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The frozen foods were much tastier. I am receiving three consecutive day programs in return for my honest review. It has a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it. Before I started Nutrisystem, I rarely got hungry because my metabolism was slow. The muffins were okay as far as taste, nothing to write home about but not bad.

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What Is Nutrisystem Fast 5 & What Do You Eat?

I've seen such amazing transformations and hopefully it'll get me to buckle down and just get it! Good luck, you've got this!!! Can't wait to see your after: I have been on this for a week now and have lost 7 labs looking forward to watching u too. I am receiving three consecutive day programs in return for my honest review. What to expect from me: I will be updating you guys weekly both here on my blog as well as on YouTube so check back each week to see how it is going. What plan I am on: Nutrisystem My Way - Select Plan.

Nutrisystem is a nutrition based diet. They send you the foods you will be eating each month at a time. Along with the foods you are provided a detailed guide book and personal counselor who is TONS of support. What I expect from this program: I want to come away from this program of course lighter but also with perhaps a brain washed understanding of 'real' food portions. I am totally a " can't just have ONE cookie" kind of gal.

I am hoping this program will help me break that mind set. What are my goals: After that I don't really have a weekly weight loss goal but rather just a determination to stay on course for the next 3 months.

I feel like that may be my biggest adjustment to give up. The foods that are provided as part of the program all look and sounds fantastic! I half expected the food to be pinch your nose terrible and aside from the Kung Pao noodles which were just bland everything else has tasted really good! You NEED to add in tons of non-starchy veggies to make it through the week and not be miserable. I recommend spreading them through out the day too.

Because if you don't and you just sit there eating them all at once you will just get that ' I am still hungry but can't eat another bite of this syndrome. Spacing your meals put at regular intervals will help this first week feel and be more manageable. ALSO it is so true that the slower you eat the fuller you feel. I am a firm believer of this. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram where I post fun pictures of the foods I am eating! Do not give up in yourself. You can do this!!! I was very tempted to give in and have some 4th of July BBQ, or some fried dough at the concert I went to but I didn't and knowing I gave the first week my all is the best feeling!

Prove to yourself that you can do this for yourself at least for the first week then go back and assess whether you want or can move forward. You are stronger than you know!

You ordered the program already so do it right and put in the effort this program deserves so that you may be successful. I had the willpower to forgo these delicious dessert for a Craving Crusher shake - You can too!!!

Throw out all your fav foods before starting this program, if you can. Do not be afraid to ask for fresh veggies when you are out and about!! What's the worst scenario?

They think oh wow look at this health nut. We had to go to my sons baseball photos at a local pizza joint and instead of grubbing down on some pizza I asked the clerk for carrots and he gave me a whole bunch, for free! That being said, I am sooo not one to sit and mangia on veggies , especially carrots. But man when you are hungry because you are actually eating only what your body fundamentally needs , you will sit and eat just about anything as if it were a bag if Lays BBQ chips.

At some points you will feel like your body is eating itself - that's because it is - and it's uncomfortable at first but I had to start thinking of it this way. When I had braces as a teen my mom said to me in a few years hey even months or weeks you will not remember this discomfort and pain. You will just see the results and think wow I am so glad I did that. And that has stuck with me and helped me push through this first tough adjustment week.

Now on to the results!! That means I have lost 4. How are you doing on your weight loss journey? Comment below and tell me: I heard Nutrisytem is testing a fresh whole food box in California. So far so good! See ya next Friday to see how this week went for my first regular week on Nutrisystem. Dang, I just realized I forgot to take a starting picture. I will do that this afternoon. Please feel free to chat about your Weight Watcher experience…curious to know more.

I tried the deal from QVC in January. You are off to such a great start! I had forgotten how good the pizzas were. While on Nutrisystem, I started eating yogurt, something I never even tried before. I was also eating a lot more baby spinach. To anyone interested in the price, I suggest going to the website and going through the steps of actually putting the different packages in your cart and seeing the savings if you go for the three months auto delivery.

I love the Carb Master yogurt from Kroger. I went to the store last Sunday and bought 10 but I think I need more. Plus, those yogurts freezer well. So I can always throw them in the freezer for later…emergency stash. I think I might pick up some turkey pepperoni and add those to my next pizza. Excellent review and fantastic results despite your visitor! I have to ask, what about pricing and taste?! I knew I missed something.

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