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Reviewing The NutriSystem Diet.
Do you think it is because they are eating less calories than they were before? Might even convince her plain unsweetened yogurt is not disgusting. Could it be that they lost the weight because it was their job to loose the weight? Originally Posted by -TC-. I think the plan is really good for people who want to NOT diet but actually change their eating habits. I think if you set your mind to it you can watch your food intake and make the best choices and achieve the clean calorie intake you desire for your wweight loss.

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They also recommend an intake of at least 4. While this plan does provide a decent balance of the three major macronutrients, proteins , carbs and fats , there really isn't anything special about it.

You likely can lose weight on this plan, especially since all your foods will be monitored. The downside however is if you enjoy home cooked meals - since you likely won't be getting many on this diet.

Granted some individuals may really love the foods that NutriSystem provides but if you enjoy the actual cooking process, this part might be lost on you. Furthermore, as stated earlier, since you are not cooking any of your own foods, this program isn't really teaching you how to eat healthfully on your own without the direction of their menus.

Since the menus are quite varied though you will likely be getting all your major nutrients, plus they don't take fat intake too low, which is a good thing. The recommendation for plenty of fruits and vegetables also ensures that you will get plenty of vitamins as well. Shannon Clark is a freelance health and fitness writer located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Shannon Clark October 08, Just what is the concept behind the NutriSystem diet?

And is it the best choice for you? Click Image To Enlarge. The world of sweeteners has been around as far back as But then around the problems started rolling in. I am currently dieting using NutriSystem. It seems well-balanced, though I add a bit more food mostly protein than recommended.

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for virtually all reactions to occur in the body. Both are very important and details about why will follow in this article. Artificial Sweeteners - Debunking The Myths! Just read these post and find the good foods to eat.

Things like eggs, oatmeal, water, almonds, spinach, grilled chicken, grilled salmon, vegies, and anything that man has not put his hands on to make it taste better.

If you watch your portion sizes you will be better off with real foods in the long run and maybe supp.

I really liked the nutrisystems for traveling. I travel weeks a month and always carry some of their stuff just becuase it may be the healthiest thing I'll be able to find Your only as strong as your weakest moment. When you feel weak remember your goals, smile and keep going. I think I will end up ordering a few of their items to have on hand for those days when I need to just grab something, or when travelling.

Two more months on the full plan, but then going as clean as I can. But, as I've said before - I don't have any problem cooking. As a former chef, I enjoy it. Oh, and one of my reasons for doing NutriSystem is to support my sister. Plus, we live together and share our groceries.

I also think that as I taper off, I can start instilling in her some more healthy habits. Might even convince her plain unsweetened yogurt is not disgusting. Oh, yeah - and here are some recipies I've posted, to give you an idea of what I cook when I get a chance: Originally Posted by Crissy. I think the plan is really good for people who want to NOT diet but actually change their eating habits. I actually really enjoy their food I am craving one of those little fudge browine things as well mmmmmm.

NS questions empresscat, The NS meals sound like they could be a "dry" alternative to microwave freezer meals. How are the sodium levels? How many meals do you buy in their packages? How long is the shelf-life for the meals? Originally Posted by BF Originally Posted by zangetsu.

They send you food for the whole month, I dont know how thats possible but it must be more than sodium in there. Theyre stuff tastes like total crap, come on guys you know it does It just really sucks and I hope anyone in his right mind would never try "nutrisystem. Taking it one meal at a time Lost 50 of my pounds with it! Are you saying the meals are chock full of sodium? What did you do with the rest of the month's food?

I've noticed a lot of people are selling up to 3 months worth of their food on EBay. I avoided buying from them Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.