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For more details visit http: I am so confused in choosing the best food for my cats. They other is 13 and very over weight. I was told to feed my multiple cats Blue, cat food. From what I can tell, it includes on Taurine from the 11 essential amino-acids. The problem is that they eat a lot more than the recommended portion. If you are hesitating, I suggest you to try Petcurean I feed my cat that one and see how they do with it.

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Nikki has a unique background in medicine. She was a dental hygienist and trained in nursing school in Iran. She moved to the United States in She was trained in dialysis as a patient care and equipment technician at the Diagnostic Clinic of Houston, with certification from Seratronics for the successful completion of the DRS4 Dialyzer Reprocessing System in Advanced Course.

Nikki considers prevention the best cure to the disease process. She focuses on helping and educating her patients as how to take better care of themselves. I graduated with a Biology degree from Concordia University with an emphasis in Medicine. The goal was to obtain data for pharmaceutical companies to see how effective, efficient and safe these products were before being approved to the public.

As I continued working as a research coordinator I was experiencing my own aliments from being a competitive athlete. After herniating a disc in my back in , I was adamant about feeling better.

I followed the strict guidance of my primary care provider by completing cortisone shots, physical therapy, and taking pharmaceuticals.

Through this process I realized that nothing was helping me control the discomfort long term, but instead just masking the pain.

I knew being in chronic pain was not a healthy way of life and I was determined to eliminate the symptoms rather than hide them. I kept hearing about all the wonderful affects acupuncture can bring to people in pain, so I thought I would give it a try. I mean, could this Voo-doo medicine really work? After my first round of treatments my sciatic pain decreased significantly and my pain was reduced to mild-intermittent.

I was feeling the best I had felt in years. My curiosity of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM was my focus and I had discovered a new passion that was less invasive than the western paradigm of pharmaceuticals and surgical intervention. I soon applied to the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. With the combination of both Western and Eastern medicine knowledge, it allows me to use a multiple angle approach to healing and recovery. I address all conditions and diseases with a keen interest in internal medicine.

I utilize acupuncture, herbal medicine and a wide array of additional auxiliary healing modalities- shiatsu, cupping, guasha, moxibustion, and electro-stimulation to effectively address the primary cause of the condition. Are you suffering from an acute or chronic health issue, or have an interest in optimizing your health? Kleckler provides therapies which are individualized and focused on improving your health concerns as well as your overall health.

Through integration of an in-depth health intake, physical exam, comprehensive laboratory testing, and intake of your experiences and goals, Dr. Also I would really like to read your views on cat wet food and on raw food as well. Thanks for your comment! Would you suggest Chicken Soup for the Soul for my two felines?

They are strictly indoor cats, only eat dry and eat from a self-dispenser. They are also big kitties, weighting pounds each not from overweight but they are big boned: Another a little more expensive formula but one of my favorites is Petcurean Go!. Additionally, I would suggest you to get a cat grass if your cats develop hairballs. It is proven that healthy fresh grass is not harmful for cats.

Can an 11yo slightly overweight inactive cat eat the same food as an active underweight 6yo by adjusting feeding amts? New 6yo does not like wellness core 11yo has been on. It would be very nice to have them on same foods. Do you want to feed them both canned food? I have not done reviews of canned food yet, but I know Addiction and Avoderm are good brands.

They each get half a can of wellness core canned per day. The 6yo had several teeth removed before I got him and our vet says dry food should help…reasorbtion? Vets usually recommend dry food for cats because it gives them a good natural teeth cleaning as they need to chew on kibbles and this creates a brushing effect.

If your cat has teeth removed and only eating wet food, it may be subject to gum infections. I am not sure of other reason other than this. Do you think both cats can be on the same dry food? Looking at chicken soup for the cat…. The cat with no activity needs to eat less fat and carbohydrates and of course, less amount of food. The active cat; the opposite. They may need different foods to accomplish their different dietary needs. Of course, you will need to give less food to the overweight cat.

You may want to take a look to one of these to feed your overweight cat. You can see a list of reviews of these toy feeders on this website. Hello, I have been reading your reviews and I have gotten a lot of great information. I just have one more question. I have always fed all my cats Purina Cat Chow Indoor. My male cat has not had any problems except an occasional hairball.

I know with my male he has not had any crystal problems and I would hate to change his food and have him start. Also I do free feed them, but I am aware I need to change that asap. They are both indoor cats, very energetic though. I notice the male does drink a lot of water where as my female does not.

I would love to help her throwing up problem without causing more problems for her or even him. What do you think would be best? Hello Michelle, my first concern is that your 10yr old female cat may be developing some digestive issues?

I am sorry I could not help you more Michelle. Can you please chime in with your ideas on this diet? Hello Val, since they are kittens they need healthy diets from the beginning because they may be eating this food until they are adults. For dry food, try Petcurean and see how they do with it. Remember to keep water bowls with clean and fresh water at all times or get an automatic cat water fountain.

Hello Melanie, I am really sorry for the delay in this response. Regarding your question, I know there is a huge problem of finding good quality cat food in other countries. Then you have rice white and brown rice, those are grains that are not healthy for cats at all. It could be OK with one grain such as brown rice in the 5 main ingredients but this formula has 3 carbs of 5 ingredients. Alfalfa is a good source of fiber and chlorophyll for cats and it helps to their digestion.

Since you did not detail the ingredients of the other cat food RC, I could not analyze it. I hope I could help and sorry again for the delay. I would now like to switch to an adult dry but ordering high quality dry online is too expensive.

The canned imported is expensive enough but I would like to feed her a mix of wet and dry. I just adopted my first cat and I am quite nervous. It is like having my first baby lol. The ingredients are as follows: Thank you in advance! Also, Dried Egg Product means the ingredient includes shells.

Try with Petcurean or Innova Natures Table. Make sure your cat has plenty of exercise. Also, provide your pet plenty of clean and fresh water at all times, you can buy an automatic water fountain for this. Lorena, Thanks for your excellent reviews on dry cat food. I had 5 rescue kittens that I weaned from their feral mama around 4 weeks of age. I started feeding them frisks pate which was recommended by a local rescue organization to help trap them. Once they were seen by a vet, they were all diagnosed with ring worm and put on a diet of hills ideal balance dry food supplemented with vita flora powder packets for 3 months.

The two I have kept have been on that type of a diet since then. They get fairly moistened kibbles in the AM and PM and about a quarter cup of water with just about 10 kibbles in the afternoon or more when it is hot.

I have recently purchased wellness complete health food and wondered if I could just continue this regime with it. Nowhere do I ever see anyone suggest wetting the kibbles but always recommend giving plenty of water or adding wet food throughout the week. I was just wondering why that has never been an option. Do you think there is any issue with doing this? Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Hello Fran, I am sorry for the delay. Regarding your question, canned cat food has approx. Since dry foods contain approx.

Maybe it would be too much water for the cat to eat the kibbles. I am feeding performatrin Ultra. Can you take a look at ingredients and let me know what you think. Its a Canadian brand. Very anxious for your wet food reviews! I have really learned a lot from reading your dry food reviews.

My comment somehow keeps on getting lost in the mail after awaiting moderation for a week. Third time the charm, hopefully: Thank you so much for this wonderful list! It is so very helpful. I have a year old 7lbs neuter Siamese that I allowed to eat way too much as a kitten. I tried to switch him to RC neuter cans in the morning but he got really sick, so I had to go back to the kitten cans for now. But I do know that he needs to muscle up a little. I try to play with him at least an hour a day and make him run and jump around, but it really needs to start with his food.

I want to keep him on both wet and dry food. I really liked the Orijen Cat Food, but you said to only give it to very active cats. My cat only likes the loaf types of wet food, not the slices in gravy type. I wish there was a comparable study as the one you did on dry foods. Hi Atheen, I am sorry about your post getting lost.

Regarding your cat if you want to make him lose weight your cat has to eat foods with no very much content in carbs or fats. The second recipe has carbs in 3 of 5 first ingredients. I suggest you to try with Petcurean and see how your cat does with it. Dear Lorena, My cat rejects all kind of dry food and wants to eat only wet food.

He likes Royal Canin gravy wet cat food and asks pouched per day. My mistake was to introduce him wet food last year and now he is like an addict. Some people say it is not good for him to eat only ready made wet food. This is for increasing the protein level in its meals. Thank you very much for your fast reply. I will definitely try Orijen with wet food. However in Turkey there are not much wet food brands.

Which brand would be better among them do you think? My cat is 10 years old, spayed, male home cat. He had been a stray cat until 2 years old when his one foreleg had to be amputated. But he is very health and energetic.

He also like grilled or boiled beef and chicken meat. But I think eating only cooked meat would not be nutritious enough for his health? He likes wet food grainy and juicy. Thank you your valuable advise in advance. I suggest getting the food for your cat through internet, and now knowing better about your cat I suggest you to try Petcurean instead. Only meat is not enough to keep your cat healthy, they need Omega-3, minerals, vitamins, etc.

Keep feeding your cat with grainy and juicy wet food and add Petcurean soaked. Dear Lorena, It has not been possible to buy Petcurean as no internet company sends it to Turkey. I bought Orijen and later Acana. He still hates every kind of dry food. Eats them only when he gets really hungry.

I give him one pouch wet food every day to make him a bit happy. My cat also eats his litter a bit sometimes. It is organic made from corn cop but still I am worried as litter may contains E. Hi Ela, feed your cat Orijen or Acana Grassland and wet food in a mixed diet every day, BUT not very much food, only the necessary according to its weight and activity. As an idea, an average active 8-pound cat requires to consume about calories per day. The dosis for active indoor cats is about 30 calories per pound your cat weighs.

Hope hat helps Ela! Thank you for the amazing research and reviews! Natura petfoods was purchased by Proctor and Gamble a few years back and was just sold on to Mars. They will be discontinuing most of the products. Natura makes EVO, Innova and california naturals.

Something to keep an eye on. If I see any change I will remove it from the list. Could you do a review? My diabetic cat has stopped eating his wet food. He will eat this. I can send you the full list of that helps. Hi Lorena, thank you so much for the very helpful information, it made me decide to switch to another dry food. Now I would like to know, what wet food would you recommend? It has good source of protein in chicken and turkey, good source of fiber in green peas, it does not have starch like other formulas, it has good aminoacids such as Lysine, taurine and Methionine.

It does not have by-product meats either. I bought Wellness Core Grain Free Indoor Formula today for my cat per your recommendations above but it looks like they changed the recipe.

The first five are deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, peas, potatoes. There is a link on the end of the review where you can get the exact recipe I am refering to. The other formula is good too, it includes potatoes and peas as carbs and peas are very good source of protein and fiber, potatoes are not that great but they are on the last ingredients of the 5 first so it is a good formula in average.

I was just on a website where a lot of people discussed cats getting crystals from Wellness Core. My boy means the world to me. Hello Luann, Arcana is a good cat food too, but the real problem is when people feed their cats dry food without adding wet food on the diet. I have mentioned this factors in my review as a very important point.

Personally I suggest you to try Petcurean with your boy. What do you do besides helping us? LOL My boy is 10 years old, neutered and indoor only. He does like water so that helps alleviate the stress for me. Are eggs a real benefit to cats? It looks like Acana is better for more active cats, which Jess is not.

Hello, thank you for your reviews! I have an approximately 5 year old neutered male indoor cat. I had switched him to Young Again Zero Carb formula but he has been having some soft stool issues.

I am concerned because they list guar gum as the 5th ingredient, and wonder if this might be causing the trouble. What quality dry food would you recommend for him? Any suggestions would be helpful. Based on your comment to Luann I am considering trying Petcurean. Hello SC, Petcurean is a good cat food, you can see how your cat does with it. Remember to mix wet food on his diet and give your pet plenty of water.

Also, I recommend you to get a cat toy dispenser to make him work for his food. Regarding guar gum, this is a cheap filler that does not provide any nutritive value.

I was reading up on cat food, googled around and landed here and as I got to the bottom of reading your informative web page — I saw my photo! I am very happy to know the story behind this cute picture. Thanks for sharing it and I hope my information will be useful for you. Hi Lorena, my kitties love Friskies treats and Whiskas temptation treats.

One of my outside kitties ran away from home for 4 nights. He came back very sick with as the vet said, he had a partial blockage and had some kidney damage. He stayed at the vet for more than two weeks flushing out his system that actually reversed his kidney damage. Then I was told by a friend that dry cat food is not good at all and to keep feeding him wet fancy feast.

My vet also said to not give dry food and feed wet only, so I tried it for a bit to all my kitties. They were very upset and gave me these looks because they wanted their dry treats and food. I caved in and is giving them the dry food and treats again. She seems to like it. Would like your input on this, if you can. Hi Jodi, high quality dry foods containing essential aminoacids are good for cats, BUT always making sure in feeding them the right intake.

Overfeeding cats, not mixing dry food with wet food in diets, lack of water, indoor life without proper exercises are the most common issues that make cats get ill. Hope I could help. I have a Persian cat that has great difficulty eating the round dry kibble. Most dry cat foods are the small round kibble.

Which of the good quality dry cat foods have large kibble? This cat food will give a lot of fuel to your cat it has pea protein and chicken fat so mix it with wet canned food and make sure your cat does a lot of playing every day.

Drinking water is essential in any cat diet. Unfortunately, all the cat food listed here seem to have round or small kibble. Two year old spayed indoor-only female here…. Developed a sustained multiple hacking cough last week; never had hairballs; and X-rays show lungs clear.

Hoping to see your review on Nutrish. The ingredient list has items that seem bizarre to me e. Anything that would cause possible allergic reactions? Hi Lorena — Thank you so much for your comprehensive review of cat foods and your diligence and hard work in responding to us cat owners!

The guaranteed analyses given by wellnesspetfood. Would it be better to keep feeding my kitten the Kitten formula, or is there something in the Original formula that makes it better for kittens?

Is there anything unhealthy in the Kitten formula that would make you suggest I switch it to the Original formula even though my little one is still a kitten? I simply figured I should be feeding a kitten by its life stage since the Original formula seems geared more for adults. Thank you so much ahead of time for your time, efforts, and help! Any and all information you can provide me would be very much appreciated!

Hello Y, there is nothing wrong with the Kitten formula. The formula for kittens is based in young kittens and this formula adds DHA because the fish contained has been cooked, dried and pulverized so it loses most of the natural DHA contained in the oil, which is an Omega-3 fatty acid that helps to develop brain, cerebral cortex, retina, skin, testicles.

Make sure to feed your kitten wet food as well containing more chicken proteins and provide your pet plenty of fresh and clean water at all times. I just took a cat from a animals foster. What food is the best for him? I have no idea, this is the first cat for me. I just want him to be happy, healthy and full of energy. If you want your cat to be healthy and happy follow my advice in this post from points 1 to 6. Regarding dry food, if your cat is over one year old I suggest you to try Petcurean or Orijen.

Try with one of these cat foods and tell me how your cat did with it. You can get a water fountain to encourage it to drink more and get some toy treat dispensers to make him work for his food. Those are good starting points. Hi everyone, I have two awesome cats, one is about lbs and female and my male is about lbs however my male has issues with loose bowels on BB and took him off that and now on Royal Canin but also bought a bag of Orijen my female is very picky, my concern about the Orjen is the high calories since both my cats are strictly indoors…and concerned that Royal Canin has too much grain….

So you must make your cats exercise a lot when feeding them dry food. Second, a lot of water intake is essential, especially with high concentrated in proteins cat foods. And finally wet food is crucial in the cat diet either mixed with dry food of fed apart. I usually recommend Petcurean or Orijen in less amount than wet food, and since Ziwipeak Canned Cat Food eliminated Carrageean, I recommend you that wet food. Hi Lorena, I have a 13yr old male tabby mix who I raised from a kitten.

He was diagnosed at 1 yr with idiopathic epilepsy. I am heartbroken but the Vet seems optimistic that the meds are working. He is a very picky eater and does not have a very good appetite. There has been some weight loss in the last few weeks which the Vet says is normal with these diseases. He has also had bouts of constipation. I would like to start him on a premium cat food, both wet and dry. What is your recommendation? Please let me know which of the brands you recommend whould be helpful.

Just wanted you to know that you have a fabulous forum!! I feel so fortunate to have found you. Keep up the good work. I am sorry to know about your cat problems, poor little thing! I am a little nervous recommending you any dry or wet food because these recommendations are for healthy cats. I am going to mention two ideas for you, but please consult with your Vet first before starting any new diet with your kitty. My suggestion is to give your cat more wet food than dry food.

The dry food can be Orijen grain free or Petcurean. Wet food that is excellent for picky cats and that contains low level of starch and is grain free is Ziwipeak Canned Cat Food.

I have acquired a family of cats in recent years. Being that I have had to watch my money I have settled for buying Friskies or sometimes Purina products. After reading many reviews, I see no clear winner in any mid priced food being superior over another. Being a restaurant man, I realized that the best way to enhance their dry food was to do that myself by adding tuna, cooked chicken, or cooked lean ground beef.

I stopped buying and trusting any wet canned product. When I take a bag out of the freezer I share it with my cats. With whole chicken I debone that and make a chicken broth with carrots, onions, celery then I freeze the broth in suitable containers for me and my cats.

They are all doing very well, and the cost is reasonable. One thing I noticed in your recipe is that it contains onions, onions are toxic to cats and can cause kidney and liver damage.

Please omit the onions. I overlooked the onion part of the recipe, stop adding onion to the broth Mark! Yes Hannah, of course. Taurine is one essential amino acid and I have it on the list of the 11 essential amino acids that cats need to be healthy. First I want to say thank you so for all the information, amazing reviews!

Hi Eddie, I will check the ingredients of this formula and I will respond to you as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting my website! Thank you so much for your response.

Thank you so much for checking on the formula, I have been reading online and some people recommend to change the food often, the main reason to do this is to avoid the development of sensitivities to any particular food or protein type.

That way they wont eat the same all the time but I wanted to get your opinion before doing so. Thank you so much for your time, once again I really appreciate all the information you provide! Lots of useful information here, I know more about dry cat food than ever before. We had a number of cats a few years ago and they all thrived on a combination of Wellness dry food and Weruva wet food. They passed away at the ages of 20, 19 and 16 and we were cat free for a few years until we rescued a tough 14 year old female from a family member who was having health issues.

Which of these brands are flatter than Wellness? Duck is a good alternative protein source because it has less water weight so this means more proteins proportionally in the formula.

Try it and see how she does with this food. The kibble of this formula is irregular and flat. I have a new kitten 8 months and a Bengal 18 months. They are now on their second day on Fromm Game Bird.

But, after reading your reviews, I hesitate between Orijen, Petcurean and Fromm Hasen Duckenpfeffer and Game Bird and should I give them a full loaded bowl or giving them their portions seperatly morning and night? They are active, but mostly indoor cats. Price is not really an issue. All the foods listed on this list are better than most brands using bad stuff on the main 5 ingredients.

If you are hesitating, I suggest you to try Petcurean I feed my cat that one and see how they do with it. The problem is that they eat a lot more than the recommended portion. It seems to be a great dry food. I will also begin to give them wet food. Great reviews and also very useful advices! My cat is 1,5 years old and she just had been neutered almost one week ago. I will try to give her Orijen dry food, but would you please reccommend me some wet food too.

Or if you have any other suggestions for dry and wet food to feed her, I will appreciate! Hellen, a good canned food that is not too expensive is Wellness Healthy Indulgence. I feed my cat this food and she loves it.

Lorena, thanks for you answer. I will check the internet maybe I can order online. This cat had vicious diarrhea and very congested with thick mucus. After numerous blood tests, etc it was determined that she had celiac disease. I bought Pure Balance and saw her reaction. I then checked and it is NOT gluten free it contains barley! Hellen, I have 2 large orange tabbies.

One is 15 and a diabetic. They other is 13 and very over weight. The 13 year old was doing great on Evo, but it is no longer available. I am trying Fromm game bird he seems to like it but he is putting on more weight. They do get some wet food each night. And drink a lot of water. Can you give me some advice to try? So many of the foods today are so high in fat. Just wondering if you can do a review on Canidae Pure Meadow grain free. I heard that Candida is a good food.

I have tried Orijen and he unfortunately would not eat it. I have a cat that has been on Innova Natures Table Chicken formula, however all products have been discontinued so now I have to find something else. My cat has allergies to potatoe, tomatoes, yeast and there are very few foods that do not contain these items.

His diet mostly consists of canned food, however I like to leave a little dry food out for him. I think it depends on how much of the food is whole, as opposed to by-product.

So when a cat kills and eats a bird, for instance, it does usually consume a large amount of cartilage and bone. Hi — I have been feeding cat Iams for a couple years but wondering just how good it is. But just how good is Iams. Its first ingredient is chicken meal and its fifth is chicken fat. I choose this food primarily because the kibble size is large enough to crunch, and I feel this is good for her teeth.

Can you recommend some preferred foods that have large-sized kibble? I know what you mean Karen, I use Petcurean and the kibble are tiny and my Sophie does not chew on them enough to clean her teeth. I put very little of that kibble on her plate enough to clean her teeth and it works so far. She is already with a treatment for her eyes and ears I got her from a shelter so I did not want to add extra stress brushing her teeth.

The best site I have come across for learning about food for my cats. I was feeding my cats Taste of The Wild but, wanted to start them on something healthier. My local non-chain pet store sells Fromm so, I decided to try it. The cats LOVE it but, since I have switched them, their food and water intake has increased significantly. I gave them a measured amount every morning of TOTW and they would eat until full and walk away.

Now, I give them the same amount of Fromm and they inhale it until the bowls are empty sometimes throwing it up because they are too fast then act like they are starving by the time I feed them again at night.

I kind of thought they would eat less with a more protein rich food but, clearly I was wrong. If you have 6 cats with the vacuum cleaner syndrome I suggest you 2 approaches: As a complement to this, you can get a treat toy dispenser to teach your cats work for their food.

I have 3 cats 2 girls and 1 boy. Both are available where I live. Like I said money is not a problem in my case. They are all healthy, very active, drink A LOT of water. Acana Wild Prairie, like I said, the least expensive for me. Looking forward to your advise. I have not seen where you reviewed or perhaps were aware of Dr. We were feeding our dogs Blue Wilderness and had thought we were doing well until I did some additional research and found out about the recalls of so many of the major brands as your original article discussed paraphrased a sideline business.

After more research I found Dr. It was then we decided to switch to his cat food. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. The first 5 ingredients are: Brown rice is not great, I know. From what I can tell, it includes on Taurine from the 11 essential amino-acids. Is it a solid choice for my 2 indoor active, big and somewhat overweight cats? Thanks for providing all of this invaluable info. My head is spinning from days of looking for good quality pet food for my cat and her new medical situation.

Gouda, havarti, brie, camenbert, swiss, etc. Hi Christine, Thanks for spreading the word on healthy eating. Have you heard of the sweetener xylitol? If your familiar with Kat James and her work, she likes this for baking.

I made your banana muffins the other day the whole family loves them including my 2 year old and sugar obsessed husband.

However, I ran out of olive oil so I used ml olive oil, ml butter and ml of coconut oil. They taste delicious but I was just wondering if this is ok? Hi Christine I purchased your book today and cant wait to read it. I am already a user of good quality fats…have been for about years and am so much healthier for it… I have been either pregnant or feeding for most of the past 3.

Also what is your thoughts on Rice Malt Syrup as a sugar alternative…? Thanks for covering this topic. I, like the post above, am very interested in your thoughts on rice malt syrup also? I use it instead of raw honey when I cook. It is a glucose based sweetener, but not highly processed like dextrose. Brown rice syrup even better again, but hard to find.

I have both of your books and they are amazing!. I think I am taking more protein, than fat. I put on 2kg in the last 3months. Could you please suggest a day meal plan, for this amount of fat please? Your email address will not be published. Powered by eShop v. Contact Query about order Want to see Christine personally? The healthiest alternatives to sugar Posted on August 9, by Christine.

Stevia I sometimes see stevia listed with artificial sweeteners, but it is actually very natural. Raw Honey Honey is starting to get a bad rap now that everyone is more aware of the dangers of fructose. Agave Syrup The blue agave plant is a succulent, traditionally grown in Mexico, but also found the U.

The common sugar alcohols are: Artificial Sweeteners There is SO much evidence out there showing detrimental effects of artificial sweeteners, so I will just give you a brief synopsis. The Best Alternatives My favourites are stevia and small amounts of raw honey. This entry was posted in The Fat Revolution Blog.

October 19, at October 21, at Hi Angela If you eat sugar, then Rapadura sugar is definitely less damaging because it still has all its nutritional value. October 21, at 1: Thanks for your lovely comments! Coconut sugar is still quite high in fructose, so I prefer other alternatives.

April 3, at April 4, at April 4, at 6: April 10, at April 12, at 4: April 13, at 8: April 19, at September 1, at 2: September 8, at 9: October 17, at August 29, at September 13, at 1: September 22, at September 30, at 7: October 9, at 6: December 15, at 4: February 9, at 1: April 24, at 9: Hi Christine, Thanks for covering this topic. May 2, at 1: October 10, at Hi Christine, I have both of your books and they are amazing!.

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