Cashew Queso

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Worried about egg yolks and cholesterol? I like to sprinkle hemp hearts over salad greens and a simple vinaigrette. Thank you Julie Reply Cancel. I am SO excited to make these for my family!!! It has a biostone filter. I love pineapple and spinach smoothies with hemp seeds.

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Glad you like it. I have a similar personality. The recipe will easily fit in a 48 oz container. I just got my Vitamix and tried this for the first time. I followed the recipe exactly but feel like it came out too thick. Is there anything I can do now to thin it out? Made again with soy milk, Not the same. Make it for friends! Your email address will not be published. The delicious, irresistible, and now legendary Cashew Queso This 5-ingredient queso is a hall of fame recipe. So, so easy to make and clean up.

The story of Cashew Queso You know those little moments in history that, today, look like turning points? A fabulous, non-smoothie use for my Vitamix. Oh, and the discovery of Nutritional Yeast. A key ingredient in several of our best recipes. My cashew queso is the best thing ever. And I should jar it and sell it. But can I just show you how to make it? Watch me make it and get really excited about the steam Watch a kids video featuring this queso Summary We make this cashew queso weekly, religiously.

A dip for chips or veggies. A sauce on tacos or pasta. A recipe base beer cheese soup , for example. There are a lot of dairy-free cheese recipes out there. And, of course, it tastes incredible and has a nice little kick! Go make this, guys. Go make this right now. Other Noteworthy Versions Detoxinista: Healthy queso dip Allyson Kramer: Add liquid ingredients to your Vitamix. Then add rest of ingredients. Start blender on low, ramp to high. This recipe requires a Vitamix. You can email Lenny using this form.

Also, no worries about this recipe. If only I could ask my self who created the recipe. Yes — just simply add more almond milk. What setting on the vitamin should I use? Post a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Breakfast is a great place to start, because when you think about it, most breakfast staples in kitchens across American are starchy and sugary fake foods like cereal, pastries, baked goods, and convenience shakes made from a bunch of junk.

Cheers to embracing something new! Is there something you could suggest that I substitute to still give the smoothie that same creaminess? Just to add for anyone stumbling upon this… I think Sunflower Lecithin would help to emulsify. Maybe a little Coconut Oil or extra Nut Butter. Maybe some macadamia nuts for the fat and creaminess. This is interesting Hallie! I could be talked into trying this! I actually find hemp hearts to have a little sweet flavor to them. Thank you for a new twist on green smoothies.

I burp cucumber extremely bad. Does peeling it solve this problem or do you have a suggestion for a substitute? I just had the suggestion to make two nutritious all green no fruit smoothies a day to help me regain my health, and this sounds like it will be extra nurturing and nutritious.. Thank you thank you for this recipe! I am a smoothie fanatic and this one has won my heart as well!

I love fruit smoothies but I find they too can sometimes contribute to digestive woes for me. This one seems not to at all. You are so right about sugar free foods changing your palate. I have been eating a low sugar diet for a couple of weeks now and already I can genuinely say I do not crave sweet foods any more. This recipe is a great one to try. I just made this for my husband and me.

I have been searching for a smoothie recipe like this for a while. Thank you so much! I tried for the first time today. Next time i may add some parsley as well. I also use a black bean protein powder from Shaman Shack called Morning Jing, and added a couple tablespoons.

I also love ginger so may add some more of that. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this!! Are you sure eating large amounts of fruit will spike blood sugar levels?

All one has to do is buy a glucometer cheap, I believe and check their blood sugar after ingesting the fruit. I see where some people blame fruit for their digestive distress. Could it be that fruit is not the cause of the problem, but highlights the already-existing condition?

Would like to hear some thoughtful responses from viewers, not just what they want to believe. I eaten an obsessively organic diet for 20 yrs and I cannot handle a lot of ANY sugar, natural or not.

I realized I had stopped making green drinks when my blood sugar got out of control because I had always put apple and lemon in them. I decided I had to come up with some good drinks with little to no fruit. This one is a great start! By the way, my health problems were all caused by gluten damage leading to yeast over growth and nutritional deficiencies, not junk food or obesity.

Dave, eating a lot of sugar does absolutely raise blood sugar. Also, eating lots of carbohydrates in other foods such as white flour breads, pasta, rice etc.

Whole wheat and other whole grain options also raise blood sugar, but much less than the white flour counterparts.

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