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The Sun is the Solar System's star and by far its most massive component. In , the FDA approved the use of vagus nerve stimulation as a treatment for depression. Progress in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life. TightSpot fits tight to your bow and is exceptionally lightweight, which means virtually no torque. Retrieved 16 July Let us help you develop your businesses website to represent your brand. My Cast to Walking Dead.



Laboratory guides rate the permeability rate through rubber of Oxygen at Nitrogen at only 9. Oxygen, CO2 and Helium all leak faster than Nitrogen. Oxygen is also reactive.

It can also damage Alloy rims and break-down sealants. Moisture can corrode valves from the inside causing problems with proper valve closure. All problems with regular air are accelerated by pressure. Nitrogen is the best solution. Nitrogen inflated tires maintain a more consistent tire pressure across different temperatures.

Tire performance is more reliable and efficient when recommended tire pressure is maintained and heat is reduced. Most auto dealers recommend Nitrogen inflation exclusively for vehicles with tire pressure monitoring systems to prevent heat-related pressure warnings from your vehicle.

Our New Regulator is small, lightweight, yet durable. The body of the regulator twists to control flow rate. Twist all the way to the right and you can close it completely with zero flow. Turn counter clockwise from there to open the flow rate to the desired level for small tires or keep turning to increase flow for large tires. We recommend Aluminum Cylinders for portability. We sell them on our Website and through our Dealers. Our Regulator is compatible with all steel Nitrogen cylinders as well.

You can purchase any CGA valve cylinder directly from your local Nitrogen refill provider. Our system is compatible with all North American cylinders rated for Nitrogen. Please observe all safety information provided with the unit. System is sold and shipped empty. Cylinder must be filled before use. Prestacycle warrants the Prestacycle Nitrogen inflation system to be free of defective material or workmanship for one year, and under the conditions stated herein.

This warranty will not apply to wear and tear from repeated use or transportation. This warranty is expressly limited to repair or replacement of product found to be defective. Prestacycle assumes no liability for loss due to failure of any product to perform satisfactorily. Prestacycle makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, except that of title. Any and all other warranties are expressly disclaimed.

This warranty applies under conditions of intended use and is exclusive of equipment subjected to: Failure to follow recommended service procedures, Excessive duty cycle, exposure to the elements, shipping damage and modification not authorized by Prestacycle.

No warranty claims will be honored without prior authorization for repair from Prestacycle. Any replaced or repaired equipment will be warranted for the remainder of the warranty term only. Your email address will not be published. Join our email list!

Get the free tire pressure app! Purchase our products at your local bike shop. Find A Bike Shop. In Stock - Buy it Now! How do I get Nitrogen? This automatically tempers the light which eliminates any pin flare. Th e result is perfect pin brightness from dawn to dark! Black Gold bowsights are built to take bowhunter abuse. But, a great product is only as good as its weakest link. On most sights, the weakest link are the pins. Fully machined from bar stock, these amazing pins are up to 30 times stronger than imported, cast, turned or tube style pins.

Add exclusive Micro Groove design that cradles and protects the fi ber along its entire length, and you have the toughest pins ever put on a bowsight! Interchangeable wheels make changing tapes easier than ever before and allow for using multiple arrow and draw weights.

A crystal clear magnifier and Blue Burst light allow for rapid adjustment in the darkest of blinds and for the oldest of eyes. Fully integrated 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment top it all off to make this the most accurate and deadly hunting sight on the market today. On the range or in the field, start ruling your kingdom today with the Optimizer Lite King Pin. Wheel-forward design is ideal for mounting one-piece quivers. Optional Blue Burst light model illuminates sight tapes for rapid adjustment in dark ground blinds.

The Toxic comes standard with open-flex technology and a single beveled edge to allow blades to flex open when they encounter bone, leaving a wound that is second to none. This technology is accompanied by a bone crushing chisel tip that allows the broadhead to penetrate deeper, even on those hard angling shots.

Simply put, the Toxic has changed the industry forever. This provides an invisible flash camera to those of us who desire security and want invisible flash technology at a very affordable price. Designed to be dead quiet and hotter than July, the Sanctuary is the very best for static, still hunting situations. With a proprietary combination of seven layers of fabric and insulation carefully positioned to maximize warmth, this thing is an oven.

Just as important, this is the quietest outerwear piece in the arsenal and utilizes our shooters cut, allowing you to draw your weapon accurately and uninhibited. With the Sanctuary, you will be able to Stay Longer in your stand on those days when others are heading for home.

The perfect complement to the Sanctuary Jacket for those late season hunts when the wind cranks up and the temperature drops down, the Sanctuary Insulated Bib is the extreme cold weather component of the First Lite Layering Kit. The Sanctuary bib is constructed with a proprietary combination of seven layers of fabric and insulation carefully positioned to maximize warmth and stealth while still allowing you the freedom of movement you need to take the shot. Stay Longer in your stand on those days when others are heading for home.

The TightSpot quiver's exclusive patent 8,, "RightSpot" 3-way adjustment system lets you fine-tune the balance of your bow using your quiver. You will walk away with:. William Tincup - President, RecruitingDaily. Big things are expected from successful scale-up companies. And big things are expected from their people. But how can fast-growing, scaling companies make sure they have the right support and technology in place to support their people and business growth?

So, join us to discover:. How is your benefit plan performing? Do you know what your claims experience was last month or how your plan is trending? Effortless Admin empowers you to answer these questions and equips your advisor with the information and market reach necessary to serve you properly. We believe that employers should be able to offer best in class including multi-carrier benefit plans, retain the benefits advisor of their choice, have effortless benefits administration to keep operations efficient and scalable, and be equipped with ongoing, detailed, and accurate analytics.

The market is ready for this reality. Instead, employers are increasingly faced with a simple trade off: Increased data analytics in exchange for decreased market access.

Technology solutions and administration companies focus on offering a richer data experience in connection with a restricted set of advisors and carriers.

We at Effortless see things differently. Organizational Network Analysis ONA is a structured way of visualizing how these informal communications flow through an organization.

How would your company handle the HR implications of explosive growth in the double, triple, or even quintuple digits? Whether you are an HR Leader or a senior executive for a scaling company, attend this panel to learn about the people-related implications of the rapid expansion.

In this age of rapid technological advancement, thoughtful leadership is needed to serve external customers with products and services they will need, before they even know they need them. In this session you will find out how to create your personal vision of the future, to engage others in an exciting mission to grow the business over the long-term, and advance purpose and meaning for all.

When it comes to the the impact of technology on recruiting, it seems that job seekers have seriously mixed emotions. So as recruiters become increasingly dependent on software and algorithms in the hiring process, how can we be sure that we are using these new tools wisely, and in a way that leads to a positive experience for candidates?

We'll explore the importance of 3 key processes in the employee journey and how to leverage automation in these processes. Imagine a better world where every organization focuses on bringing out the best in humans. Rouslana Bassina - Community Manager, Officevibe.

These lucky finalists will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to pitch their solutions to a panel of judges and investors. The 8 finalists for the Tech Den Competition: But is it really just hype? According to Harvard Business Review, the blockchain has the potential to create new foundations for our economic and social systems.

The future impact will be enormous! Kickstart your second day of the HR Tech Summit with an opening keynote session packed full of advice and real-world examples on strategic workforce panning by Ross Sparkman of Facebook.

How do you analyze future hiring demand? How do you assess what skills will be required in the future? How do you identify the business drivers that impact workforce demand? Ross has the answer to these big HR questions and more. Whether you're a start-up, small business or a large corporation, Ross will show you how to align people strategy with company strategy to ensure your organization maintains its competitive advantage. Join Stacy as she shares her best-kept secrets about sourcing and recruiting and how to use tech to provide a better experience for both the hiring manager and the candidate.

Employees believe that new technologies and innovations would benefit their ability to perform their job if introduced by their employers. As an HR professional, are you harnessing the full potential of technology and driving innovation within your organization? Predicting the future of work continues to be top of mind for most if not all organizations. The world is transforming quickly and if your organization falls behind, you risk losing it all, including your most important asset, your people.

Join Holger Kormann, President of ADP Canada as he pulls back the curtain on the fancy buzz words, shiny new technology and big data metrics to reveal how you can build an actionable plan with your team that's built to support the entire workforce. Enforcing a safety program on paper generates an excessive amount of work that usually ends up getting appointed to administrators due to low bandwidth within the safety group. Removing the burden of paperwork collection and compliance introduces operational efficiencies at every level of an organization including effective enforcement of safety throughout the organization.

Sit in with Ryan as he explains how he has managed to save companies thousands of dollars in insurance costs, audit preparation, compliance reporting, and project performance through enforcing a companies safety program on a software platform. Hear how creating accountability throughout a companies workforce can help improve overall communications and enable operational excellence at every level. For large organizations in particular, hackathons can be adapted to greatly accelerate the process of digital transformation.

More and more large businesses are employing the same start-up principles to break through organizational inertia and instill more innovation-driven cultures putting their employees at the centre of their organizations and giving them a start-up experience. In this session, Aurélie Wen of Agorize will teach you everything you need to know about hackathons, how to build one and how HR can utilize this powerful innovation tool to solve all kinds of business and people-related challenges.

Diversity and inclusion is one of the biggest challenges facing the tech industry today - from the talent pipeline to products and services. Unbiasify is a free, open-source Google Chrome extension that removes a candidate's profile photo and name on social networks with the end goal of eliminating any unconscious bias that can potentially tarnish the recruitment process such as bias towards or against specific age, race, gender, or appearance.

However, despite solving a number of common recruiting challenges, Unbiasify also created a set of whole other issues.

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