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Nutrisystem Canceling? ?
Thank You for Your Reply! There's a reason they are not part of the BBB! Hopefully can report back with some great results. Basically, with this feature, you get a four-week supply of food automatically sent your door each month. Notify me of new posts by email.

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That has definitely been a key to success for me over the years. In any case, best of luck — let us know how it goes! I was pretty pleased to find this web site and your cost breakdown is very detailed. Thanks for all of the information — it makes my decision a lot easier. Hopefully can report back with some great results. Thanks for all of the information.

Makes my decision a lot easier knowing exactly what things are going to cost! Need to loose about 59 pounds. Thank you for the sensible critique and cost info. Mostly fish and vegetables.

Sometimes chicken or turkey but not all the time! Is there a plan to start me on this regiment? Can you send some ideas and pricing plans?

I tried turbo shakes with other companies and they gave me lots of gas…lol Thanks if this gets to you. Hi Jim — sorry, I missed this comment at the time you posted it. I would also recommend looking at BistroMD https: Diet-to-Go has some really good plans that sound like they could work for you. Both are going to be a bit more pricey than Nutrisystem, but sound like they could be a better fit. My husband and I are considering NS.

We also do not want to purchase ANY other food if possible. Hi Lynn — I replied to Ray with a couple of other options BistroMD and Diet-to-Go …I would recommend checking out those reviews if you think they may be something that would work for you and your husband.

There are definitely some ways to keep the costs down though. You will definitely want to incorporate fresh produce, though, as I think you would get tired of only eating their pre-made meals, and you will want to mix in a salad or something on most days just to get the health benefits from the fresh produce if nothing else. Hi Pete — the frozen food is an additional charge, but can be included in your 4-week order or as an ala carte item.

Many are on a fixed income and I am one of them … an older woman, a widow, and on a very fixed income. With the profit your company surely must realize, might you consider offering your program free to a few deserving people men and women who would benefit from it as well?

Just something you might consider … it just might be of benefit to your company in another way … good will! The Costco purchased gift cards can definitely be used and there is a space at checkout to put them in. You will just have to make sure you put the gift card in a few days before the processing date for additional deliveries.

I just went through this whole process and received my order today. Thanks for the very thorough cost information. Helped make my decision a lot easier. I agree, too, the frozen meals are definitely a nice bonus — especially the desserts! There are some costs with buying your own fruits or vegetables to consider too, but overall it seems fairly affordable.

Anyways, thanks for the detailed pricing breakdown, really appreciate it. Is it organic or are there a lot of preservatives in It. Hi Isabel — Thanks for visiting. Hi Arlene — Thanks for visiting. I have always found it to be very easy to opt out. As long as you stay on the program for at least two months, you should be able to cancel without paying any type of penalty if you need to cancel after month 1 I mention one way to avoid the penalty in the review above , and customer service has always been very easy to deal with when I have needed to call them.

I live in Ottawa Ontario Canada. Where in Canada can I join. Are the costs of the meals increased to take in the difference between the American and Canadian do. Also what about duty and taxes, as well as shipping fees. I am a woman ,77 yrs old and need to lose at least 25 lbs. Please try to enlighten me. Thank you very much for your assistance. What exactly is in the Turbo Shakes? Are the ingredients identified on the package? Best of luck — Norm.

Hi Obie — I added a picture of the nutrition fact label on our Nutrisystem Shake page. I have limited freezer space and feel that the frozen foods would be the way for me to start and continue a controlled size appropriate diet. Does anyone offer three or four shipments monthly? If you get the Basic plan none of the foods are frozen, so that may be another option you could consider. Diet-to-Go has a weekly shipment option — we have a review about them here: Hope that helps — NS.

I have used your plan several years ago and did loose weight, but have gained some back. I am 81 yrs old and on a fixed income now. Having to buy extra food is not feasible me. Any suggestions how I can use your plan without extra purchases? Notify me of new posts by email. Leave this field empty. Happy to help Tod…Thanks for reading! I adore this site — its so usefull and helpful! Thanks, glad you find it helpful! Great, detailed price breakdown. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Mario. Happy to hear you found our information useful! I like it when individuals get together and share opinions. Please write us at consumerexperience nutrisystem. We hope that you have a great rest of your weekend and thank you again for leaving your review. Your "terms and conditions" are a mile long when you apply online.

And in addition to this predatory practice of yours, when I called in to cancel the man I spoke to on the phone was very condescending. Which is another predatory practice of marking up your price so that you can advertise that you are offering it for sale.

I wanted to cancel, not be upsold. I had no idea when I signed up it was going to be like dealing with a time share company who was constantly trying to sell sell sell. Your rep and I eventually got into a bit of a shouting match until I demanded that he just cancel and charge me the frickin fee and be done with it already because I did not want to continue the conversation any further.

The practices of your company show that you care only about making money and nothing for retaining customers. You can be sure that I will never be a returning customer and I will spread the word of my experience. I also ended up with a customer service rep who told me if when I tried to cancel. I asked for his manager and it got worse so I hung up. He actually called me back to continue to harass me because I wanted to cancellation. Nutrisystem is possibly the worst company I have ever done business with.

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