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How Is Nutrisystem Food Not Frozen?

Who Has the Best Healthy (Low Calorie) Frozen Pizza in 2017?
Whatever Lean Cuisine's secret it is, they totally nailed it with this one. I found this to be delicious! I eat this at least twice a week it's so delicious. Well, most reviewers were huge fans, but a select few were a little wary of the nutritional label. Tell us if something is incorrect. All pizzas in the study had less than calories per six ounce serving. Lean Cuisine has the greatest variety of low-calorie frozen pizza flavors by far.

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Only SOME of the nutrisystem pizzas need to be frozen. For example, as of this writing, the margherita, the chicken, the bacon ranch, and the italian sausage and turkey pizza varieties are the only ones that require a freezer. The flatbread and thick crust pizza do not require a freezer.

You get a crust, a packet of sauce, and some cheese. You use this as a base and you can add veggies or other toppings as you like. Then you bake or microwave the pizza in the same as you would the frozen item.

In terms of taste, all of the pizza items are ranked pretty decently. But the non frozen items seem to be a bit more popular. This could be because of the cost but also, people note that they like the crust of the non frozen pizza. So even if you are getting a package that includes some frozen pizzas, you may want to give the non frozen type a try, as they too are quite popular.

And you do have some flexibility with the uniquely yours or frozen foods plan. You do not have to get all frozen meals, although you certainly are unlimited.

Some of the nutrisystem foods are in fact frozen. And those are the foods on the slightly more expensive select line. These are foods like the french toast, the melts, the paninis, the glazed turkey, and the ice cream sundae, to name only a few. However, the basic and core plans do not include frozen foods. How is this possible? The same is true of the nutrisystem foods. I think the boxes are supposed to make the food easier to stack and store. But you can store them in your pantry without having to worry about keeping them cool.

Now, if you were to heat up the food and have some leftovers, then at that point, the leftovers or remaining portion would need to be refrigerated just like any other type of leftovers. But to answer the question posed, the nutrisystem food is soft canned, which keeps it from spoiling.

Is The Nutrisystem Pizza Frozen?