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Your health care is about to be nationalized. Narrow headbands can be added to a hair-do where the hair is put up, whether in a ponytail or twist. How dare they risk her life by denying her chemo! I purchased 3 of these Cool Mist Humidifiers this past spring. I have a website of my own and I focus it on the topic of home alarm systems and my passion for home security. Two Cents, February 6, Both sets of parents were disgusted by their sons.

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Hooking up the system had no issues other then the difficulty of running the camera wires through my attic. But that has nothing to do with the actual system. I have played with some of the settings and I can definitely say there are plenty of options but you will need to experiment with it to figure things out.

The recording works very well, the motion sensitive works very well but is very sensitive. The night vision is where this camera system really shines in my opinion. It is pitch black and I can see clearly at least 20ft away which is just about the length of my driveway and walkway to my front door. The only issue I have had with this system is that the AC adapter power cord is faulty and makes a fairly loud screeching noise in sync with the hard drive in the DVR.

It is loud enough that after 5 minutes of having it plugged in I used a different AC adapter. Unfortunately the only other one I had that worked does not output enough juice to power the hard drive and the DVR. I am going to call tech support and request a new one. You will not be able to view your cameras once you leave your home network. Jeff, December 27, Excellent security system at a fantastic price.

My wife and I bought this security system after we had some issues in our neighborhood with car vandalism. The system has been great. We have excellent quality of vision and are able to monitor our cars around the clock. The night vision is great and, thanks to the DVR, we don't have to stay up all night watching and waiting. We can run the video back to see if anything interesting happened.

We can watch our babysitters and kids when we are out on a date. So far we haven't had any luck in catching the person s responsible for the vandalism.

My wife and I think they may have seen the cameras and that was enough of a deterrent. CardsFan, February 8, DVR video card died. Black screen on all channels. See other reviews from other customers to read the same results. Grainy night vision makes this a poor choice for a security system.

Don't waste your time. JOG, December 15, DO NOT buy this system or any other from night owl. Ordered online in March One camera went out in July. Customer service was a joke. About an hour of back and forth , disconnecting and connectig cables and wires, up and down ladders, asking for model numbers that do not exist, it was a game to them.

I have never gotten a replacement camera. Casey, August 18, Easy to set up Doesn't last. I purchased this camera system while it was on sale about 2 years about and it was great up until about the year mark all four cameras are blurry and would not be able to tell who anyone was in case there be an incident. I have tried checking all the wires, the system auto-reboots every morning, and cleaned all surfaces: Unfortunately, you can become leptin resistant 2.

No drop in appetite. So it makes you even hungrier. Leptin resistance is similar to insulin resistance and they also share common signalling pathways. Interestingly, both types of resistance seem to occur together in obese people, though obese men who tend to have more internal belly fat visceral fat have higher insulin levels, and women who tend to have more fat under their skin have higher leptin levels 2. There are a few possible explanations for how leptin resistance actually works.

Regardless of the actual mechanics, the important point here is that past a certain level, having more body fat can screw up your appetite signals and actually make you hungrier. Ghrelin was discovered 7 years after leptin, but after the leptin letdown, there was much less fanfare. Both hormones, as I mentioned, regulate appetite and hunger, and both of them regulate homeostasis — in this case, keeping you adequately fed.

When you try to lose fat, your body will probably respond by changing hormone levels so that you get hungrier. Can leptin and ghrelin levels provide some explanation for the ups and downs that dieters experience? And could this relationship be more complicated than we expect?

The title kind of gives the punch line away. Weight regain after a diet-induced loss is predicted by higher baseline leptin and lower ghrelin plasma levels. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. Epub Aug Researchers put over obese and overweight men and women with an average BMI over There was no change in physical activity, just less food. Researchers measured body weight, body fat and waist girths. They also took blood samples.

Measures were taken before dieting week 0 , right after the dieting week 8 , and 6 months later 32 weeks. They lost an average of 1. This may seem self-evident and not that interesting… until you look at their blood samples. Somehow losing weight is correlated to drops in leptin and insulin.

Figure 1 below compares the differences between the two groups. Six month after the diet ended, this split continued.

About half the group lost more weight; half the group re-gained the weight they lost. Blood levels of leptin and ghrelin were correlated to weight loss or regain — and this effect often depended on sex. Figure 2 shows the changes in hormone levels between weight maintainers WM and weight regainers WR at the start of the diet 0 weeks , end of the diet 8 weeks , and 6 months later 32 weeks.

WRs are indicated by the red lines; WMs are the black lines with circles. The biggest hurdle dieters face is weight regain — and dealing with it is a daunting prospect. Appetite is controlled by a host of complex, interacting factors. This study suggests that the hormonal mechanisms may be different for men and women — and among men and women. However, there were also important differences within groups as well. Some men lost weight while others regained it.

Some women lost weight while others regained it. Not so in this study. This suggests that in obese people, leptin and ghrelin signals may not always work in ways that we expect. Obesity can disrupt normal appetite signalling.

Metabolic endocrinology appears to be only slightly more complicated than a nuclear reactor and brain surgery combined. No single hormone controls body composition, appetite, and hunger — and your individual hormonal profile may be relatively unique. They were probably hungrier while losing that weight. A few things that likely are contributing to weight regain are that this was a diet. Reduce calories for 8 weeks, lose the weight, then hope things work out for you.

Obviously since it worked for some people, this method has some merit.

Hormonal control of appetite and body fat