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Archerian talk contribs Hey Vonage folk - is there a documented limit to the "Unlimited" plans? For more information please click on the link for the Vonage Phone Adapter. Never miss a great Vonage coupon and get our best coupons every week! Skype video and voice calls, instant messaging and cheap international calls. She signed up and is now a customer. I have no complaints thus far. David April 12,


Additionally, customers can transfer an existing number to Vonage, which can take up to 7 to 10 business days from the time the customer completes the Number Transfer Authorization NTA. Vonage offered service on a VoIP platform for the first time in Customers are responsible for maintaining their location information at all times. If a customer dials before the verification is completed, the call will usually be routed to a national call center where basic information must be given name, location, nature of emergency, etc.

Although VoIP was initially optimized for voice, some fax equipment can be operated over VoIP, [73] [74] [75] but compatibility of monitored alarm systems and other devices is less certain.

Edit this page Read in another language Vonage. Business services Edit Vonage offers two unified communications platforms for businesses that integrate communications services, such as video conferencing, voicemail transcription, and desktop sharing, using voice as a platform.

Telephone number availability Edit Subscribers may choose a number in the country of the service they subscribe to for their primary line, in an area code of their choice. List of VOIP companies.

Jeff Pulver's world full of voices". Vonage via SEC Edgar. Archived from the original on Vonage CEO's past woes won't block Vonage going public". Jeffrey Citron's last venture got him banished from trading stocks. Now he's getting aggressive in a hot new industry-routing phone calls over the Internet". David April 12, Reports Second Quarter Results". March 7, " Dumbest Moments in Business Lose all your money at the low, low rate of 2 cents per minute".

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Retrieved November 26, Retrieved from " https: I am very happy with Vonage. However, I would like to have the flexibility to block or more numbers. I am getting too many robocalls. If I had that, I wouldn't ask for anything else at this point. We truly appreciate and value your opinion. I am very satisfied with the service. I enjoy using Vonage all the time. My family also enjoys the system. I highly recommend this service to every body worldwide. It is a very good and prompt way to communicate with friends and family.

Thank you so much for your positive feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to review Vonage. We appreciate the time you spent to share your feedback! Called customer service for help to set up cell phone talked to 3 different people had a hard time understanding first operator English.

Asked 3rd person if I can speak to a supervisor he said supervisor is busy their are having party. I have been pleased with my service and the cost and have recommended Vonage for telephone use.

Customer service have been polite, knowledgeable, patient and timely in their response to my concerns. I will continue to recommend your service. Keep up the good work. We appreciate and value your opinion very much. I've had Vonage for over a year now, and the service has been great. I've had to call customer service only a few times and both agents were very helpful when I called.

The only thing they could've done better, was send me an email when my rate was going to change, but once speaking to the rep they have me an account credit and changed my rate plan. We also appreciate your feedback regarding our notification emails, we will definitely take it in to consideration to help make our customer experience even better! I always received great customer services from reps.

They seem to know their stuff. I am very happy with my service, I even order additional lines. They explain to me in details the process. When I order another line, they told me the cost, when I getting bill plus when I should receive packaged. We genuinely appreciate and value your opinion. Read the small print. We had phone service with Vonage for eight years and we're on the annual prepayment plan.

Each year the costs increased, not much, just enough to annoy. On August 22nd, we received a credit from Vonage for 40 cents. I called two weeks ago to take the voice message out as I was not receiving any calls. My phone was half dead. I could call out, but my phone would not ring. I did not set-up a voice message box. I had no password, or know anything about it. Then they raised the price of phone rates. Since I could not receive important phone calls.

I got me a new phone provider. They installed a new line, and same phone number. Vonage would not release my telephone number even after I cancel Vonage. Why are you punishing me? Do I have to file a Govt. My phone is dead. Yes I cancel you on my credit card. As a Vonage customer, they send me emails all the time asking for referrals in order to get new customers.

I referred my sister. She signed up and is now a customer. I will never refer Vonage again. They are a joke and very dishonest in how they treat customers. Vonage reached out to me recently and provided the refund I requested. Definitely be prepared for bad connections and dropped calls!

When it worked it was great, when it didn't work it was a pain in the butt. I called recently to cancel and they wouldn't even provide a refund for the full month of service that I paid for. I am definitely not a satisfied customer! I have Vonage for a year now and I have been using their phone and fax. It used to be ok.

Not perfect, but tolerable, same as everything else. In the past months, I have been having problem with the fax, I haven't been receiving my faxes and the recipient is not receiving my faxes or is terribly delayed. I finally got fed up because I'm losing business because of it, so I called the tech support.

The person tried to help by reconfiguring my Gmail setting, which obviously didn't work. He said he would escalate my case. I received a call today, accdg to this person, he was told and instructed that the Gmail is at fault, and that I should deal with Gmail.

It's the faxing out and receiving that is the problem. They WON'T even give refund or anything with the business I lost, with the time wasted dealing with them, and for the service I am paying for, but is not working!!! They will try to get away with anything and blame others for their mistake and problem!!! I took Vonage connection to call India.

The signal quality was not that great while I was driving. Hence went ahead and cancelled the connection within 19 days of time. While I was taking connection I asked again. Checked with Customer care representative in chat if India calling feature is enabled in my plan and yes is the answer and also I will get a full refund if I cancel the connection within 30 days.

But when I cancelled in 19 days, I had surprise. Even after telling them that, the main reason for my connection was to call India and not North America; and also I had it confirmed with Vonage customer representative before and after subscribing for the plan, they were not ready to listen. And account department's rep was adamant that I did not have India calling enabled and nothing that they can do!!

Really disappointed with this loot that Vonage did to me. Very courteous and friendly staff. When I call the staff is willing to help me. They are patient and never in a hurry. They make me feel important. The call quality is very clear. The price is reasonable. The calls to India is free. Great service every time and I am happy for it. Also, Vonage employees are very nice and kindly. As a result, I did not need to call you because of your valuable phone service.

I know you will continue giving us your best. Good service, I have been a customer many years and will keep. Sometimes the service is interrupted and cuts the calls.

I will have to be calling again the same person. I call a lot to different countries. Has been a customer for more than 6 years but still have to struggle and haggle around with getting the best price deal for long term.

That's really frustrating and annoying. I am looking for other options than Vonage. I will switch to other VOIP phone service provider very soon. I want a hassle free good priced deal for long term where I do not have call every 6 months and get the best deal. Quality of service is excellent, however pricing has increased to the point where I am currently looking for a new provider.

Back in December I requested an account I had, which had never been used, to be closed. They convinced me to "Put it on Hold". I was not told that 6 months later they would automatically re-activate it and set me at their highest rate. This is as unscrupulous as it gets. I am moving this month and I called to cancel my service.

My "contract " is not over until the end of the month. I never knew anything about. Can they get away with this kind of service?

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