What is the 18 Shake Diet?

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What is 18 Shake?

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My Name is Earl: Midnight Sun - Body Count - Earthquake In New York - Fatal Affair - Wild West Coast Part 1 - Wild West Coast 1. Wild West Coast Part 2 - Wild West Coast 2. Wild West Coast 3. The New Maddie 1. The New Maddie 2. Dancing With the Stars - New Season, New Rules - Abby vs Melissa - Mini Dancers, Big Drama - Now You See Abby - Abby's Replaceable - Abby's New Favorites - Debbie Allen to Rescue - Maddie Is Back - Nia Saves the Day - Abby Lee Horror Story - The Maddie Rumor - Brynn's Big Moment - I finally decided to try the drink.

As long as I can stand the taste. I tried it and it was SO bad. So bitter and unpleasant tasting I had to force it down. I bought the sampler pack of shakeology, because like most people I too was skeptical.

Having lost over lbs using beachbody products I know for a fact and without a doubt in my mind this stuff works!!! If you want to be some of the thousands that have changed their lifes.

Shakeology is a great place to start. Get yours at http: Are you sure it was Shakeology. I have tried 3 of there flavors and liked 2 out the 3. I didnt care much for the Chocolate and nevr tried the greenberry but the Vanilla and Strawberry was very good. Now you have to remember this is a health shake not an ice cream shake.

If not well it is really bad. I guess I never tried with just water. But if you add milk or almond milk it tastes really good. Add a few ice cubes and use a blender. I have tried many of these other shakes or meal replacement shakes and they are not even close to when it comes to results. I see a lot of folks commenting on the gritty nature of shakeology. I have been drinking Shakeology for over 2 years now and love all flavors with one recipe.

The one thing I will say is this. If it is not blended properly then yes it will be just like many of the other shakes out there with the gritty texture. My large normal blender does a crappy job at blending this stuff up with just water and Ice, however my 20 target travel blender does an amazing job and takes care of any grittiness or anything.

We find that adding a few fruits or even vegetables make most shakes taste even better and make them more filling. Glad Shakeology is working out for you! I got regular chocolate and used almond milk, banana, and peanut butter. It had to plug my nose to drink it! I was given the chocolate Shakeology to try, and it was the worst tasting thing I let in my mouth in recent memory.

My whey protein shake is like a gourmet dessert compared to this. Is there another shake you found that you like more? I added 1 cup of almond milk, greek yogurt, and frozen cherries to the blender. It was so awful that I had to pour it down the drain. It was gritty and chemical tasty. Unfortunately this company has some of the worst customer service.

Also if you order one time shipment the will put you down as auto ship and it is hard to cancel. I received my product first part of May and noticed they put me on auto ship and I called and had it canceled but still come June they charged me and shipped more out to me. I was given the chocolate by a beachbody coach. I just put it in my shaker bottle and drink it down. I like the taste. My only complaint is the price. Cheaper than medicine and surgery,though.

They have our credit card information and is shipping the product to someone else and they will not let us know who. They put you on hold for large amounts of time and will not help. I will be letting everyone know! I have many people that are coaches for this organization and I am so disappointed!

I only recently started drinking shakeology in conjunction with the 21 day fix. The program takes a holistic approach with exercise- being the main focus, healthy eating and the optional shake. The eating plan is full of whole foods with a focus on vegetables and pelted with some carbs and a little healthy fats- quite balanced if you ask me. It just fills a space when you are eating 6 small meals a day.

If you drink an indulgent feeling chocolate shake instead of eating crap for breakfast or snack or possibly lunch- then you will have great benefits. It counts as 1 protein when you are designated 4 per day. Your gut flora is getting used to the new bacteria and it can take a while if you have had a terrible diet.

I like the shake and I am starting to get results. Vanilla tastes good- I make it with homemade almond milk and it definitely does curb cravings and give me energy so far. It keeps me fuller than a proper serving of Greek yogurt and fruit or 2 hard boiled eggs, Etc. We will see how I like it after time, but I think the point of the whole thing is working out and eating healthy, not a miracle shake that you drink and magically lose weight.

It may be expensive but so is Starbucks and a gym membership. If you buy it with the challenge pack then its a better deal and you get a coach to help encourage you. You can still do the workout and eating plan without the shake. I like getting the 70 superfoods and vitamins in my body.

This is a great product, taste is fantastic as long as it is mixed properly. I have tried , and now Shakeology. I love Shakeology shakes. I mix it with unsweetened Almond milk and ice to make a frothy shake. The chocolate, and the latte, and strawberry are my favorites. The cost is a bit much. I find they really do suppress my appeitie. My sis gave me some when I ran out of my regular brand. Taste was fine, ingredients were decent, though it had lower protien and WAY more sugar than other brands.

The bigfest setback was price. It is absurd that I can get the same, if not better, quality and quantity shake for a third of the price. Total waste of time and money.

There is plenty of great meal replacements that are soooo much cheaper and better tasting then this crap. I prefer the 2 vegan flavors though. They should even have their own page as they are not the same as the regular flavors. The flavor is terrible.

My optimum nutrition shake only has 1 gram of sugar and 24 grams of protein for the same serving size. Not impressed with this product! I ordered the chocolate shakeology and signed up as a coach to receive it at the discounted price. I am a chocolate lover but this shake was way to rich. I went about returning it and there was nothing simple and easy about it. I had to pay the shipping to return it, then after two weeks I never received the refund.

I called to check what was going on and was told that they received the package some time ago but the return still needed to be processed and the agent would do it at that moment. Said it would take business days to receive the refund. I confirmed with him that everything was cancelled on my account. Tells me it will take business days for money to be returned. I type my info and it says that my email cannot be found in the database. He confirms my email with me.

Then he gets tech on the phone. He confirms my email with me then tells me he will email me over the cancellation form. I have friends who drink it and love it. I cant believe it! Taste is an individual thing, that should not be part of the rating atleast in my opinion. Anyways my recommendation on flavor 1st choice.. What have I experienced while on Shakeology.. I only like the strawberry and I have to add a banana and milk to make it ok.

I do split one in two portions and substitute breakfast and lunch. I do not feel hungry and I am not a snack person so the shakes must have a lot of stuff on it. Love the info on your site. I have stage IV cancer was looking for meal replacement shakes to have when I am too sick to eat. I cannot tolerate artificial sugars, including Stevia and do not need thing such as appetite suppressants added. Any suggestions on products that may suit my needs? Our diet group became very creative using flavorings to create Piña Coladas, chocolate mint and many other variations to keep meal time interesting!

The shake does also contain stevia though. The taste is awful. I am on day 3 and can hardly choke this stuff down, seriously?? I am even using a nutri-bullet to blend them, with ice. How do we protect visitor information? We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information. Your personal information is contained behind secured networks and is only accessible by a limited number of persons who have special access rights to such systems, and are required to keep the information confidential.

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