a hypnotic put in pill form such as chioral betaine, Beta-Chlor, and given with something like a glass of milk. Courtney was returned to her home the next day, and as she had promised told noone about her misadventure. Women due to their C-section birth, develop a deep seated desire to be held, and intercourse later becomes the price they have to pay to satisfy this deepseated need.

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As for her new eye lift, she looks great. Women are always criticized for getting old! AND they bow to it. Instead of accepting aging as a natural process, we spend all of our time and money on cosmetics and looking good outward, instead of improving ourselves inside.

America has become a country that punishes aging and throws the elderly aside. I think she is very pretty. I agree Shirley, I think she looks wonderful!! She is so interesting to listen to.

Greta real heavy sigh Get a softer more up to date hair style! A bob or something. Talk about putting your light under a bushel. You look like a transit bus driver. Let your attractive self shine through! Greta is one of my all time favorite.

I watch her evey day. She is smart, caring, and I hope to be like her one day. I think it was a good financial move on her part.

I would have done the same. It seems she talks out of the mouth occasionally. I really think she looks beautiful and fresh faced now. I am glad she did it, she is among the best commentators out there. She looked so tired before. She looks great, considering how ugly was previously. But Fox would not have hired Ugly, so it did work for her.

She wins — you lose. I recall her looking very very ugly before surgery. She certainly had more than her eyes done. You are wrong, Lee. Greta was already hired at Fox for a considerable length of time before she had the surgery.

She was lucky to have had an excellent result; so many turn out to be horrors. I have a great deal of respect for her, especially because she always dresses as a professional in her field, unlike the others on Fox that are dressed like hookers. Greta is in a competitive area-while her mind is clear and fresh-her looks have to go with it-I have had a minor face lift and these procedures are painful and sometimes risky-Glad yours worked out Greta-you sure look better that Joan Rivers-ehat a comparison!

Love your courage to go after the news that needs to be told. Keep up the good work! I remember her old look with very long hippy hair and remember thinking she is so smart but why no style. Far better than gobs of eye makeup, implants and hair extensions, like all the weather and anchor woman..

I really think her mouth is stiff as a result of bells palsy… a virus which affects nerve endings…many have had it…sometimes corrected with botox a it does leave a droop with eyes and mouth….

Glad for her that she is comfortable in her own skin so we need to applaud that and just leave her alone. I like Greta and her looks have zero to do with anything, her ability to communicate is my liking for her.

She looks the same to me, maybe younger. Personally, I would not call her a true conservative. I have always thought she looks masculine. Everyone we spoke to thought she was between years old.

She is a great personality and newsperson. One of my very favorites. I have watched Greta for many years. She is great at what she does. I love her new look and I wish I could afford to do it. Well, maybe so, maybe no. I just know she looks great!!! She looks like she had more than an eye lift. Something with her chin. If I could, I would have the same eye procedure done. I think my chin is fine. More power to her. She is in the public eye, she can afford it so why not.

I like Greta and watch her as often as I can. A person in her position should have the most perfect diction of anyone. She talks soooo fast, I can hardly keep up with her. Her pronunciation is atrocious. I think Greta looks very nice; quite an improvement and it shows the confidence she has now. Before, she was a aware of her face so much! I am happy for her! Greta, I was born and raised in the U. Nice scenerey around Green Bay in the summer, too. Her Hair is tired, some days it looks like she just got out of bed, it is time for a change.

It makes her look old. I really wonder why she does not look like the other woman on fox, hair, make up and clothes. The difference between she and Megan Kelly is un believable. Hard to believe they work at the same network. Greta is forthright, intelligent and has an opinion that some people may not agree with.

So you HATE her for that? I actually just got online to read about her having a stroke. She wants the truth. So here it is…. Greta, Sue your surgeon. He did a terrible job. Although I would like to know who her plastic surgeon is. I broke my nose during a 5 minute grand mile seizure. Wish I could get it repaired for I can hardly breath thru it. It looks ok on the outside I guess. Oh, well guess I will never be able to afford it. Greta should have stopped before she got that frozen look.

Greata is a real person who speaks her mind on issues that she really cares about,,she is not shallow and biased like most you hear from.. She is a beautiful human being, inside and out.. I think Greta is very beautiful,surgury or not.

The original box is missing, but all original clothing is still on baby. This doll is from an adult collection and was only displayed for one year. Original box is missing, but all original clothing is still on the doll. Used but in great condition with only a small black dot on one toe.

No clothing on doll. She has bright red hair, with green eyes with beautiful eyelashes. She is weighted so she conforms in any way you hold her. You feel like you are holding a real baby.

On her neck is the mark of Adora Here is an adorable Adora toddler or baby doll. She has been played with. She is about 19 inches long. She has an open mouth. Her hair is up in a pony tail.

Her outfit is pilled. There is also some wri All I have is the doll itself, no Birth cert, no box, no original shoes, no original hair barrett. I found a pair of newborn slippers to put on her feet and bought a hair band for her head.

Delight small children on birthdays and holidays with a baby doll dressed in navy and white gingham accented with daisies, frilly white cropped pants, and red hair decorated with polka-dot bows. Eyes are just so beautiful you wi Up for your consideration is this 18" Adora Blonde Toddler doll.

It is in mint. Free of fowl odors and clean. But I am going to enjoy every moment of this. He had an evil smile on his face. I will do as you order. Nothing pleases me more than an obedient bitch.

I am pleased with you, so I am letting you off without a single lash this time. Otherwise normally I would have given you at least 10 lashes for causing us the trouble of tying you here. She was again made to stand in front of the camera and ted motioned her to start. Ted nodded, and Courtney began to take off her clothes one by one. Finally she had only bra and panties on. Ted told her to stop stripping. He knew that letting her have bra and panties on was better than stripping her completely naked.

That way he could always force her to take them off later, adding further humiliation. He knew very well how to humiliate a bitch. Cox I will let you suck mine if you beg for it. Courtney stood there in defiance. The thought of giving a blowjob was a most despicable one. At the same time the thoughts of the whippost sent shivers through her back. Ted motioned mike to take her to the whippost, which he did with great pleasure. They went inside to find Courtney bound to the whipping post by cuffs at her wrists and ankles.

Mark was fondling her breasts with his left hand, while his right hand was caressing her cheeks. And then,after that I will whip you until you agree to do what you are told. So its your duty to count aloud each lash. If you fail to count , or scream. I will just have to start all over again. She had never experienced so much pain. In the shock of the pain she forgot to count. Courtney realized by now that if she did anything than what they ordered her to do, it would only mean more pain.

The whipping continued as Courtney was holding back her screams with utmost difficulty and counting. In spite of all the agony, Courtney breathed a sigh of relief. Just then the whip came down once again on her back. Ted came on her front side and held her face in his hands. She was sweating, sobbing, and trembling with fear, and her back was in unimaginable pain. Mark untied Courtney and dragged her into the earlier room. She was wishing all this were a nightmare and she would wake up soon.

But it was for real and whats worse they were taping everything. And placed his erect penis in front of her face. He grabbed her by the hair and guided her face forward. She simply opened her mouth and allowed his penis to penetrate her lips. Carefully, she closed her lips around it and began to suck, licking its undersides with her tongue.

She concentrated on pleasing this man with all her soul, using her tongue and lips expertly. The soft, sucking sounds that came from her mouth were painfully humiliating to her; but Courtney was too afraid of Ted to complain. It was the sight of Courtney slavishly sucking his cock as much as the sensation of her tongue working on his penis that brought Ted to the point of no return.

He wrapped his fingers in her hair and began using her face as if it were her cunt. His thrusts rapidly picked up speed while Courtney gagged helplessly under him. She was choking, unable to draw a breath, when he began to climax.

Courtney swallowed the hot load he shot into her mouth without protest; she could feel the cum burning its way into her stomach. She was grateful her ordeal was finally over, at least for the moment.

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