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It has been known for centuries that grossly inadequate food intake during famine and food shortages leads to weight loss and wasting and eventually to death from starvation. These include tests for: However, earlier pain management did not affect the total length of hospitalization for patients admitted to the inpatient services. These changes were not included in the Boy Scout Requirements book. If the staple food is plantain or cassava, then protein-rich supplements are important.

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Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Hatching Eggs, Breeders, Chicken and Turkeys

Foreign body removal from the stomach or esophagus is usually successful with these flexible instruments. The foreign bodies can be retrieved by either of two methods. The second method is accomplished by piecemeal destruction and pushing the bolus through the esophagus into the stomach. Esophageal varices may be injected with a variety of sclerosing solutions.

Eradication of varices requires, on the average, five sclerotherapy sessions, with multiple injections given during each session. Dilatation of strictures may be accomplished with a balloon placed through the endoscope and inflated using hydrostatic pressure. Bougies are rubber dilators available in various sizes up to approximately 2. Plastic bougies and other dilating probes are usually passed over a guide wire.

This procedure involves placing the guide wire into the stomach through the endoscope. The endoscope is then withdrawn leaving the guide wire in place.

The dilating probes and plastic bougies are then passed over the guide wire. After the largest dilator is used, the dilator and guide wire are removed. Esophageal dilation is performed after a definitive diagnosis has been established in patients exhibiting dysphagia.

The goal in most cases is a lumenal diameter of mm which allows passage of solid food. A series of dilators may be passed over the guide wire to reach the goal of therapy. Follow-up EGD s will be considered medically reasonable and necessary for the following indications: EGD is generally contraindicated for patients with recent myocardial infarction.

Guide Wire and Dilation The EGD family includes a code for insertion of guide wire followed by dilation over guide wire. Insertion of guide wire code has been revised to describe passage of dilator s over a guide wire rather than dilation.

Codes and dilation codes should not be reported with codes and , as these codes stent, ablation include dilation. Endoscopic ultrasound codes and have been revised to include examination of a surgically altered stomach where the jejunum is examined distal to the anastomosis. Clarification language has been included to address the extent of performance of the EUS examination as distinguished from the extent of the endoscopic visualization.

Pseudocyst Drainage In addition to transmural drainage of pseudocyst as described in the current code , EGD with transmural drainage of pseudocyst has been revised to specify that it includes endoscopic ultrasound, transmural drainage and placement of stent s to facilitate drainage, when performed.

Dilation Procedures Dilation procedure codes have been added, revised and deleted to better describe current practice. EGD code has been revised to specify transendoscopic balloon dilation of less than 30 mm in diameter. Code includes moderate sedation, as indicated by the moderate sedation symbol. Control of Bleeding The parentheticals for code , EGD with control of bleeding code have been revised. Code , submucosal injection, would also not be reported if injection was part of the control of bleeding procedure.

Balloon Dilation of Esophagus EGD code out of sequence has been established to report balloon dilation of 30 mm in diameter or larger. This dilation procedure includes fluoroscopic guidance, when used. Code includes removal of tumor s , polyp s or other lesion s by snare technique ; directed submucosal injection s ; and band ligation , so these services are not separately reportable when performed on the same lesion during the same session.

Biopsy performed on the same lesion as EMR is not separately reportable. This code includes endoscopic ultrasound EUS of the esophagus, stomach, and either the duodenum or a surgically-altered stomach where the jejunum is examined distal to the anastomosis.

The new code includes pre- and post-dilation and guide wire passage when performed. Only half the EU nations went along, and, while Trump allowed his Administration to expel Russian diplomats, he himself laid no blame on the Russians, and announced that Moscow could replace their diplomats.

But now, the U. Hysteria reigns in London today. Will they use the impending collapse of the multi-trillion dollar speculative bubble in the western financial system, which they created, to that end?

The Empire is near defeat, but more dangerous than ever. That is why this organization was founded, and the hard fought victory is within our grasp. As Helga said today: They never imagined that a genius like Lyndon LaRouche would be around to counter them. April 11 From: Tony explained them in this podcast. Furthermore, there is much speculation the neurotoxic chemicals in all vaccines are part of that artificial intelligence robotics program. The above video, which I have watched in full and taken notes on, must be considered very seriously, as it deals with emerging protocols to counter Nano technology, which very few individuals know anything about, but all of us are exposed to and compromised by.

The mixture includes cheap white vinegar, distilled water, salt, DMSO and oil, either olive or almond. The exact measurements are given. Tony recommends soaking your feet, but with certain precautions. Nano-dust and particulates make all human bodies receivers and transmitters , a necessary component for control of humans because we can be controlled by microwaves transmitted to those frequency receivers residing within our bodies.

Homo sapiens literally are being redesigned into another species created by man-made-technology. Will it be called Homo Nano-particulatem? Clouds are Lowering Why? Station List by Location. Study April 11 From: A new study has revealed that stress can make you physically ill by hijacking your immune system. It was found that stress impacts the response of 'defense chemicals' which are responsible for fighting off bacteria or viruses.

The study carried out by researchers at the University of Michigan revealed how stress interacts with immunity cells that protect the body against diseases and manifests into physical illness. It was found that stress impacts the response of 'defense chemicals' which are responsible for fighting off bacteria or viruses, and amplifies inflammatory and allergic reactions such as irritable bowel syndrome, asthma and autoimmune disorders such as lupus.

Stress management tools like breathing exercises and yoga are prescribed by doctors to treat disorders like asthma and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Stress receptors, known as corticotropin-releasing factor CRF1 , send signals to certain immune cells, called mast cells, and this controls the body's defence.

Feeling Upset Or Distressed? Mast cells are a type of white blood cell which get triggered during stressful situations and are also involved with inflammatory responses like hypersensitivity and allergic reactions when the immune system fights off an assumed threat. The researchers conducted a mouse study to understand immune cell responses to psychological and allergic stress.

There were two groups of mice with one having stress receptors in their mast cells, while the other group didn't. It was discovered that the mice with stress receptors had high levels of disease, while those without had less disease and were protected against both psychological and allergic stress.

Associate professor Adam Moeser who specializes in stress-induced diseases explained to the Daily Mail that when mast cells are triggered during stressful situations they are susceptible to being controlled by stress receptors. He added, "When this happens, CRF1 tells these cells to release chemical substances that can lead to inflammatory and allergic diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, life-threatening food allergies and autoimmune disorders such as lupus.

Overcoming Anxiety By Embracing Uncertainty. So chemical substances like histamine, which is produced by mast cells to get rid of invading allergens can become life-threatening.

While the normal response to an allergen would be inflammation, itching, sneezing and runny nose, under stress the responses got intensified and escalated to trouble breathing, anaphylactic shock and even death.

According to the American Psychological Association sleep and stress are inversely proportional, when stress increases, length and quality of sleep decreases. Stress causes several problems other than just affecting your sleep, it is also responsible for health concerns like insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, inabilty to make decisions and lack of concentration.

The study was published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology. The Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked. Music That Reduces Anxiety by 65 Percent. April 10 From: Ten years into the greatest financial meltdown in the history of finance, triggered by the USA sub-prime real estate bubble collapse in , the Euro and its 19 member central banks are at a dangerous crossroad.

The ultimate winner would be the shaky French and Southern Eurozone banks. In , in the wake of the manipulated Greek bond crisis that triggered a Eurozone contagion panic in markets, the European Central Bank initiated a highly controversial and poorly understood disguised bailout known as Target 2. This is about one third of German GDP. In the sums involved were still a fraction of the present total. De facto that would mean German or other north EU taxpayers would support the debt of stressed countries like Italy or Portugal or Greece.

Farage At Irexit Conference: For the time being, they have set the interest rate to zero. Merkel, SPD and Eurobonds. In a transfer union, the healthier countries of the Euro will support the weaker.

Under the Macron Plan, which Merkel and the SPD have endorsed, each euro transferred from a Northern to a Southern European country would reduce the Target claims and liabilities by one euro.

The deeper underlying problem in all these schemes is the fact that the countries of the ECB and Euro have done nothing fundamental to clean up their banking insolvency mess.

Instead the ECB under Draghi has been used to create what is today a de facto insoluble problem for the German and other strong central banks of the Euro using Target 2 balances as a stealth bailout. Bond market speculators like Soros will have a field day.

German and Dutch and other more prudent countries will de facto pay the bill. For Germany where the demographic reduction in working age population is already apparent and will accelerate in coming years, a growing pension obligation makes German debt obligation in the long run unsustainable.

To now add a fiscal transfer from Germany to the indebted Southern EU countries spells political and economic Tsunami. France Is A War Zone. The Australian Government is recommended to: The Australian Human Rights Commission and other state-level human rights institutions are recommended to: Business enterprises and other non-State actors are recommended to: Furthermore, I cannot take a position one way or another regarding the above Report, only point to its existence and as a forewarning of what probably can be expected as government over-reach to be copied and implemented in other western culture countries regarding vaccines and vaccinations!

Yet the MBA and the Australian Government did not provide evidence for the necessity to use 16 vaccines when they linked financial benefits to this intervention and removed conscientious and religious exemptions at the same time. Has Australia inadvertently returned to its original intent as founded, a penal colony for the British?

The devil is in the details. Vaccination is a barbarous practice, and it is one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Vets issue animal vaccine warning. Irrefutable, undeniable proof that mercury is still used in vaccines injected into children. Teenager died in her sleep weeks after being given HPV vaccine as experts reveal the lives of thousands of girls have been destroyed by the controversial jab.

Mother blames cancer vaccine for teen's death. Why Are Vaccines Excluded? In part, this recession may be attributed to improved housing and to a decrease in the virulence of micro-organisms, but by far the most important factor was a higher host-resistance due to better nutrition. Here I want to look at basic flaws in the rationale for vaccination. First of all, a child with a strong immune system will exile illnesses like measles or flu without incident. If he does become sick, his immune defense system will swing into high gear, mount a full inflammatory response, and the acute phase of illness will fade away.

There are millions of such examples throughout recent history. If a person has a weak and compromised immune system, vaccination is not going to cure that fact. In the best presentation of conventional vaccine theory, a shot in the arm brings on antibodies, which are scouts for the immune system.

No good at all. These are simple and basic realities - once you clear away pseudoscientific hocus-pocus. They were fed good clean food. They had loving strong parents. They rarely got sick, and when they did, the bout was over quickly. To them the idea of vaccination was a bizarre illusion. They never needed it.

And as I say, the people with weak and compromised immune systems, who are basically unhealthy, are NOT going to be cured or protected by vaccination.

Many doctors know these facts, but are afraid to speak out. The mainstream press, with non-stop pro-vaccination propaganda, is colluding with the medical establishment and governments to silence critics.

The press is fake news. We who point out fatal flaws in vaccination are actual news. Does that sound acceptable? We just assume it. Can you name a single large mainstream news outlet that has devoted time and space to a complete and rational debate about vaccine safety and efficacy, representing both sides of the issue fairly? Does this seem reasonable? Who is the culprit here?

Critics of vaccination, or the delinquent imperious press? Their skill, such as it is, consists of pretending they have acquired knowledge. Instead of treating mainstream news as a reliable fount of information, back up a step and realize this operation has been a heavily funded and protected monopoly - and all monopolies commit egregious acts to sustain their position. They cooperate with other would-be monopolies e. Any criminal who is in the public spotlight, day in and day out, will bend, distort, fabricate, and concoct more lies to cover up his past offenses.

This is common sense. Face this fact head-on. The horrendous SB bill was passed by the California legislation, in , and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. It mandated an array of vaccines for all schoolchildren. During debate on the bill, did the legislature permit extended discussion about the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines?

Were these issues somehow automatically censor-able? Sweeping them into a garbage can is called a CLUE. Otherwise, why not turn on the light? Let me explain how the game works with an example.

In the mids, I sat in a courtroom in Los Angeles and watched the opening of a grotesque trial, in which the federal government was prosecuting a young man for selling a nutritional supplement.

The man had made health claims for the product. He told the judge he wanted to present evidence that: The judge refused to allow the defendant to present any evidence along these lines. No, the judge said. The only question was: If so, he was guilty. And that was the verdict. The young man went to prison. Who, in his right mind, would support such a ruling? This is the same approach of the mainstream news establishment, when it comes to vaccination. It is the approach of inveterate liars.

Incredible vaccine lies from the Ministry of Truth. World Renowned Genetics Doctor: New Study Reveals Prevalence of Contaminants. Malicious news media now openly attacking vaccine Victims, blaming them instead of vaccine ingredients. Vaccines and Sudden Death. Too many antibiotics for New Zealand children. When Life Gets Too Complicated: TheUnboundedSpirit If it feels like your life sucks, there are extreme chances that it's too complicated.

On the other hand, if it feels like it doesn't suck, I bet your life is quite simple. How do I know? Well, I've found my life sucking many times, and that was always when it became wildly complicated.

Now that it doesn't suck anymore or at least it feels like it doesn't , it's simpler than ever before. I played my part in getting it the way it is.

A BIG part, in fact. By making a few small yet tremendously effective lifestyle changes. If you're entangled in the complexity of your own life, and would like to know what those changes were so that you can apply and benefit from them too, I have good news for you. But does life have to be such a drudgery? Why is Life So Messed Up? This is a question I get a lot from readers. Rather, we insist on making it look like it.

Let me give you a few examples: Of course, no person is entirely to blame for that. From an early age, society has conditioned us to live this way. Just consider, for example, the advertising industry, which is constantly preying on our insecurities in order to make us want new products. Or, lastly, think of our economic system, which is forcing us to work as wage slaves just so we can merely feed ourselves and sleep under a roof. A Turn Back to Simplicity. So how can we design a life that is less complicated and more meaningful?

Because during the course of our lives most of us have lost touch with our true needs and wants. Ten Psychological Behavior Tips That Can Make Your Life Easier This has resulted in a lack of inner fulfillment, out of which arises a desperate effort to fill our psychological void with physical, mental and emotional clutter, which, instead of making us feel better, actually makes us feel much worse.

It consists of easy yet empowering tips and practices that you can apply in your everyday life in order to reap the incredible benefits of a minimalist lifestyle. Are you ready to dive into it? On the contrary, those objects are only standing in their way, distracting their attention and preventing them from finding calm, clarity and focus. Some of them even need regular maintenance, and hence require money, time and energy to be spent - or, to be more precise, wasted - on them.

Have a look at your possessions and ask yourself: Do I really need ALL of them? They can only provide us with momentary gratification that quite soon vanishes into thin air, leading us in an even worse psychological state than before. In the day and age of Instagram, so many people are having terrific self-esteem issues.

As they are, they feel like crap, and they try their best to imitate those they are jealous of, in a desperate effort to feel better about themselves. Yet no matter how much they try, they always fail. That means you need to stop comparing yourself to others and embrace yourself for who you are, with all your flaws and imperfections. Appreciate the beauty of nature.

Appreciate the joy of tasting food. Appreciate the heart-to-heart bonding between you and your loved ones. Was checking your email the first thing you did this morning? Or was it perhaps scrolling through your social media feed? Or maybe having a look at your favorite news sites for updates?

In fact, nowadays most people are constantly fixated on an electronic screen, wasting hours upon hours everyday being carried away by a constant flood of information. They endlessly jump from one social media network to the other, from this article to that, from one picture to the next. Close as many tabs you can. Check your emails up to two times a day, filter and process them immediately, and clear out your inbox.

Pick a handful of good sources and check them only once a day. Set some hours offline each day. Every person - including you - is a social being with an emotional need to connect with other people. We all deep down want to be heard, understood, and embraced for who we are. Loving others and feeling loved by them is what brings meaning and fulfillment to our lives more than anythings else.

Put your mobile phone aside for a while and take the time to look at someone in the eye, listen to their story, and open your heart to them. The Trap Of Romantic Love. From now on, be sure to avoid uttering lies, and instead voice your sincere thoughts as well as express your feelings. Do One Thing at a Time. Minimalist living in essence means focused living, and focused living means making the most out of each and every moment.

Here are some examples: We are jumping between tasks in a browser. We are lost in our thoughts when others are talking to us. We are thinking of what thing to do next before finishing the current thing. In order to be able to enjoy your life, you first and foremost need to be in good health. Rather, they usually act like this either out of ignorance or because the stress of everyday life has led them to make poor lifestyle choices.

But one thing is certain: How To Become A Freethinker: For example, if you feel like moving, move. If, on the other hand, you feel tired, stop moving your body to recharge your batteries. By starting to pay more attention to it, we can re-connect with it and allow it to lead us to a healthier and more fulfilling life. People usually have a big number of goals they want to achieve, and often they are even opposing to each other.

One day they want this thing, the next day another, and the next still another. No wonder they usually end up achieving nothing but complicating their lives.

A life that is simple has a clear purpose. Whatever they are, be sure to make them your top priority. Lastly yet perhaps most importantly, minimalist living requires a calm and undisturbed mind - that is, a mind that is free of conflicting thoughts and in tune with the present moment. To be able to regain a peaceful state of consciousness, you need to develop mindfulness.

It also means observing your thoughts and feelings without judging, resisting or feeding them. Lastly, it means consciously responding to situations instead of overreacting to them or being overwhelmed by them. Every single person can develop mindfulness, and there are many ways one can do so. When, however, you feel that your mind has carried you away, make sure that you return your attention to your breath and continue your practice. Mindfulness is an ancient practice that is now backed up by science.

His comments first emerged on Verge. No civil discourse, no cooperation, misinformation, mistruth. Bad actors can now manipulate large swaths of people to do anything they want. We curate our lives around this perceived sense of perfection because we get rewarded in these short-term signals hearts, likes, thumbs ups and we conflate that with value and we conflate that with truth.

Palihapitiya is not the only Facebook executive who has expressed belated insight into the consequences of the work they did at Facebook years ago. His comments are part of an ongoing debate about the seemingly unlimited power and reach of social media. Palihapitiya said it was unintentional, yet here Parker admits they all knew what they were doing — hook customer engagement through regular dopamine spurts. The Truth About the Facebook Scandal.

These two executives echo the feelings expressed some time ago by Google, Twitter and Facebook software engineers who helped make technology so addictive, announcing that they are disconnecting themselves from the internet. The Clouds are Gathering. Social media companies have been in the dog box since it has become clear that their reach stretches as far as influencing political outcomes like the US presidential election and Brexit, through facilitating the spread of fake news, conspiracies and propaganda, effectively taking over the minds of an unsuspecting Facebook audience.

Thing is, in a closed country like Myanmar, Facebook is the source of news. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In , the internet celebrates its thirtieth birthday. What was once an open portal for communication and sharing information, the internet has slowly become a totalitarian hub of thought control. Helpful information and contrarian viewpoints are a threat to specific authority figures and industries, and tech giants have the power to police this.

These videos teach critical thinking and self-reliance; the content penetrates the fragile philosophies and groupthink that pervades big tech culture. Strong people like Michelle Malkin have fought back against repeated censorship tactics.

Berners-Lee is now working to make internet free, open, and affordable to more people around the world while advocating for decentralization of thought and information. The web cannot welcome innovation and the free flow of ideas if a handful of tech giants have the power to control which ideas and opinions are shared. How can small, innovative online stores and bloggers get their products and message out if the most powerful players in the industry dominate what people see online? There must be a new incentive that changes the way platforms operate.

This incentive should stop tech giants from suppressing any competition or dissent. It should not give them more power to police content. Regulations that empower the tech giants will only embolden the problem. Google now blatantly buying off journalists to steal elections, as YouTube terminates conservative channels before the midterms.

Social circles, generally speaking, are just one aspect but they often affect us to drastic degrees. Sometimes these coincide with our need for a sense of purpose, but often what ultimately drives our heart can alienate us from previous surroundings as we progress through life.

But this has always been the case in my life, with each new paradigm dissolution or correction, as many have experienced. Going through what appears to be loneliness in taking a new direction and leaving the old life behind is a precious opportunity. Religions are a great example, how a system with the stated intention to liberate and empower actually becomes a highly controlled diversion from real truth, giving the illusion of freedom.

How we allow these encrusted, paralytic structures to do what they do is a massive subject, but we essentially draw these upon ourselves as a personal extension of our own lack of awareness of ourselves. We can be free, and are, at any and all given times, yet we succumb to external control for a wide variety of reasons.

This can be largely driven by fear of scarcity — being without our basic needs for food, shelter and community. The amazing and wondrous truth underlying any social system is that any and all control mechanisms can be easily thrown off in a heartbeat by not falling for the illusion of fear.

Fear is another huge subject as it permeates so many of our mental and emotional mechanisms and eludes recognition for what it is, being so deeply woven into the lower vibrational human fabric and our fascination for it which can lure us in without our realizing it.

Are You a True Outcast? If so, treasure it. In fact cherish it. In fact, just about everything we experience in this realm of limitation is a potential trap, no matter how innocuous anything may seem.

Anything that limits or even hints at conditions and restrictions, watch out. We draw these conditions upon our unawakened selves. Layers upon layers of them. A whole new world will open up to you. The seeming loss of old, restricting and conditional acquaintances and surroundings is a small price to pay to explore the boundless nature of existence. It depends on where your head and heart are at and what your priorities are. Fear of many things, most of which are intensely reinforced by this group agreement called society.

And fear is all based on lies, complete lies. New Research Shocks Scientists: The wonderfully empowering reality is that as we honestly pursue truth these energizing and liberating dynamics take hold no matter what. Truth is not popular, especially when it touches on cherished beliefs or sensitive personal issues. No worries, it only means constant change. And wow, the worlds that open up are beyond comprehension! In recent years the defects in the peer review system have been the subject of a profusion of critical editorials and studies in the literature.

It is high time that the world took heed of what the critics are saying, not least of all because of the medical and health ramifications. The notion of peer review has long occupied special territory in the world of science. However, investigation of suppressed innovations, inventions, treatments, cures, and so on, rapidly reveals that the peer review system is arguably better at one thing above all others: This can mean censorship of everything from contrarian viewpoints to innovations that render favored dogmas, products, or services obsolete economic threats.

A surfeit of publications has documented the deficiencies of this system. Fellow independent scientist Gary Novak agrees scathingly:. In that capacity, too many become mere gatekeepers and seek not to facilitate innovation or vital new Copernican-scale revelations, but to maintain the status quo which got them there in the first place. Has the paper been blessed by the Peer Review Priest? Students undergo a magical alchemical process as they proceed through educational institutions and emerge transformed from their chrysalis with their doctorates, masters, stethoscopes and equations.

They are the Chosen Ones, the purified, the holy, the redeemed, the righteous. They do not have to answer to the lowly non-scientific peasantry — let alone unbelieving heretics. It is clear, however, that not only is the popular view of peer review misleading, but the most prestigious publications are some of the very worst offenders.

Is it not time to get the crusty, rigidified, and corrupt Old Guard out of the way so we can let science move forward?

The Scientific Method Then and Now: Thus is the politically correct status quo maintained. Who has the time for all that? This is where the corrupt and abysmal becomes the theatre of the absurd. This followed an internal investigation which found fabricated peer-review write-ups linked to the articles.

Crisis In Science Research: Imagine writing a paper and being able to nominate a non-existent person to review your work, and the contact email supplied to the publisher for this purpose is actually one you made up, which routes the paper back to you unbeknownst to the publisher , so that you can then secretly carry out a favourable review of your own work under a pseudonym!

In response to fake peer review some publishers have actually ended the practice of author-suggested reviewers. And now for the Conceptual Penis…. After completing the paper, and being unable to identify what it was actually about, it was deemed a success and ready for submission, which went ahead in April To illustrate how deliberately absurd the paper is, a quote is in order:. How this ever got published is something to ponder. The paper is filled with meaningless jargon, arrant nonsense, and references to fake papers and authors.

The Cult Of 'Scientism' Explained: SCIgen was created in by researchers at MIT in Cambridge in order to demonstrate that conferences would accept such nonsense…as well as to amuse themselves.

Congratulations are certainly in order. In February it was reported that Springer and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers IEEE , were removing over such bogus papers from their subscription services after Labbe identified them using his own software.

Going back at least as far as journalists and researchers have been getting spoof papers published in conferences or journals to deliberately expose weaknesses in academic quality controls. The hoax paper was accepted by a whopping of the journals and rejected by only If peer review was a transparent and accountable process, according to Gary Novak;. Clearly the problem of corruption and conflicts of interest have been increasingly on the radar of professional academics for some time now, so much so that it has been the subject of an increasing number of harshly critical articles and editorials.

In the meantime, the public needs to be warned: This is probably going to be the biggest scandal in U. I think they are quietly working on it now, and I think they have been for the last year. It is so huge the arrests and indictments could cause a Constitutional crisis with some people being removed.

It all comes back down to the Clinton Foundation and the criminal syndicate. But Shipp also named Barack Obama as a culprit after Hunter specifically asked if the former president was also involved. Each one of us has constructed our own specific set of beliefs. We base them on our past experiences , ideas and relationships with others.

Your beliefs are hard-wired into your brain. Thus, instead of taking the time to assess contradictions and form doubts, you willfully rationalize your beliefs. These facts can be scary and difficult to digest. Truly accepting them would require thought and action, and who has time for that! No one wants to be called dramatic, or Debbie-downer, or conspiracy theorist.

Frankly, we just want to be accepted by our peers. Conformity often trumps rationale. Take a moment and think: Yet, when an idea or fact create doubt, we need the cognitive ability and motivation logically evaluate it. The Awakening - Which Will Win? Basically, we have to make ourselves disbelieve our initial belief. That, my friends, takes effort. Many of us are not willing to put in that effort. We do not give this much thought, because very few people are willing to talk about subliminal programming.

This is a perfect example of willful ignorance! Yet, most generations living today grew up in front of the TV. Newscasters, Hollywood producers, and advertisers have been feeling ideas of what is rights, what is acceptable and what should be ridiculed.

The problem is surmounted with the influence of religions, educators and governments. Most of these have their own agendas, unbeknownst to us during our childhood and young adulthood. We have access to massive amounts of information. It is all at our fingertips.

Social psychologists, activists, and thought leaders, such as Hefferman, are able to share their knowledge, experience and wisdom with the masses. Where the challenge lies is in our willingness to give thought to contradictions. The Masses Are Awakening. Next time something contradicts one of your beliefs, it may be a noteworthy practice to give these new ideas some thought.

Are Demons Walking Among Us? No matter where you look, the Deep State is struggling to preserve its privileged position across the entire societal spectrum. Whether in the realm of economics, geopolitics, military, or even in the realm of exopolitics, they are losing control, big time.

As scheduled, the Shanghai International Energy Exchange INE started entertaining investors for its listed crude oil futures for a total of 23 overseas brokerage. In just a week, it already has a total of , transactions, worth Broiler breeders are genetically selected for high feed conversion rates, and therefore have the potential to grow very quickly 8.

Allowing these birds free access to feed results in high body weights that can result in serious welfare problems, such as skeletal deformities which can, in turn, result in breast blisters and hock burns 8. Maintaining optimal body condition is also important for egg laying, fertility, and bird health. In order to balance the risks to welfare, broiler breeders are usually prevented from feeding ad libitum.

Feed restriction begins at approximately weeks of age e. After breeders reach lay, restriction levels decrease 8. Restricted feeding programs result in chronic hunger, which has an unavoidable negative impact on bird welfare. Controlled feeding programs can sometimes result in over-consumption of water as birds redirect their appetite to waterers, which can adversely affect bird health and welfare.

Therefore, access to water is sometimes restricted to certain times of day, taking into account environmental conditions. There is a complex interaction between genetics, husbandry, and environment that affects bird health and welfare. However, it is important to recognize the impact that selection for high productivity can have on the overall well-being of broiler chickens and their parent stock.

Genetics companies are encouraged to select for more moderate production goals that allow birds to be productive without having to be subjected to such extreme food restriction to protect their health.

The industry is committed to support ongoing and new research into feeding strategies to minimize the impact of current genetics on bird welfare, and implement practical solutions as they become available. The outcomes of these shared endeavours will inform the next Code revision. The body weight and uniformity of feed- and water-restricted birds must be monitored. When controlled feeding is used to control excessive body weight gain during pre-lay, any interruption of feed must not exceed 48 hours.

Water must be provided daily in sufficient quantities for normal hydration and in a manner that prevents over-drinking. Disease control is an integral part of bird welfare.

Good flock health management incorporates practices that are designed to optimize the health and welfare of poultry. Pain and discomfort caused by health issues impact bird well-being such that good welfare requires good health.

An effective Flock Health Plan contributes to bird well-being by providing strategies for disease prevention, rapid diagnosis, and effective treatment. Prevention of disease rather than treatment is better for bird welfare. Sanitation measures will help to prevent disease transfer from one flock to the next Isolating poultry flocks from other animals e. Humans can also transmit diseases to a poultry flock A poultry veterinarian can assist with recommending appropriate vaccinations 19 to prevent infectious diseases as well as internal and external parasitism.

A Flock Health Plan may include:. Veterinarians play a key role in helping producers attain flock health objectives. Biosecurity is the accepted term used to describe the measures needed to protect against the introduction and spread of diseases An effective biosecurity program is based on two main concepts: Consultation with a poultry veterinarian or a qualified advisor can assist with developing a biosecurity program to suit specific situations and needs Each poultry sector has developed comprehensive biosecurity standards, which include detailed sections on disease prevention that commercial producers are required to follow.

For non-commercial operations, refer to Appendix K - Resources for Further Information for references on developing a biosecurity program. Manuals can be obtained from provincial marketing boards. It is important to be aware of general clinical signs of disease in birds. Early detection can limit the impact of a disease outbreak People, including on-farm personnel and visitors, may inadvertently carry infectious agents into the poultry operation.

A disease prevention or biosecurity protocol must be developed and followed. Effective sanitation measures will help to prevent disease transfer from one flock to the next Disinfectants are most effective when used on clean surfaces free of organic material such as straw and manure. If outdoor ranges are used, they also should be kept clean.

It is beneficial to allow range areas to dry thoroughly prior to bird placement Buildings and equipment must be cleaned and a disinfectant applied following an outbreak of an infectious disease. Rodents, wild birds, and insects can carry infectious disease into poultry operations.

Damage caused by rodents takes many forms, including consumption and contamination of feed, as well as damage to buildings and insulation. Directly related to health, rodents are carriers of many diseases, which have an impact on biosecurity It is important to be able to recognize the signs of rodent infestation.

Given the extreme difficulty of eliminating rodents, prevention should be the primary objective. Management programs that eliminate entrances, nesting sites, and food and water supplies 23 can help to reduce rodent numbers. Fly control is important in poultry facilities due to possible spread of disease, mortality, and food safety concerns. A plan to prevent and control pests including rodents, small animals, wild birds, insects, and predators must be developed and followed.

Preventing flock health problems is always preferable to having to deal with established problems. There are strategies available to maintain flock health and prevent illnesses e. Regular monitoring is essential for the early detection and correction of any flock health or management issues. Video surveillance in barns is a helpful tool for producers and can assist in observation and management of flocks with minimal disruption to the birds.

In addition, personnel should check for early signs of disease. Tracking the number of culls and the reason for doing so e. Lameness affects the welfare of birds through leg pain and impaired walking ability 8.

Cases involving unexpected illness, death, or increases in mortality rates must be investigated e. Flock owners, veterinarians, and laboratories are required to immediately report a bird that is infected or suspected of being infected with a reportable disease to a Canadian Food Inspection Agency CFIA District Veterinarian. Sick or injured birds and birds that exhibit obvious signs of pain must be promptly treated or euthanized Refer to Section 8 - Euthanasia.

Birds that are severely lame must be treated, moved to a recovery pen, or euthanized. Any suspected cases of reportable diseases must be reported to a veterinarian immediately. Emergency management protocols can protect the welfare of birds in the event of an emergency e.

Hatcheries and farms generally rely on automated equipment to maintain suitable conditions for hatching eggs, chicks, poults, and birds.

They are therefore susceptible to risk during a power outage or equipment breakdown. It is advisable to have alarms to notify personnel of equipment malfunctions as well as generators to provide electricity in the case of a power outage.

Preparedness includes installation, maintenance, and testing of necessary equipment or systems, and personnel awareness. Refer to Appendix G - Sample Emergency Contact Template that may be copied, completed, laminated, and posted in each barn. A contingency plan for reasonably foreseeable problems that may affect bird welfare must be prepared and reviewed with all personnel. At least one responsible individual must be available at all times to take necessary steps in the case of an emergency.

A backup power system or an alternate method must be available to ensure bird well-being during a power outage. All alarms and fail-safe devices, including alternate power supply, must be regularly tested. Additional Requirements for Hatcheries. An alarm or monitoring system must be used to alert hatchery personnel of failures of critical systems such as heat or electricity.

Correct handling methods are essential to prevent stress and injury, and to allow personnel to effectively monitor the health of the flock. Being in an inverted position upside down for any length of time is stressful for birds and can cause discomfort Birds must be handled at all times in such a manner that minimizes stress or injury. Birds must not be carried solely by the head, neck, one wing, or tail feathers.

Special care needs to be taken to ensure that newly-arrived chicks and poults settle in well to their new environments. They need to be protected from abrupt changes in temperature and be able to locate feed and water. Feedback on chick and poult condition, mortality, and performance can help hatcheries evaluate their management and transport protocols.

Evaluation criteria could include:. Facilities must be prepared i. Farm personnel must be present at the time of delivery and placement and must assess the physical condition of the chicks and poults. Steps must be taken to prevent chicks and poults from becoming chilled or overheated during the unloading process. Additional Recommended Practices for Poults. Some birds may be moved between facilities e. This may be a stressful period for the birds.

Special care needs to be taken to ensure that newly-arrived birds settle in well to their new environments. They need to be protected from abrupt changes in temperature, be able to locate feed and water, and adapt to their new physical and social environments.

Housing facilities must be prepared e. Farm personnel must be present at the time of delivery and placement to assess the physical condition of the birds. Broiler breeders are bred naturally by keeping mixed pens of hens and roosters. The ratio of roosters to hens is important to ensure efficient reproduction and a stable social hierarchy.

Pens with too many roosters may show higher levels of aggression, and hens may be stressed by too many mating attempts. It is also important that hens and roosters be at compatible stages of maturity and body size. Pullets and roosters may be reared separately and mixed together in the laying barn. In addition, spiker roosters may be introduced into hen groups throughout the laying period. Some birds bought as hens turn out to be roosters, and if kept in the flock will modify the ratio of roosters to hens and will affect feed allocation and aggression.

In addition, keeping mis-sexed roosters in the flock may result in injuries to hens because toe treatments have not been carried out. Growing, feeding, and lighting programs must be managed so that females reach maturity concurrent with or prior to males. Social interactions between males and females must be monitored.

If hens are actively avoiding roosters, then reduce numbers of roosters until social interaction, including mating behaviour, is normal. Due to their large size, turkey breeders are usually bred by artificial insemination. Hens in lay need to be handled gently at all times to protect their welfare and productivity.

Tom turkeys and turkey hens must be handled in such a way as to prevent injury and minimize stress throughout all aspects of the semen collection and artificial insemination processes. Broody hens are those that cease laying, preferring to incubate the eggs instead. Preventing and managing broodiness to keep hens laying is an important part of turkey breeder production. Signs of broodiness may include increased nesting time, decline in egg production, protection of the nest, increased vocalizations, reduced feed intake, and reluctance to move Factors that promote broodiness include early sexual maturity, hot weather, lack of uniform lighting or low light intensity, leaving eggs in the nests too long, pens with corners or secluded areas, and not forcing hens out of the nests at egg collection The challenge is to prevent broodiness without disturbing the hens to the point that they stop laying.

Good nesting habits are typically established during the first three weeks of lay. Proper handling and storage of hatching eggs is important to promote healthy embryo development and to minimize embryo mortality. Hatching eggs must be handled and stored in ways that promote healthy embryos.

Feather pecking can be a problem in turkey flocks and breeder flocks, especially if it evolves into cannibalism. The underlying cause of this behaviour is poorly understood.

Enrichment can play an important role in preventing and mitigating injurious feather pecking and cannibalism Action must be taken to manage bird behaviour at the onset of an outbreak of feather pecking or cannibalism. Caponizing is the procedure of removing the testicles of roosters to influence their growth and resulting meat quality. It is therefore an invasive, painful process.

This procedure is not typically performed in Canada. To prevent outbreaks of feather pecking, breeder chicks and poults are often beak treated in hatcheries and occasionally trimmed as adults, if needed. Roosters must not be caponized unless under veterinary supervision, using pain control.

Initial beak trimming must not be performed on broiler breeders that are older than 10 days of age, unless required to control an outbreak of cannibalism. Equipment must be properly maintained and adjusted prior to performing any beak treatments. Controlled moulting induced through feed and water deprivation is not practiced in Canada and is not recognized as a good production practice.

However, in the event of a situation that endangers the survival of a strain or line, threatens the supply of hatching eggs, and consequently where the life of a breeder flock must be extended, controlled moulting may be undertaken on healthy birds under the supervision of a poultry veterinarian.

Methods other than extended feed and water deprivation are available for controlled moulting. Controlled moulting can be accomplished primarily with lighting programs and diet formulation. Controlled moulting practices must be performed under veterinary supervision. Only healthy birds must be selected for moulting. Poultry transportation is a shared responsibility between all stakeholders.

This Code focuses on the aspects of the transportation process that take place on-farm and are thus under the control of the producer. Information regarding transportation of poultry beyond the farm gate is covered in the Recommended Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farm Animals: Additional provisions pertinent to transportation of hatching eggs, chicks, and poults are dealt with in the Hatchery section of this Code.

It is recognized that by its very nature, the transportation process which includes catching, loading, transporting, and lairage includes stress and risk of injury Every effort should be made to only load birds that have the capacity to withstand the expected duration of the transport process. Incapacity may be due to injury, fatigue, poor health, distress, or any other cause. The welfare of the birds must be the first consideration. It is acknowledged that poultry producers often deal with large numbers of birds, which makes inspection of individual birds difficult.

During cool and cold conditions, appropriate procedures are needed if birds are wet to prevent hypothermia during transport e. In preparation for transport, the flock must be evaluated for fitness and those birds that are deemed unfit for transport must be euthanized, separated, or transported with special provisions for veterinary assessment or treatment only.

Wet birds must not be loaded in cold weather if there is a risk that birds will become chilled. The welfare of birds can be adversely affected by delays. Stakeholders should adjust loading, departure, and transit times or routes to avoid potential delays. Environmental conditions can significantly affect the comfort and welfare of birds during loading and transit.

Handling procedures, loading densities, and time of loading may need to be adjusted accordingly. The flock and environmental conditions, as well as the expected journey duration, must be taken into consideration when loading birds for transport.

Feed is typically withdrawn from birds ahead of transport to ensure that their digestive tracts are empty, to reduce the risk of contamination of carcasses during slaughter. Withdrawal times are usually determined by the processor. However, total withdrawal times should not be so excessive as to negatively affect bird welfare i.

When planning feed removal on-farm, it is important to consider several factors that impact bird welfare, such as amount of time required to empty the gut prior to processing, amount of time required for catching and loading, distance to plant and expected duration of travel, expected lairage, and expected processing time. Pre-transport feed withdrawal must be managed to minimize the time that birds are off feed.

A daily inspection and culling program is an important part of flock management. It will reduce culling prior to and after loading and improve the efficiency of the catching and loading processes. Despite pre-transport culling, there will likely be some birds that are deemed unfit for transport or non-saleable during catching and loading.

Birds that are not loaded for transport and not euthanized must continue to be cared for in accordance with relevant sections of this Code e. Careful handling of birds during catching, loading, and unloading will reduce fear and minimize injuries to birds. Heavy turkeys may have difficulty walking long distances. Turkeys that are reluctant to walk are not necessarily lame, and may simply need to rest. Producer or a competent designee must be readily available to provide assistance throughout the catching and loading process.

All catching and loading equipment must be operated by competent personnel. The catching area must promote safe and humane handling and catching e. Birds must be in an upright position after being loaded into containers. Birds must be loaded in containers in such a way that permits all of them to rest on the floor at the same time when evenly distributed, while preventing excessive movement within the container.

Parts of birds must not protrude from containers in any way that can cause injury or impede movement. Conveyors used for loading containers of live birds must prevent tilting of containers that causes birds to pile up. Proper building design and accessibility to transport vehicles greatly improves the humane handling of poultry. This includes interior and exterior design, and maintenance of buildings, yards, and loading areas to facilitate loading and unloading of poultry at all times of the year and in all weather conditions.

When building new barns or renovating existing barns or yards, the way in which birds are moved into and out of barns must be taken into consideration with a view to facilitating safe and humane transfer of birds to and from the transport vehicles e. Openings through which birds are passed must be large enough to ensure that birds can be transferred in a way that minimizes injury.

Driveways and yards must be maintained to facilitate unobstructed, safe, and easy access by transport vehicles. To alleviate pain and suffering when there is no reasonable prospect for recovery, euthanasia of birds is necessary. Having a euthanasia decision-making process and providing training in euthanasia techniques can help ensure that necessary euthanasia is carried out in a timely manner.

Protocols that include irreversible stunning of birds prior to the final kill step may assist in effective euthanasia. Hatcheries euthanize chicks and poults that are injured, malformed, or suffering, and those otherwise unsaleable.

Some unhatched eggs will contain live embryos that may need to be euthanized. Unhatched embryos that have passed the halfway point of incubation are sufficiently developed to be sensible to pain 4. An acceptable method for euthanizing chicks and poults must be used. Refer to Appendix B - Methods of Euthanasia. Eggs with the possibility of live embryos that have been culled must be euthanized.

It is important that everyone who works with birds be trained to recognize normal behaviour as well as signs of pain, injury, illness, and distress that indicate that euthanasia may be necessary.

Developing a euthanasia decision protocol can provide guidance for personnel in making consistent decisions on when birds need to be euthanized. Sick or injured birds and birds that exhibit obvious signs of pain must be promptly treated or euthanized by competent personnel. Birds that are isolated for observation must be monitored at least twice daily and reassessed for continued recovery, or euthanized.

The successful application of any euthanasia method depends on many factors, including the competence and commitment of the personnel carrying out the procedure Personnel who are tasked with euthanizing birds need to be trained and monitored periodically to ensure continued competence. Personnel need to understand the importance of timely and effective euthanasia in reducing animal suffering. Not all personnel working with birds are suited to euthanizing birds or have the required physical strength or abilities.

This may impact the efficacy of the euthanasia method. Operator fatigue may impact animal welfare Attitudes towards euthanasia should be monitored to ensure that personnel are comfortable with the methods being used. All individuals who perform euthanasia must be competent in the euthanasia methods and protocols used on-farm. Many factors must be taken into account when selecting a method of euthanasia.

Regardless of the method chosen, the determinant of success is whether the method can be consistently applied and the bird loses consciousness rapidly, with minimal pain and distress.

An appropriate method for euthanizing birds, as contained in Appendix B - Methods of Euthanasia , must be used. Prior to being euthanized, birds must be handled in a manner that minimizes pain and suffering. All equipment used for euthanasia must be well maintained, used correctly, and not overloaded, so that it operates effectively and efficiently.

Death may not occur immediately but is the result of eventual respiratory and cardiac failure, which can take several minutes It is therefore essential that birds be swiftly rendered insensible and remain so until death. For this reason, euthanasia methods that affect the brain first are preferred Immediate application of the same or an alternate approved euthanasia method is required when signs of sensibility are observed. Signs of sensibility include:. Absence of these signs indicates that the bird is insensible.

Death is confirmed by cessation of breathing and heartbeat. It is not necessary to assess for sensibility or confirm death when maceration or decapitation is used due to the proven consistency of these methods. Birds must be inspected for signs of sensibility after the euthanasia method has been applied. If signs of sensibility are observed after the application of a euthanasia method, a second application of the euthanasia method or an alternate method must be immediately administered.

Death must be confirmed before leaving birds and disposing of carcasses. Mass depopulation refers to killing entire flocks or large numbers of birds. Typically, mass depopulation on-farm is an infrequent practice; however, in some cases, large numbers of birds are required to be depopulated on-farm in an emergency such as a disease outbreak or natural disaster.

In addition, unexpected events e. In some cases, government representatives may be involved in the decision-making and depopulation processes. Depopulating an entire flock or group of birds may employ euthanasia techniques, but not all methods used for mass depopulation meet the criteria for euthanasia Despite this, the methods employed for depopulating large numbers of birds need to be as humane as possible given the situation.

A plan for depopulating entire flocks or large numbers of birds provides guidance in the event of a disease outbreak or other unexpected disaster. Plans will need to be reviewed regularly and updated as needed as new and better methods are developed and approved.

The depopulation plan should include adapted from Those individuals who are involved with depopulating large numbers of birds, particularly when the birds are healthy, can suffer from emotional stress Moreover, individuals may encounter physical fatigue, especially when physical methods are used. Both types of stress can have a negative impact on bird welfare during the depopulation event.

If not using a method listed in Appendix B - Methods of Euthanasia , methods for depopulating large groups of birds on-farm must be undertaken in consultation with a veterinarian.

Individuals who are involved in mass depopulation must be competent in the methods used. All equipment used for depopulating birds must be maintained in good working order. Food Safety Enhancement Program Manual.

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