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Chiens Husky sibérien à adopter
Christine Los Angeles, CA. Sound mover both ways with a fluent side gait. I loved you so - 'twas Heaven here with you. Usually, the first signs of Legg-Perthes, limping and atrophy of the leg muscle, occur when puppies are 4 to 6 months old. Harvey, George Scottish, Haug, J. I soon realized that I was out of my depth with 3 dogs, all of whom were much cleverer than me and had me brilliantly trained.

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Terrier irlandais Glen of Imaal

In addition to back problems, the breed is prone to patellar luxation where the kneecap can become dislodged. In some double dapples, there are varying degrees of vision and hearing loss, including reduced or absent eyes.

Dapple genes, which are dominant genes, are considered "dilution" genes, meaning whatever color the dog would have originally carried is lightened, or diluted, randomly; two dominant "dilution" genes can cancel each other out, or "cross", removing all color and producing a white recessive gene, essentially a white mutation.

Other dachshund health problems include hereditary epilepsy , [50] granulomatous meningoencephalitis , dental issues, Cushing's syndrome , thyroid [50] and autoimmune problems, [51] various allergies [52] and atopies , and various eye conditions including cataracts , glaucoma , progressive retinal atrophy , [50] corneal ulcers, nonucerative corneal disease, sudden acquired retinal degeneration , and cherry eye.

Dachshunds are also 2. Dilute color dogs Blue, Isabella, and Cream are very susceptible to Color Dilution Alopecia , a skin disorder that can result in hair loss and extreme sensitivity to sun. Since the occurrence and severity of these health problems is largely hereditary, breeders are working to eliminate these.

Factors influencing the litter size of puppies and the proportion of stillborn puppies per litter were analyzed in normally sized German dachshunds. It was found that as the inbreeding coefficient increased, litter size decreased and the percentage of stillborn puppies increased, thus indicating inbreeding depression. It was also found that young and older dams had smaller litter sizes and more stillborn puppies than middle-aged dams.

Some writers and dachshund experts [54] have theorized that the early roots of the dachshund go back to ancient Egypt , where engravings were made featuring short-legged hunting dogs. Dachshunds have been kept by royal courts all over Europe, including that of Queen Victoria , who was particularly enamored of the breed. The first verifiable references to the dachshund, originally named the " Dachs Kriecher " "badger crawler" or " Dachs Krieger " "badger warrior" , came from books written in the early 18th century.

Though the breed is famous for its use in exterminating badgers and badger-baiting , dachshunds were also commonly used for rabbit and fox hunting, for locating wounded deer , and in packs were known to hunt game as large as wild boar and as fierce as the wolverine. There are huge differences of opinion as to when dachshunds were specifically bred for their purpose of badger hunting, as the American Kennel Club states the dachshund was bred in the 15th century, while the Dachshund Club of America states that foresters bred the dogs in the 18th or 19th century.

Double-dapple dachshunds, which are prone to eye disease, blindness, or hearing problems, are generally believed to have been introduced to the United States between and The flap-down ears and famous curved tail of the dachshund have deliberately been bred into the dog.

In the case of the ears, this is to keep grass seeds, dirt, and other matter from entering the ear canal. The curved tail is dual-purposed: Hubert Hound , also a bloodhound, in the 18th century, [60] and still others believe that they were descended from Basset Hounds , based upon their scent abilities and general appearance. The exact origins of the dachshund are therefore unknown. There are two theories about how the standard longhair dachshund came about. One theory is that smooth Dachshunds would occasionally produce puppies which had slightly longer hair than their parents.

By selectively breeding these animals, breeders eventually produced a dog which consistently produced longhair offspring, and the longhair dachshund was born. Another theory is that the standard longhair dachshund was developed by breeding smooth dachshunds with various land and water spaniels.

The long-haired dachshund may be a cross among any of the small dog breeds in the spaniel group, including the German Stoberhund , and the smooth-haired dachshund. The wire-haired dachshund, the last to develop, was bred in the late 19th century. There is a possibility the wire-haired dachshund was a cross between the smooth dachshund and various hard-coated terriers and wire-haired pinschers, such as the Schnauzer , the Dandie Dinmont Terrier , the German Wirehaired Pointer , or perhaps the Scottish Terrier.

Dachshunds have traditionally been viewed as a symbol of Germany. Political cartoonists commonly used the image of the dachshund to ridicule Germany.

As a result, they were often called "liberty hounds" by their owners similar to "liberty cabbage" becoming a term for sauerkraut mostly in North America. Due to the association of the breed with Germany, as well as its popularity among dog keepers in Munich, the dachshund was chosen to be the first official mascot for the Summer Olympics in Munich, with the name Waldi.

Some people train and enter their dachshund to compete in dachshund races , such as the Wiener Nationals. There is also an annual dachshund run in Kennywood , located in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania , called the Wiener , and in Huntington, West Virginia called the Dachshund Dash. Despite the popularity of these events, the Dachshund Club of America opposes "wiener racing", as many greyhound tracks use the events to draw large crowds to their facilities. The DCA is also worried about potential injuries to dogs, due to their predisposition to back injuries.

Another favorite sport is earthdog trials , in which dachshunds enter tunnels with dead ends and obstacles attempting to locate an artificial bait or live but caged and protected rats. In Germany, dachshunds are widely called Dackel both singular and plural. Among hunters, they are mainly referred to as Teckel. There are kennels which specialize in breeding hunting dachshunds, the so-called jagdliche Leistungszucht "hunting performance breed" or Gebrauchshundezucht "working dog breed" , as opposed to breeding family dogs.

Therefore, it is sometimes incorrectly believed that Teckel is either a name for the hunting breed or a mark for passing the test for a trained hunting dog called "VGP", "Verband-Gebrauchsprüfung" in Germany.

Dachshunds are one of the most popular dogs in the United States, ranking 13th in the AKC registration statistics.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the American comedy film, see Wiener-Dog film. German postcard with inscription "This beer belongs to my master! Animals portal Dogs portal Germany portal.

Retrieved 26 November Retrieved 13 April Retrieved 17 June Retrieved 16 May Retrieved 11 December Archived from the original on 15 August Retrieved 16 June Retrieved 3 February Retrieved 14 April For the Love of Dachshunds.

A Far Side Collection. The Dachshund Magazine Online. Retrieved 25 June The Good, the Bad, and the Furry. Retrieved 25 July Retrieved 8 April Dachshund Club of America. The Fireside Book of Dog Stories. A long neck, well set into shoulders, moderate angulation and width in front, firm topline.

She was in a smart jacket of very good structure, particularly on her body and legs. She kept her balance and outline at all times on the move, very much in sync with her handler. A red Lakeland, another very smart and instantly attractive dog, self confident and keen. Strong, very masculine in head, not too long in foreface. Strong neck, well balanced and well set into shoulders.

Firm topline with well set and carried tail, both adding to his smartness and workmanlike impression. Balanced angulation both ends.

He moved soundly from all directions, well handled. Border Terrier Etterbern Sloane Ranger. Very attractive young dog with a very striking outline. Typical otter head with ideal width of skull and length of muzzle to match, small well set ears and keen expression. Typical moderate neck, well set. Excellent topline and well set tail. Ideal amount of bone, not too much nor too little. He is easily spannable, but still needs to gain some more width over the loin with maturity.

A sound and positive mover from all directions. Glen of Imaal Terrier Ch. Abberann Conan At almost twelve year old, this dog is quite amazing. For sure one that has maximum substance for his size as befits the breed. He covers very good ground with his deep and capacious body. Strong skull, good stop and good length of muzzle to balance. He has retained his sparkling expression. Strong neck of moderate length. Topline typically rising to his strong loin. Harsh top coat with plenty of soft undercoat.

He moved soundly and surprisingly effortlessly for such a strong dog as such an old age. WHAT A joy it was to take centre stage for this Group at this splendid event which seems to get better each year. The large BIS ring was immaculate, the grass so manicured and the lighting perfect, so we could all enjoy the array of top quality terriers which the breed judges had sent through.

It was hard to reduce the assembly to just eight so those included but not placed can be well pleased with their success in getting this far. He is a cracking example of the breed, super headpiece, nothing exaggerated in his construction, totally balanced and shown in his usual coat condition.

Moved around the ring with that light, unhurried but purposeful style and he shows non stop. This absolute poppet of a bitch just exudes breed type at it's best and she is a joy to go over on the table.

As ever flawless in presentation so well handled and not over fussed, she is still capable of taking the highest honours. Today I felt she didn't quite have the urgency in her profile gait which told against her with such classy opposition.

I think I gave him a good Junior class previously and was delighted to see how he has matured into a first class, beautifully headed, example of the breed.

As always from this hugely successful kennel, he was presented to perfection. Whether on the stack where his shape is just a series of smooth, gently rounded curves enhanced by the artistry of his stunning jacket presentation or on the move where he is nimble footed, lightly mincing his way around the ring with such a degree of disdain yet positivity - he is just too good to ignore. His relationship with his handler has to be admired - they are in such perfect unison at all times and whenever my gaze rested on him, he was statuesque, posing like a model for the breed.

He has beautiful eyes and ears with that superb expression, long neck, so short backed, beautifully ribbed with super tail carriage and those well let down hocks absolutely 90 degrees to the ground.

Never strung up on the move, his profile action and whole demeanour is so impressive. More than happy to have him represent the Group. My thanks to the society for inviting to judge this group. The quality of Best of Breed winners was high, despite a number of breeds not have CCs.

Each winner put in a grand performance so competition was keen. However I made a shortlist of the Irish Terrier in beautiful condition and full of breed type, a quality head and lovely shoulder,the Manchester Terrier, a lovely dog to go over with clear markings and fine textured coat but not settled on the day, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, I appreciated the time and effort which had been put in to having this dog in hard muscular condition and gleaming coat and the Norfolk who was also in good coat and showed himself to advantage.

He is always in first class condition and a super showman. Clean well balanced head, neat ear enough neck into well placed shoulders and a very short back.

Correctly set tail and muscular quarters. On the move he kept his outline with a lengthy stride. A very reliable showman. Long clean but feminine head, first class expression, neat ear, well placed shoulders and a good front Correct topline and strong quarters. Great coat texture and of good colour.

She was put down in fabulous condition and showed steadily. Clean in skull with a lovely foreface, first class shoulder placement short backed and deep in rib.

Strong quarters and very short coupled. His handler had him under control and moving at his best. Group 4 was the Border Terrier, Baillieswell Glengyle at Glebeheath another I have not seen before but so full of breed type with a quality head and eye neat ear. True front, easily spannable rib cage, short loin, well set and used tail. Very free on the move and another in immaculate coat and condition. I offer my sincere thanks to Birmingham for the invitation to judge the Terrier group.

Your hospitality was excellent. I offer my compliments to the respective breed judges for sending through quality exhibits of very good breed type. Group one was the Manchester. A well balanced quality exhibits. Very good head and expression, clean well boned front, good reach of neck, well laid shoulder, very well bodied. Sound well shaped quarters, tail carriage spot on.

Moved and handled to a very good standard. Group two, the Lakeland. Punter's Lacus One More Time. Excellent breed type, quality head and ears, clean bite, good neck, nice depth of body, very good topline and set on, shapely quarters, moved well in front and with drive behind. Put down in first class coat and condition.

Nicely balanced head, good eye, ear, and excellent bite. First class front assembly, lovely neck and shoulders, first class topline and tail set. Nicely bodied, well developed quarters, moved and handled to a good standard. Group four, Jack Russell. Quality exhibit full of character. Well balanced head with very good expression. Very well boned front, ideal width and straight. Clean neck, topline spot on, tailset very good, first class movement for and aft.

Many thanks to the Officers and Committee for their invitation and Congratulations on a well organised show. Group 2 the Dandie Dinmont Ch Hawkshill Jenny For Wilmit, I thought she had a beautiful head, lovely eye, ears wide apart and well set, good front and bone, well sprung ribs and correct top line, good quarters, moved out well, coat of correct texture. Group 3 the Scottish Terrier Millingford Fire Queen, thought she had a exceptional head, long with strength in foreface giving a lovely expression, good neck and shoulders, well off for body.

Strong quarters, good tail set, moved with purpose. Many thanks to the officers for this appointment which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I appreciated the hospitality shown throughout the weekend and extend my thanks to all concerned. This was a very strong group and I thank the breed judges for sending forward quality animals. After much deliberation my winner proved to be Am Ch Hampton Courts Monte Cristo, this Wire-haired Fox terrier was shining on the day, quality headed dog, well placed neat ears, good legs and feet enough rib well set tail muscular hindquarters stands over plenty of ground.

On the move he was striking in profile giving a very pleasing picture. This young dog really took my eye very typical in outline balanced head great topline, deep rib, short coupled. Good tail set and carriage. He was very accurate out and back in the final run off which lifted has placing.

Coat of correct texture and presented in super order. A very promising young dog who gave a polished performance in this quality line up.

Group 3 Ch Pennywise on the Road Again, a Dandie Dinmont This dog is very true to breed type large head with correctly placed eyes which give that super expression. Well boned front correct top line and tail set. Great rib good body moved correctly. Carried a good coat that was harsh in texture. Moved with purpose and style. Fourth was the young Norwich Ragus Mr O O Seven of the highest quality and impressed me on the move out and back and in profile.

Lovey head with well set ears. So short in back with plenty of rib and substance. Coat of super texture and in good order. All in all a quality boy who should have a good future. The hospitality was second to none. My final selection are as follows: Good strength of body with deep brisket, correct topline, going in strong quarters, which he uses on the move. Lovely coat and condition. Presented in top order.

Happy to award him the group. Very well balanced, pleasing head with lovely eye, correct ear placement which she uses. Good strength of neck, with clean shoulders, nice clean front, lovely compact body with strong topline with tail on top. Strong quarters with short hocks, giving a nice picture on the move. Excellent coat and presentation. Beautiful head with correct eye. Neat in ears, excellent strength of jaw, strong in neck and body, with correct front.

Good short coupling with strong quarters. Well muscled and in top condition. Sound on the move. Good expression, ok for body, good topline. Very good behind, with correct tail set, very showy. From a very competitive line up I did an initial shortlist of eight for further consideration.

Along with my final placings I also pulled out the Border Terrier, Ch. In my opinion the stand out winner on the day who just commanded the big ring with his presence. Very typical throughout, good size with strength and substance and a beautifully balanced outlook. Best of heads with a lovely dark eye and the keenest of expressions. Well made front assembly with an excellent depth of chest a firm level back and well set on tail. He scored in hindquarters, powerful and well rounded, a dog with a 'bum'.

His movement was a joy to watch, so sound with excellent reach and drive. Another top class terrier who was put down in superb order and really looked the part. A dog with excellent bone and substance, good depth and a strong firm topline that he held on the move.

His head is of good length but has the required strength to complete the picture and this is complemented with those eyes that are so expressive as the standard asks for. Strongest of quarters which are well angulated and of good width and which he used to advantage on the move.

He also made use of the big ring with his positive movement. A breed that maybe at times gets overlooked in the group competition but on the day had attitude and presence along with a very typical appearance to clinch his place.

He is of a good size and combines great strength with a very balanced outlook. Excellent head with a good eye and expression. A strong muscular neck and clean well laid back shoulders.

Has a firm body with well sprung ribs, good tailset and carriage along with strong muscular hindquarters. Soundest of movers with a very economical free flowing action. Completed a lovely line up and well deserved his place. A small dog but with a big presence. Low and compact as the standard asks for along with excellent bone and substance throughout. Good head shape with a lovely dark eye and the keenest of expressions.

Best of front assemblies standing on good legs and feet, compact body with a level topline, good tailset and a pleasing bend of stifle. Very sound on the move, powerful with excellent reach and drive.

Mrs L A Crawley. I would like to thank the committee for giving me the opportunity to judge the Terrier Group for the first time, an appointment that seemed a long time coming! As a group, the terriers are my main interest and I thoroughly enjoyed judging those sent forward from their breeds. In super condition and groomed to perfection. He did make a superb compact outline with paint box markings.

Lovely head, well filled in under the eyes, clean in forehand with a firm topline and pleasing angulation. He moved soundly and has a real ring presence.

Another with ring presence and her lovely balanced, compact outline provoked a 'double take' at the first 'look'. Good clean head, with a strong neck that flowed into a good topline and with a nicely muscled rear, she moved gracefully and had a coat of good colour and lovely silky texture. Lovely head and eye with good strength of foreface. Good depth of body with a correct topline which he held on the move, making a particularly balance and typey outline. Fourth was the Manchester Terrier, Ch Digelsa Declaration, Correctly marked and presented in good firm condition, he moved well, holding his lovely balanced outline.

Not the most eye catching on the terrier breeds but this dog must be one of the best Bedlingtons I have ever judged! He is so correct with his lovely head and expression, absolutely correct horse shoe front, really lovely coat texture, good depth of brisket and correct top line, he has the breed specific mincing movement keeping his lovely outline, presented in wonderful coat and condition.

Wire Fox Terrier what an eye catcher this dog is! Presented in excellent coat and so very well handled to make the most of himself he's a hard dog to go by. Long narrow head with keen expression, great neck and shoulder, short back, good body and topline, moves soundly with great attitude. Australian Terrier what a really nice representative of this breed he is.

Not the most glamorous in the terrier group but this dog is so well made with a great head, keen expression, well set ears, and, unusually for this breed, a decent front! He has a sturdy lowest body of nice length, great topline, and very nice sound movement, I loved his attitude and overall quality.

Scottish Terrier very feminine Bitch in great coat and nice size. Long head with sufficient strength and nice bright expression, well set ears, good rib cage , short back, strong hindquarters, she moved well keeping her nice outline and good carriage.

After making an unusually large short list I felt that a fairly clear winner was the 11 months Norwich Terrier male, Crawley's Ragus Mr O O Seven, who impressed from the start. He is a naturally charismatic show dog with great attitude, his head and expression just screamed his breed and there was never any mistaking his sex.

On the table he handled so well, having strong bone, big ribs and being so well bodied with a superb coat. Where he really scored was on the move, being so true out and back and covering the ground with reach and drive.

He never stopped trying and coped with huge ring so well - hence he won the first of what I'm sure will be many groups. He has an excellent, typical head with true expression and clean lips and such masculinity. His overall balance and construction were very impressive, he was in rock hard condition and he moved steadily.

Third was the West Highland White Terrier bitch, Burns' Ch Burneze Our Marnie, she makes such a beautiful picture with her typical head, engaging expression and excellent pigment.

Her outline is clean and well balanced and of course her presentation spot on. On the table she is so good to go over, moved really well behind and held herself well on the go-around, however coming at me she was a little lazy when it mattered but she still beat some excellent terriers.

When he used his ears he demonstrated a most typical expression and he was fit and hard on the table with a great jacket. So true on the move out and back, just gave away a little in topline on the go-around but is a great representative of this breed that is really going places. It was good to see many spectators around the ring.

Excellent forehand, in good body condition, short level back with an excellent tailset. She looked a picture standing, just not quite putting all in at the end. She presented a nice outline. So right with his otter head, strength in underjaw with big white teeth. Stands on well padded feet. Head has that long lean head but punishing jaw. I kept coming back to him today, where he just really appealed. Coat linty to the touch with good silky topknot. He is as sound as they come, plain to see by anyone, in or out of the ring.

Another one of great breed type, lots of ring presence about her, keen, alert and racy, great quality and soundness and very well balanced, good muscle tone, hard and fit, moved and handled to perfection.

One with great pigmentation, rims dark, very good expression, good ears, eyes dark, correct bite, good neck and shoulders, well bodied with good rear angulations, great coat condition, moved effortlessly covering the ground with ease. Have seen this one many times but have never had the pleasure to judge him until today and was not disappointed, a very good example of the breed, lots of quality about him, a very sound, balanced dog, all ways in immaculate condition, great coat texture and fringes, moved freely around the ring a real pleasure to go over.

In addition to my final four, I shortlisted the following: Good length of head with strong punishing jaw. Good bone, excellent forehand, short muscular body. Well boned with good layback of shoulder. An easy purposeful gait completed the overall picture. I would like to express my appreciation to the Officers and Committee of the Society for inviting me to Judge the Terrier Group.

Their hard work in organising and running the Show was evident throughout the day and I also thank the respective breed judges for sending forward fine examples of their respective breeds causing me to have to make many close decisions.

Well presented and handled to get the most out of him, good head proportions, strong neck flowing into well made shoulders, short coupled body with well sprung ribs, well angulated rear which producing good driving movement, coat in good condition. Very well balanced dog, muscular throughout with any sign of coarseness, head of good shape and proportions, neat eye and well set ears, giving that typical breed expression, strong neck, nice length of body, soundly made rear construction.

From the 17 present I chose nine for further consideration. He should have a great future. I would also like to thank all the judges who produced a very strong group for my consideration. This one gets pretty close to fully fitting the Standard. He stood away for me in this group. I am sure she will make her mark in any company.

Moved out freely both ways. Congratulations to all concerned. Thank you to the committee for inviting me to do the Terrier Group at the Northern Classic, a dream or me being a northern lad. I had a nice group to judge, however 3 had incorrect bites in CC breeds too, a sin in terriers. Group 1, Curtises Ch Brakemill Barnum, cream dog with a lovely head, with lovely dark fringes, he is very sound with a fantastic profile and in tip top order.

Today never put a foot wrong. She could be a touch taller but a handy size. Clean front, nice shoulder, compact, good tailset with a shelf behind and she is very sound. In top order and a showgirl too. Terrier Group Judge's Critique. I thoroughly enjoyed judging my first terrier group full of quality dogs which makes judging these dogs such a challenge.

I found my winner in the lovely Border Terrier. G1 was Ch Brackenfell Bok To Bach, Border Terrier, he is full of quality, excellent jacket, lovely outline, shown in hard muscular condition. Delighted to hear he equalled the breed record today. G3 was Ch Digelsa Declaration, Manchester Terrier, another exceptional representative of the breed, presented in gleaming condition. I had some very nice BOB winners. Handling could be slightly better. Group 1 Burns West Highland White CH Burnese Our Marnie a beautiful Westie, so well put together, presented in perfect coat and lovely condition, a credit to her owners, moved round the ring with drive, great profile, lovely short back, great head piece, lovely dark expressive eye, clean white teeth, commanded attention, pleased to award her Group 1 Group 2 Malzoni Fox Terrier wire Am Ch Hampton Court's Machida, Nice head, good ears, nice profile, good set on, immaculate presentation, handler got the best from this dog.

Group 4 Barrrett's Border Terrier Howthwaite Grainsgill, Well balanced dog, super outline, narrow front, spanable, moved well, sporting and excellent pelt and jacket, lovely head, nice dark eye, good bite, nice neck and shoulder, put in a great performance to take Group 4. A truly enjoyable day to remember. Put in a very good performance to win this place. She has a very typical outlook with a feminine appearance but has the substance the Standard asks for.

Presentation on the day was second to none with an excellent harsh jacket put down to perfection. Moved soundly on a good stride. Best of heads with the darkest of eyes. His hindquarters are well rounded with a good bend of stifle. Good length of head, nice dark eye with a well filled muzzle. Strongly made hindquarters which are well angulated with his tail bang on top. Good colour with a harsh well groomed coat, has that typical Irish attitude.

G3 the Lakeland, Saredon Enigma, very smart girl of lovely breed type. Balanced head that has strength without coarseness, good reach of neck with a correct front. Short well balanced body, good topline with well muscled hindquarters. Ribs well sprung, correct topline that has no exaggeration to it.

The group included many excellent terriers. Well put down, good coat texture. G3 was the Norwich, Ragus Jump The Gun, very typy Norwich, good head, alert expression, in excellent coat, moved out well,.

Long level topline, good coat, good mover. I would like to thank the officers and committee of this prestigious and well run show for the invitation to judge the Terrier Group.

Well put down with a proper Kerry coat. On his toes the whole time, a long well chiselled head, ears on top, dark piercing eyes, enough neck and correct shoulders, a good spring of rib, short coupled, tail carried on top with plenty behind, good angulation and short hocks, a really tight wire coat with not a hair out of place, moved well, 3.

Kinaelan Cachique at Celtannia. A correct size bitch with a good head and well placed ears, a strong neck and good shoulders, deep in brisket with a good spring of rib, strong in loin, good tail carriage and short hocks, a quality jacket not overdone, moved and showed well. Ellabeth Amabilisdandie at Bambusa. Full of quality, good bone, a nicely domed head with good length of well placed ears, neck of moderate length going into good shoulders, a nice roll over the loin, well muscled quarters and a good bend of stifle resulting in her good movement.

A correct double coat of good texture, well put down, a real showgirl. If we had a competition among the best run shows in the UK, it would be hard to find one to beat the SKC.

Many years ago I was told by Catherine Sutton that the most important part of any show was to get it finished. On Sunday the guys in Edinburgh got the show finished by 5. She is a fabulous showdog, but she is more than that; she is also a fabulous WHWT who behaves like she owns the word. Not only is this dog exceptional, the owner is just as professional as her dog. We do for sure have some exceptional breeders in the UK.

An impressive bitch, which unfortunately was missing the enthusiasm of the winner. His elbows are well tucked in. This would have made his scull a little leaner. Only the Bull Terrier and Bedlington were absent from the 14 Terrier breeds scheduled.

I was pleased with the overall quality and standard of the group. Cassencarrie Top Marks, Manchester, Ch. Lovely head, eye and ears, good soundly made quarters fore and aft, well-made body, moved true with reaching forequarters and driving hindquarters.

Burns, Burneze Our Marnie, Westie, an attractive well balance quality bitch with good outline, good head well carried on good neck and shoulders, good dark expressive eye, compact well-made body, good tail and carriage. Moved with style and drive. Newton, Strathinver Sea The Stars, Norfolk, a smart showy dog, nicely made, compact, well balanced, good head and type.

A good showman who moves well. Thoburn, Northridge, Gotan Go, Soft Coated Wheaten, a smart well-made dog with good outline, well presented and handled. Good head, good quarters fore and aft, good ribs and body, short coupled, good coat and texture. Moved freely from good driving quarters. First, I would like to thank the committee and officers of the Windsor championship dog show society for a most enjoyable day. This show is in one of the most wonderful settings.

G4 was Ch Tomlyndon Eager Ernest, WHWT, super headed dog with piercing dark eye, small ears, carried well, nice reach of neck, good front, compact body, level topline, shown in good order, moved extremely well with best of tail carriage. As usual, hospitality second to none. For most of us a very memorable weekend, falling at the same time as the European Referendum for it seemed to be the main topic of conversation for most of the show.

I thoroughly enjoyed judging this quality group. However, I was surprised to find a couple appeared to be shy, for surely one does not expect this of a BOB terrier? Several classy youngsters, with a few more months on them, will be making for hot competition.

My first cut were dogs I wished to see move for the second time. In the end it was four great dogs that came into the last four. English, 19th C Cole, S. Dadd, Stephen English, FL. Desportes, Alexandre French, Devenne, M. Douglas, Edward English, fl.

French, Duke, Alfred English, fl. Eagle, Joan American, 20th C. Emrmann, Ethel American, 20th C. Fenn, George English, Fenner, L. Fox, Edwin English, 19th C. Freyberg, Conrad German, b. Gear, Mabel English, b.

Gooch, Thomas English, c. Hardie, Eldrige American, 20th C. American, Harrah, June American, 20th C. Harvey, George Scottish, Haug, J. Hill, Howard American, d. Huet, Jean French, 18th C. Hughes, Ardis American, 20th C. Hutchinson, John English, 19th C. Jorgensen, Paul Dutch, 19th C. Joy, Thomas English, Kapell, P. Kenworthy, English, 20th C. Lathrop, Gertrude American, Laurent, G. Leroy, Jules French, Lesser, F. Lladro, , Loder, James English, fl.

English, Early 20th C. Luck, Lauri American, 20th C. Luker, William English, fl. Maintry, Gertrude , Mare, G.

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