Plexus Slim Review 2014 – Dangerous. That’s What This Is!

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The company is like a cult. I would not recommend this product. I have to say I found your blog good to give me things to think about however, I lived with chronic fatigue for 10 years due to colitis. I have tried alternative cures, which I obtained at our local health food store The Heritage and have had no luck with them either. She gets angry and upset with my wife and I with things she has conjured up in her head.

Plexus Slim Reviews (UPDATED May 2018)

Overall, Slim-Fast is a good system that works for many people, particularly because of the convenience. It's just not the tastiest way to shed pounds. The plan boils down to a time-tested strategy: Move more and eat less.

Dieters eat one balanced meal a day and use Slim-Fast products-shakes, bars, soups, frozen pasta entrees-to replace two other meals. For snacks, you can choose conventional food or calorie Slim-Fast snack bars lighter than the meal-replacement bars, which pack calories each.

To get moving, you walk, jog, or do yard work for at least 30 minutes a day. This is a low-cal diet-obviously, meal replacements contain fewer calories than the average foods most folks eat. First, you purchase Slim-Fast products at the supermarket and use them for two meals a day and snacks.

Then you eat one regular meal to calories for breakfast, lunch, or dinner-your choice. An Easy Options Plan, outlined on product labels, provides more details. For further guidance, the company's Web site offers tips on everything from training for a 5K race to gaining the emotional support of family and friends. And one meal a day that includes lean meat, starch, vegetables, and fruit. Low-carb dieters can skip the starch and eat more veggies.

Between meals, you can choose from snack bars or healthful alternatives such as fruit, veggies, fat-free yogurt, nuts, pretzels, and air-popped popcorn. Fruit is the top choice for dessert, but you can occasionally substitute sugar-free puddings or sorbets. Slim-Fast is one of the few diet companies to back up its products with the gold standard in diet research: The latest findings, presented at the North American Association for the Study of Obesity in October , show that people who used Slim-Fast on and off for 10 years to maintain their weight were on average 33 pounds lighter than a similar group who went without the meal replacements.

Plexus Slim is just a concoction of various ingredients which are speculated to help in losing weight. Plexus Slim contains some ingredients that have been proven to be extremely dangerous in the long run. Of great concern is the amount of chromium used in the pills. Chromium is a chemical that is often used to lower blood sugar.

Although a lower blood sugar level often translates to an increased rate of metabolism, it also means a less energetic person. Some of the people taking plexus have found that their energy is greatly reduced, and while they may attribute this to the smaller portions of food, it is caused by the high chromium portion in the pills. Garcinia scams have literally reached every household in the entire country and moving fast to the rest of the world.

But in the real world, it hasn't shown any significant results. Or more simply - correlation does not imply causation. Some of the users have developed issues ranging from problems digesting specific foods, to extreme cases where a complete shutdown of the digestive tract occurred. Other problems include chronic diarrhea, which is reported by an increasing number of users with excess gas and increased dehydration. Unlike majority of the slimming shakes in the market, Plexus slim has been known to be extremely addictive.

Although scientific research has not been done to determine what exactly causes the pink drink to be extremely addictive, although caffeine seems most likely, some users have reported extreme withdrawal symptoms and other problems, being almost unable to stop its use.

Furthermore, for those who actually succeed in stopping the use of the shake, the results and those are rare experienced during the periods they were taking the drink are more often than not nullified. Weight gain is almost imminent once you stop, perhaps even greater and much harder to control once you stop Plexus Slim. And that is one of the major reasons I am still able to keep my weight off!

Just think how much the company will earn from people like you who are completely dependent on it. Nope… more like billions! And like most of us here, I took the route all of us take with diet programs, spine breaking workouts, fat burner pills, and even tried one of those "ab gadgets". Instead, in these 3 years, I learned through a lot of failures some of the MOST important behavior factors responsible for not only weight loss, but better health, a better mindset, more energy, and well, a better life.

Yep it sounds totally clichéd, but it is what it is. Discovering these simple and free things almost turned my entire life around. It led me to Precision Nutrition where I completed their intensive Level 1 course, it led me to become a health coach, and it led me to become a mentor for so many women seeking to lose weight but having no idea or confused with MANY ideas!

So my suggestion to you is …. Or click here to see and copy my exact 7 steps. Hello, my sister is an ambassador of this stuff and is truly addicted herself.

In my own opinion I think it has severely impacted her personality. She gets angry and upset with my wife and I with things she has conjured up in her head. Things that have never taken place. I love her and want my sister back. I have to say I found your blog good to give me things to think about however, I lived with chronic fatigue for 10 years due to colitis. I had to take a small stimulant from my physician to even get by. The pink drink saved me. If it worked for you Amanda, great, no one is stopping you.

To each his own. I gradually stopped taking it and was fine for about 6 months. Further more I am now border line type II diabetic and diagnosed with beginning stages of non alcoholic fatty liver disease. I think because the weight came back so fast? I was trying to research to see if it might be the plexus or just a coincidence. Funny thing I had a negative reaction to the newer safer version so I just stopped taking the accelerator and just stuck with the pink drink which is all I reintroduced now.

THIS is what happens people! I cannot help much over here in the comments, but what you can do is what I did! Follow my steps see at the end of the post , yes it WILL take time it has to! Sounds like you may have gone back to old eating habits especially with the fatty liver. Yes I agree everyone has their own story to share. Feeling very tired, huge headaches by the end of the day, dehydrated, and overall not well at all.

I had my thyroid removed in and rely on Synthroid to keep me alive. Turns out there are two main ingredients in Slim— a massive amount of Chromium, and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Chromium is clinically proven to hinder the absorption of Synthroid and Alpha Lipoic Acid is clinically proven to disrupt the conversion of T4 into T3.

Also check out the main review page for some really nasty experiences people have had…. Sadly, I fell for the hype and took Plexus for just over a month. I was a borderline T2 Diebetic with a A1c of 6. I was hoping to decrease that with a healthy lifestyle and Plexus. Almost immediately my blood sugar went up but I hoped that it was just part of the detox and kept on it for a month.

My A1c was then at 8. I am now a drug dependant Diebetic. Be very cautious of this stuff! She brags how plexus helped her oldest son with his ACT scores. Is this recommended for children? I have been researching these products for over a year now through doctors and hospitals and all that…. However, I do not seem to have the regular bowel movements I was accustomed to.

Maybe using Plexus for 3 years has changed my digestive system that much. I tried plexus one time and ended up in the hospital with extreme dehydration— the medical professions called poison control and said that plexus is not regulated and not recommended to take. Sad that you can sell a non regulated product for people to consume and become a health risk.

Not one life should be in a risk. Thank you for creating this website for honest reviews to be written. I tried to leave a review on plexus site and they have very few positive reviews with no negative reviews. I figured out why… because they only accept a positive review. That is Wrong in every way. Means the reviews mean nothing! My sister convinced me to try Plexus and the Accelerator. The first morning I started getting the shakes and a racing heart. My the third day I had congestive heart failure and pulmonary edema.

The heart failure is permanent and I now have pulmonary hypertension along with the heart failure. I truly believe that this created this issue. The doctors are dumfounded and have yet to figure out how to get rid of it.

I have tried alternative cures, which I obtained at our local health food store The Heritage and have had no luck with them either. I am becoming very depressed and scared.

Have you heard this from anyone else?

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