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11 reasons to renounce your fizzy drink habit
One week write in food diary. Just write in the foods eaten for lunch and color the happy faces. Healthy Eating Goal - Printable Tracking Sheet Make tracking children's healthy goals fun with our very cute healthy goals trackers and food diaries. The third ingredient is organic evaporated cane juice. Cavities are from lack of brushing which plagues all parents. Everything coaches need to know is all right there for them, literally at their fingertips.

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If you overeat, this is one more reason to tackle that habit. Eat less seafood and eat more mercury-free plant foods. This can lower reliance on fish. I contacted several algae oil supplement companies and they test for mercury.

Instead of big, predatory fish, eat smaller, non-predatory fish. If you catch local fish, check with local sources about potential mercury contamination. Over 3, lakes in the U. Consume enough nutrient-dense plant foods. These foods can help your body fight off mercury. The following foods are rich in some of the nutrients discussed above:. Avoid mercury tooth fillings. Find a dentist with experience in removing and replacing old mercury fillings.

Call the company and ask about heavy metal testing. Yep, we know… the health and fitness world can sometimes be a confusing place. Even when it comes to something as simple as shoes.

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