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Yes, as any protein powder will be. I am now out of the product. Not only should you avoid soy, herbalife is still primarily gmo soy. Have you done any research on It Works? Thank you for making such a great product for someone as picky as me. Certified organic is a related but somewhat different topic. Yes, there is a lot of conflicting information and for each research article you find promoting benefits, you find one claiming its harm.

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All our own products are made with premium ingredients supported by science and formulated in the United States in GMP-certified facilities. Additionally, little research suggests the hormone is effective for weight loss. In the end, we examined their supplements, like hCG Drops and protein shakes, from top to bottom to figure out if they are both safe and effective.

Omnitrition can be purchased through Amazon or using their Official Site. Omnitrition consists of a range of nutritional products from the United States-based manufacturer Omnitrition International Inc.

Omnitrition is especially known for its Omni Drop program, a weight loss droplet formula engineered for rapid weight loss in combination with a prescribed diet and an active lifestyle and exercise regimen. The Omni drop program includes sublingual drops that contain homeopathic HCG. The plant-based diet plan promises up to a pound a day of weight loss when strictly adhered to alongside rigorous exercise.

Omnitrition offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all products purchased from the website. The Omnitrition hCG drops do not contain human chorionic gonadotropin; a natural hormone produced during pregnancy.

It does claim that the minute, practically non-existent homeopathic dose of HCG works within the body to stimulate natural HCG production.

When taken as a dietary aid, many nutrition experts assert that it allows users to drastically reduce caloric intake without the usual side effects of caloric deficit.

Omnitrition claims that strict adherence to its products and plan can help users lose a maximum of 12 pounds in two weeks.

This is how much it costs to start on the respective program. We always recommend trying a product before making a large investment. According to Omnitrition, the company itself provides full nutritional information as well as a complete Omnitrition ingredients list. However, you must be an Independent Marketing Associate aka distributor or be purchasing under such a person to get access to their website and the information. While there are as of yet no studies or other research focusing on Omnitrition products or diet plans, there have been some studies conducted on many of its ingredients.

One meta-analysis focused on assessing the scientific validity of the therapeutic use of human chorionic gonadotropin hCG in the treatment of obesity. It concludes that there is no such scientific evidence of hCG effectiveness as an adjunct treatment method for obesity. Additionally, the study did not validate its purported effectiveness in stimulating weight loss through fat redistribution nor in reducing feelings of hunger.

Another study was conducted by physician Dr. ATW Simeons, who used an experimental treatment involving hCG injections and a special diet to treat obese patients. It should be noted that the study used injectible doses of hCG, while hCG drops do not contain any hCG, but use highly diluted homeopathic ingredients that are taken orally. Simeons was the first to develop an hCG diet to help clinically obese patients in quickly shedding pounds to reach and to maintain a healthy weight.

Subsequent research over 40 years and thousands of case studies conducted by Dr. Simeons shaped the initial Simeons hCG diet, which focused on weight management for health reasons rather than for cosmetic purposes.

HCG has been used to treat a multitude of health issues for over 50 years by the medical community. Again it is important to note that all scientific research conducted has used injections of hCG, and that there is NO clinical evidence that homeopathic hCG drops have any effectiveness with regard to weight loss. This includes all homeopathic hCG products. While the FDA does not evaluate homeopathic supplements, there is an approved list of homeopathic ingredients that may be legally used [6] , and hCG is NOT on this list.

Promises of legal penalties and criminal prosecution have been made if the manufacturers continue to sell homeopathic hCGdrop supplements. The first phase is often overlooked. A high calorie, high fat diet is eaten for days while taking the hCG drops. The first phase is called the loading phase. Following the loading phase is a strict three-phase plan. The second phase is quite strict calories and requires close adherence and self-discipline. Exercise is part of phase 2. The third phase, the low calorie intake term, allows for less food and caloric restriction.

The fourth phase, maintenance phase, aims to provide a sustainable, ongoing diet plan. They also recommends taking a daily multivitamin as well as supplementing with fish oil, vitamin D, magnesium and probiotics.

Alcohol is prohibited in Phase 2. Phase 3 allows moderate amounts of alcohol preferably none at all. Omnitrition approved foods do not include gluten in any phase. This phase is sometimes overlooked but is allegedly important to the success of the diet. HCG injections or Omni drops must be taken during this phase and every phase forward.

HCG is said to trigger fat burning during this phase. Phase 1 consists of two full weeks. The Omnitrition hCG diet plan promises users will see and feel fast, perhaps immediate changes. During phase 2 of the Omnitrition diet plan, users may purportedly achieve a weight loss of up to fifteen pounds as well as well as noticeable improvements in digestion, energy levels, mood and even clearer skin.

The protein- and plant-based diet is extremely restrictive. Amen encourages clients to experiment with different Omnitrition approved food combinations and exercise ratios. Although phase 2 may be difficult, those who stick it out will feel better and stronger for having done so.

This phase is defined by its rigorous calorie restrictions and allows users four ounces of protein and vegetables, specifically a half a cup each. Phase 3 dieters are also allowed two pieces of fruit for lunch and for dinner. Though the plan does not allow breakfast, dieters may eat a small serving of fruit in the morning. Alcohol is likewise discouraged during this phase. Omnitrition asserts that Rapid weight loss continues during phase 3, culminating at up to ten pounds.

Omni 4 Liquid packs a minimal 45 calories per serving. This phase encourages users to increase their workouts and to start a food journal to track both healthy and unhealthy eating habits. During the maintenance stage, users gradually reintroduce dairy and other foods back into their diets. If dieters are experiencing hunger in this ongoing phase, either an apple or a tomato is allowed as a late-night snack.

Per ongoing weight management instructions, Omnitrition encourages participants to maintain phase three on 80 percent of all meals, while there are no restrictions for caloric intake regarding either foods or beverages.

However, as with any food or nutritional supplements, there are subsets of individuals who are more susceptible to negative side effects due to medical conditions or to medications taken. The interesting ingredient in its formula is HCG human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy. HCG has a wide array of side effects including:. HCG can cause early puberty in young boys as well as these side effects: The hormone may cause a hormonal imbalance in men; leading to an enlargement of breast tissue gynecomastia.

Omnitrition is designed to help anyone with the drive and determination to lose weight and to dedicate themselves to a healthier, fitter and more disciplined lifestyle. Advantages to consistent use of the program also include purportedly include a dramatic decrease in sugar and carbohydrate cravings. By reducing sugar and other harmful additives, the phases of this program promise to decrease pain, swelling and inflammation. The Omnitrition eating plan also offers the advantage of a low-cholesterol diet due to its plant-based food plan.

It also limits starchy carbs and sugar. Also, Omnitrition asserts that benefits to strict adherence to this nutritional plan include improved digestion, clearer skin and more sustained energy and mental focus. The Omnitrition cost of its extensive health and wellness products varies considerably.

Omnitrition markets weight loss products including:. The original Omnitrition Drops can be ordered per bottle as well as in orders of four bottles. Plexus Slim is another multilevel diet supplement program, so it is hard to tell if reviews are real or not. Users are also encouraged to take Plexus Block- a supplement which is used to burn fat. Isagenix is also an MLM pyramid scheme marketing plan that relies on promotion and reviews gathered by the people who are selling it.

The weight loss product, IsaLean, is a powdered shake designed as a meal replacement. Isagenix recommends 1 to 3 shakes a day as a way to get high nutrition while cutting calories. HCG is a hormone secreted by the placenta of a pregnant woman.

This hormone helps the developing baby get lots of nutrition no matter what mom is eating herself. There was a study done in the s by Dr. Simeons that showed promising results using hCG for obesity. Yet another MLM marketing strategy company- noting any trends here? Yup- another MLM multilevel diet supplement program.

Thrive Patch uses dermal fusion technology DFT that allows you to absorb nutrients directly through the skin vs taking pills or shakes.

However, there are no clinical trials to back up any of these claims. Only company that is not an MLM business model. This option is a completely online program that encourages eating real food vs meal replacement drinks or supplements.

The Omnitrition meal plan has, like any diet program, strengths and limitations in its prescribed method to help users lose weight.

It may be a good fit for some while others may benefit from an alternative weight loss solution. Here are a few key points of concern for anyone considering this particular program:. At this time, there is no specific research supporting the efficacy of the Omnitrition HCG diet plan or any of its products. There has been one Omnitrition lawsuit to date regarding the safety and efficacy of the Omnitrition hCG drops.

The first two phases of the diet program are very restrictive and might be difficult for some dieters to follow. One of the best aspects of the Omnitrition eating plan is that most of its calories come from non-starchy vegetables and lean proteins, which help to cut down on body fat and to shed inches.

Also, both men and women participants of this diet program have largely reported that they did not experience typical negative effects associated with calorie restriction, such as physical weakness, tiredness or mental dullness. Those who have a hard time with willpower may find this diet plan too restrictive to stick to on an ongoing basis and may want to seek out a more food-diverse option instead. I still had cravings 3 weeks into the program, while following the program to a T!

If you decide to supplement your protein, it is very important to double and triple check the ingredient list and check with the manufacturer to see how they process their protein. If you know someone using a questionable protein powder, please share this post with them — I know they will be grateful to know the truth, considering how much some of these types of supplements cost! Find out what to buy and where at the top grocery stores near you. Protein Powders , shakes , supplements.

If you purchase a product through an affiliate, sponsorship or partnership link, your cost will be the same or at a discount if a special code is offered and Food Babe will benefit from the purchase. Your support is crucial because it helps fund this blog and helps us continue to spread the word. Been drinking it for 2 months my doctor thinks the heart palpatations are from shakeology.

Could this be possible? Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated! Kristina, I recently started drinking Shakeology with intention of replacing a meal for weight loss. My friend has used it and loves it. I thought I did too, until I had a heart palpitation one night, and then felt funny another time like I was given speed after drinking a shake.

So, you are not alone! My friend, however, has had no issues. I used to drink Shakeology and also experienced heart palpatations. I immediately stopped drinking it. I really do love it. I mix it with about 10oz of almond milk, cacao powder, tbsp almond butter, cup of ice. I am going throught the same thing right now. So far all diagnostic tests have been negative so I have stopped drinking the shakes to see if they go away. If I were you, I would look at the ingredients and get busy googling because you are probably suffering a caffeine overdose.

I looked for all of the things you said were bad and it looks like this one is free from those additives. Also…many whey protein powders are derived from unless otherwise noted from cows that are injected with antibiotics and hormones. I recently started drinking herbal life shakes once a day and just stumbled across this article!

Is herbal life one if the brands to avoid? Any insight would be helpful! I tried to jump on the herbalife wagon, but after I looked up each ingredient one by one, I saw there is nothing good about herbalife. Do the look up for yourself. Not only should you avoid soy, herbalife is still primarily gmo soy.

They do have one new non gmo flavor. But that means the rest are gmo. Arbonne shakes are vegan, gluten, GMO and soy free. If you want more info about their protein shakes I can get that to you b. Super clean only 7 ingredients. Whey protein, coconut water, natural cocoa, pure cane sugar, Non fat milk powder, vanilla extract flavor and monk fruit. Taking a quick glance…the artificial flavors and sucralose stood out.

Also, there are different ways that maltodetrin is derived — much of the time but not all it is from gmo corn. I also mentioned this above, but many whey protein powders are derived from unless otherwise noted from cows that are injected with antibiotics and hormones. Advocare does have artificial ingredients. Isagenix is the highest better than organic quality, non gmo undenatured whey protein concentrate. It is sourced from grass-fed cows in New Zealand that have never been treated with antibiotics or steroids.

The meal replacement shakes combine the perfect blend of protein, carbs, fat and fiber to be a filling nutritious meal. The sugars in the nutrition all come from non-gmo natural fruit and beet sources. Contact me for more information.

Food babe, what do you think of Orgain Organic Protein Powder? I currently drink Shakeology and was looking for a less expensive-and healthier-option. Check out this investigation by Vani: Always look at the ingredients! But that article does not mention Orgain Protein. It is sold by Costco and is organic and plant based. What does the Food Babe think? Protein shakes and powders are good for the body- they are the easiest for your body to digest and absorb.

If you are using it as an additional source energy as needed for those who workout or are weight lifter, then they many not need the additional vitamins. Hope that helps answer your question.

If you bar guys would like to try some, please contact me or visit my website for all natural and organic health and beauty products. The scientific research behind all of their supplements is above and beyond proof as well.

I would love for you to include Shaklee products in your research. They collagen is broken down by soaking it in a bath of fruit enzymes. Added vitamins are plant based.

It has 12 fruits and vegetables. The shake is Nufinna. Looking at the graph above Nufinna is NO to all things listed. The sugar content is very high- 6 g But according to http: It is a bit on the pricey side for only containing 12 g of protein and 2 g of fiber. Thank you for replying. My understanding from what I have researched online is that the body can only use about 12 grams of protein in 1.

There are much information on the internet, and each scientist has their own opinion. So I think some where in the middle is a good way to lean towards. I have not seen 12 g as a limit anywhere and for absorbability, you have to take into consideration the amount of water and fats you are ingesting at the same time as that will vary the ability for the body to absorb the protein of any type. Protein takes longer than carbohydrates to digest, which means that calories from protein tend to keep you FULL longer, than calorie from carbohydrates.

This can be very helpful in controlling your calorie intake and managing your weight. I also use Hemp Protein powders by Manitoba Harvest. Both are organic and use non gmo ingredients. Containing anywhere from 7 — 14 g of protein from a plant. Food Babe, please include these as a wonderful source of natural organic protein for your readers. Shaklee does not place the new certified organic label on their products because some ingredients are unable to be certified organic.

Shaklee was organic before anyone else ever thought to be. In one case recently, Shaklee purchases Organic Green Tea from the same Certified Organic grower, these leaves are used to make several of their products. Certified organic, which is a farming method.

Certified organic ingredients are always non-GMO, but certified non-GMO is not always necessarily certified organic…it means the ingredients are certified not to contain genetically modified ingredients, which is generally documented by third party oversight.

In the case of Shaklee non-GMO soy used in our soy protein drink supplements, we use the Identity Preserved Program, which documents soy beans used for planting to the end product and ensures that the soy is not cross-contaminated with genetically modified soy or soybeans.

Certified organic is a related but somewhat different topic. Shaklee tests all ingredients when they receive them, then they are retested while they are being processed into products, then the finished products are RE-TESTED again to make sure the quality and quantity of the ingredients meets the specs on the label.

Additionally, products labeled as organic need to meet one of three standards. I am a bikini fitness competitor and have used supplements for years. I replace one meal per day of my 5 with the Nufinna shake and I add ingredients like oats for extra carbs and calories. I eat a lot of meat and eggs so I love getting the extra vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatories from the Scandinavian berries and other fruits and veggies. As well as anti-aging effects.

I also feel full until my next meal and have heard similar results from my customers. Love your wonderful work…. I used to literally give away our liquid whey after raw cheeses were made.

One day a customer, who was in the Olympic about 10 years ago, told me he drinks a pint of my raw before training and he can out perform his friends in the Iron Man training, yearly! Now I sell out of my raw whey protein drink and can never keep up with the demand! Lots of athletes use our raw whey drink with wonderful results and moms make Westin A.

Price baby formula with our raw Kefir liquid whey. People should visit local raw cheese maker that use milk from pasture raise cows that are NOT Holstein black and white, mutated A1 casein cows, for the best raw protein whey! Support your local food providers for the best. Thanks Food Babe, I really appreciate articles like this. And it appears from many of the posts I am not alone in our quest for a more healthy and truly natural diet.

And to the many of you keeping up the fight for truly organic products, thank you. They have several options for your vitamin C, a chewable, swallow or a new fizzy tablet. I would love to see you do a review of the Herbalife shake. I notice it is not listed in your shake reviews. Symptoms such as heart palpitations, muscle tightness? What about the Arbonne nutrition line?

More specifically, the protein powders.