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Hi Jenny, I have been watching all your videos and have also tried some of your receipes. Learning so many new things about fires and fire safety has really opened up our eyes. I hope to never have to use the OmniShield products but knowing they are in our home is a comfort in itself. Our teenagers are on board too, with the app on their phones as well, so we can all communicate immediately upon an emergency. Opposing Fan 2 1 episode, I have to make another one this weekend.

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Crooked House

We were referred by my ex-husband to a supper presentation given by Peter Rooyakkers. The product appears to be considerably superior to anything I have yet reviewed.

He was very personable and informative and I look forward to superior protection. Jake taught us we needed a meeting place also our home was not to code and reminded us we had not yet purchased a fire extinguisher. Jake was very informative about safety in home. Good presentation polite representative. Peter Rooyakkers was very honest and professional in his fire safety presentation.

We learned lots of every day precautions with all the new appliances that use electricity even in the bedroom. There is lots to think about and have a better peace of mind for our home to be safer. Fire does not wait for you to act - you have two minutes to get out since there are so many toxic materials used in today's world this omnishield fire protection will be great.

That this is an awesome project product and they need to get with it. Andrew gets 5 stars from me did a great job. Cookie is quite knowledgeable. Steven was great Check them out. We're doing it and we expect everybody else to take consideration to the places where your alarms are made Kyle's demo.

Andrew in Pahrump NV did an awesome presentation for Omnishield. Once we get settled in our new home will definitely consider these safety measures. Philycia came out and demonstrated your life saving sensors. And I learned that I can't depend on the others for smoke. I also learned you have them for heat carbon monoxide, and a bed shaker. I did not know this is available. People should have them in their homes. If I saw someone building a new home, I would refer you. Doug and Bette Hogg, We recognized the lack of fire, smoke, carbon monoxide protection in our home.

We have a child's family with grandchildren living in our home. We wanted the best for them; they are much too precious for us trust in luck.

Peter Rooyakkers looked at our home and helped us get the protection we need. We feel safe and secure. Nick from Nevada home and fire safety arrived at our home on time after being called in at the last minute, he gave a well informed presentation and was very personable. Cookie gave a very good explaination of the product and the dangers of some products. Peter Rooyakkers, presenter for Family Fire Safety was very knowledgable and gave us a lot to think about.

Peter came to our home but the system although fantastic was just to expensive for us at this time. Cookie very knowledgeable great presentation. All the information Joel gave yesterday was very helpful and we will definitely be recommending the product and the fire awareness program to our friends and family! Thinking that it was the security system that we just installed for my chair-bound mother-in-law, and when the key fob didn't shut it off, I went upstairs to the pin pad.

That is when I noticed a flashing blue light as I passed by the compost canister and realized that someone had put the Omnishield water sensor in the can on top of the food scraps.

I quickly pushed its button and suddenly and finally the rest of the alarms silenced throughout the house. Still not fully awake, it was dawning on me that this malplaced water sensor had been picking up the moisture from the vegetable scraps. Now not only can we not put the 82 candles on my mother-in-laws next birthday cake, with our newly installed Omnishield network, finding out that a momentarily left empty skillet on a medium high stove element set of the heat sensor way down the hall insomuch that we can't even have a fire in this house, without being instantly notified by alarm text and email and to our contacts, but now there is no chance for waking up to an new indoor basement swimming pool, with so little moisture being picked up where it shouldn't be by these water sensors.

I learned a lot. Was not aware of how quickly a fire spreads.. Hello, we met Peter at a restaurant training evening with our friends.

His knowledge of fire safety and statistics and his personality were given freely and with professionalism. The following evening he joined us in our home for a tour and suggestions on how best to protect our home and family. Again, his professionalism and character was very evident. Even though times are tough he was able to set us up with what we require.

The technology, ease of use, and warranty services of these sensors speak for themselves and like Peter says "no home should be without protection". Peter Rooyakkers, is a great source of information on fire safety and fire statistics and what it takes to keep your family safe. If you've lived on this planet for 30 years or so you probably feel the same kind of frustration my wife and I do when shopping for virtually anything these days.

Almost everything seems to be pure junk. Very little seems to last. We find ourselves returning items we've purchased at least a couple of times a month simply because they fall apart.

And then there's the other junk that can't be returned. It's depresssing and frustrating. A truly quality product when you can find one is like a breath of fresh air. And when it's made right here in the U. After having our home rewired, and being told by our electrician that most homes are fire traps we attended a seminar on fire safety hosted by Tony Ritchey. Tony has a real passion for what he does, and his love for it doesn't just show through; it overflows.

Tony's passion is all about enlightening and educating people about fire safety. And the product he represents is of the utmost quality. To me it is like a lost art. If you are afforded the chance please treat yourself to a most enlightening hour of information. You will learn a lot, and be forever grateful. Niik from Nvhfs, he did great, loved the presentation. I would and I did. He was very informant and very helpful. Scott was really great!

These alarms are by far the very best I've seen. I've been in the housing inspection business for years and I bought a complete set-up. After he showed me the mathematical price comparisons of Chineese made alarms in the store, as opposed to these, we would have been silly not to protect our family. The product looks like it would be very effective in saving lives,. Kyle was informative and we learned a lot. This system is the best on the market. I did not realize what we didn't have for protection until I saw what Omnishield offered.

Brian Bell knows his product inside and out. When we had questions after the install, he came back to our house and went over everything that we purchased again. We now understand what we have and what we need to do in case the alarm sounds.

I would recommend this system to anyone, I feel very protected now. I would tell them that Andrew was excellent and very informative. Very informative, quality sensors. Realized that what I currently had in my home would not provide adequate safety for myself. Kyle was very informative, and convincing.

He also provided many facts that we were not aware of. Kyle did a great job of explaining everything and the information got through clearly. We were absolutely amazed at the inadequate fire alarms on the market. We were also amazed at how little time we have to get to safety. All the information was well done.

Peter Rooyakkers from Lethbridge did a wonderful job. I learned a lot because I have seen or heard of this before. Jake is awesome and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend him to talk with other people. Niik from nvhfs was well versed, friendly, and efficient. Familiarized us with info and was very understanding and respectful of our young families needs during presentation. Positive attitude, smiles, and honest info. I would like to know the average set price of each unit you are salling for in Canada?

Kyle did a good job. Cookie and Steven were very informative and funny about the information given. The presentation is great. Nathan Bickish with Pennsylvania Home Protections visited our home and shared some very important fire information with us. We had some knowledge about fire, but learned a lot more. We chose to install the Omnishield Network for protection..

We love the fact that they communicate with each other so we know where the danger is coming from and we can silence from our bed, which is nice because we have high ceilings.. It all just makes good sense. We are also equipped with water sensors now so we will know of a water leak before it gets bad.

The best part is that we will get alerted by a text even if we aren't home, this is important to us as we have teenagers who stay home alone quite a bit plus we have a dog who we want to be saved.

Thanks Omnishield also for installing the network for us professionally. Philycia Was a wonderful representative. Her knowledge on the presentation was fantastic. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to protect their home. Peter Rooyakkers had a wonderful presentation and presented the information in a compelling way. We appreciate the new knowledge we have now. Peter Rooyakker did a fantastic, thorough job of bringing awareness to a very important fire safety issue. They should teach this in schools!

He was personable and knowledgeable. I hope everyone can somehow get this information to themselves and loved ones. Yesterday we met with Devlon, from Pro Fire Safety. Today we have a professionally installed and fully operational Omnishield warning system, one which we are confident will give us maximum protection from smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and water leaks. Devlon was friendly, exceptionally knowledgeable about the actual dangers posed by real fires, and genuinely interested in addressing and thoroughly answering any questions that we had.

The Omnishield system itself seems extremely well-designed, user-friendly, and, although it uses the internet for some off-site communication, safely insulated from possible hacking risk.

There is no denying that the system is expensive, but we believe that we have made a wise investment in our personal safety as well as in the protection of our home, an investment that will provide us with considerable peace of mind, especially when we are traveling.

Tony Ritchey explained everything very well so we understood what we needed to do to keep our family and home safe. He is now our fire guy. Now we feel safe especially at night while we are sleeping.

Niik from Nvhfs, very thorough and professional. Kyle did a wonderful presentation. Peter Rooyakkers gave me a complete sales conference on the workings of the fire safety equipment for your company omnishield net work.

Did an excellent job. Sure if there is an interest. He was thorough in explaining everything even during the installation. Cookie did a wonderful job very informitive. Very thorough outstanding customer service and outstanding product. Matt Heydrich with Pro Fire Safety So I decided to go with the OmniShield fire safety program to keep my family safe.

I enjoyed the fact that during the informational part of the sale my son was able to ask questions about fire safety and get his fire safety credit for the year.

I hope to never have to use the OmniShield products but knowing they are in our home is a comfort in itself. Very enlightening and valuable information that could save you and your family's life! All the information that readily available,cheap fire alarm companies aren't telling you. Worth everyone's time to hear these guys out! Peter Rooyakkers from Lethbridge,Alberta was here for an explanatory evening and did a fabulous,thorough job of making us understand the sincere importance of making this life saving investment!

Very impressed with Tony Ritchey and his presentation of the Omnishield products. Tony's energy is contagious, his knowledge of the product and fire safety, refreshing and his "heart" for this industry, quite moving.

It was an excellent experience and more then worthy of recommendation. My hubby and I attended an informational meeting last night with Tony. We expected to get a few fire safety tips WOW we got so much more!! We had no idea how unprepared our home was for fire protection: We can now rest assured that if we have a safe home for our family ;-.

My wife Carol and I attended the presentation at the El Patron restaurant and we were very impressed with it. Later on Tony came to our home and made a terrific presentation to us. He was thorough in explaining Omni Shield and was very personable and empathetic. We went ahead and purchased the Alarms for our home. We are very happy with our decision and that Tony showed us your product. I would recommend this to all. Tony is a firecracker.

We thought we are safe in our home but after listening to Tony's presentation and advice, we came to the conclusion that this is the real deal. Tony was an excellent advisor and we are so glad that we are well protected by your equipment.

We love Tony and is like one of our family now. What an eye opener this was. We thought we were doing things right in our home to keep our children safe, but had no idea that we weren't. We were like everyone else running out to HD or Lowe's and depending on them to keep us safe.

We are already telling our family and friends that they just don't know because we haven't been educated on fire safety like this before. We highly encourage everyone to listen to the information these guys will give you. Our safety advisor Tony Ritchey demonstrated an excellent plan for fire safety in our home.

Thank you Tony for your very dependable products and service. I had no idea that my equipment was faulty. He is so personable and professional.

Thank you for protecting our home. The safety advisors were very clear on the safety issues. Definitely would recommend the product, as well as the advisors to anyone. Tara Ross is a firecracker, when she and Terry Dalton finished with their presentation we were sold!!!! Cookie did an excellent job and she taught us a lot. We are so thankful and appreciative of Tony Ritchey.

He was very professional and personable and took his time to answer all of our questions. We had a nice man named Nathan Bickish visit our home and showed us a fire program.. We have been concerned about our situation for awhile now and knew we should do something about it,so we had him install the Omnishield system.. We will sleep better knowing we are protected.. Devlon from Pro Fire Safety is definitely a benefit to your company!!

The information he provided throughout his presentation was eye opening on many levels, and for us that was priceless. He explained the significant differences between the smoke detectors in our home and the OmniShield system and, I feel, proved how our current detectors would be quite useless if we ever had a fire.

Until that time, my husband and I had no idea how vulnerable we really were, and thanks to Devlon, we no longer will be. After evaluating our home and providing us with options that made the purchase of protecting our family affordable, Devlon and his safety advisor Dave, got busy installing the network!

We can now feel safe and secure in knowing that we have effective safety measures in place to keep our family safe. Thank you for our housewarming gift too Devlon!! Devlon from Pro Fire Safety is not only a great guy, but he took the time to educate our family on fire safety and the importance of having a dependable alert system for our home. His presentation was professional, informative and hit home on so many levels.

We had Devlon install the Omnishield network on the same day that we invited him to our home for a presentation. His patience and knowledge are second to none. Do yourself and your family a favor and consider installing the Omnishield equipment in your home. Your house can be replaced, but your family cannot. This system is super high tech, and we can monitor our home right from our phones from anywhere we may be. Our teenagers are on board too, with the app on their phones as well, so we can all communicate immediately upon an emergency.

Thank you Devlon -- we'll see you next year at the home show! Kyle from Nevada home fire safety. Thank you so much for coming by and being our safety advisor! Peter's presentation was very good, but too long. The information received was beneficial and in the future I'll look to invest in this system. It's good to know something like this can be found in Lethbridge.

Very informative polite and a good talker. I would give him 10 out of Kirsten from Pro Fire Safety was very helpful at explaining exactly why our current fire alarms are not going to be incredibly useful in a fire.

My husband works as a maintenance director in a nursing home and is the head of the safety committee and he thought what we had in our home was sufficient. Boy were we wrong. Kirsten showed us why alarms typically found in homes are largely useless in a fire. Thanks to her, our family will be safe should a fire ever happen to us.

Devlon from Pro Fire Safety showed us just how vulnerable to disaster we really were. As a family involved in volunteer fire service, we had felt sure our family and home were safe, we were wrong. After evaluating our home, we quickly acted on installing Omnishield the same day.

The investment came without question as we are extremely happy with our system. We no longer need to wonder if cheap smoke detectors have working batteries. We sleep easy at night, knowing we've stepped up measures to protect our family with Omnishield. Devlon was very professional and continued support even after installation. Tony Ritchey, was informative and responsive to setting up the fire alert system tailored to our home.

Definitely should consider this system to protect your family. Quick install, no hassle, lots of confidence in the protection level. Had my system installed recently. Installation and information given was completed an given in a very professional manner. Would use this service again if it was needed.

Tony Ritchey did an outstanding job on all accounts. Our Safety Advisor, Tony Ritchey, was extremely helpful in helping us to insure our fire protection. He showed us the best and most efficient places for the sensors to be placed, and proceeded to install them. We will be happy to encourage our friends and family regarding the safeguard. The presentation Tony Richey was very informative; an excellent job explaining the product , giving demonstrations and the benefits of the product.

I will now sleep much better knowing my home is protected. My husband and I before he passed last month had talked about replacing our smoke detectors because we felt that they didn't work. Peter Rooyakkers of Family Fire Safety here in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada came by my home and gave me quite a crash course on fire safety and early fire detection technology of the Omnishield network which he promptly installed from attic to basement.

I feel more comfortable and safer now and am at ease when I am away from home. My son and daughter-in-law as contact immediately called when they instaneously received a text when the water sensor was tested in the laundry room. Very knowledgeable, on time, was there when they said they would be, friendly, very personable.

Cookie explained all Subjects thoroughly, answered our questions But not overbearing. Niik from nvhfs was fully understanding and there information was easy to understand their product were phenomenal. The safety meeting was beneficial to the safety of myself and my family. Our rep was Tony Ritchey and he explained everything great in terms we could understand.

He was very polite and easy to talk to. I think we are going to sleep at ease tonite and not worry when we are away. Devlon from Pro Fire Safety. Was not aware of high failure rate of alarms sold at stores.

Country of manufacture DOES matter, and those manufacturers don't really care about the consequences of the failures. Omnishield is making the product here and standing behind it. With others, the manufacturer can attribute fault back to the homeowner as responsible for replacing batteries, cleaning, etc.

Had to scale down the coverage for our home to get started, but will be adding units as funds are available. We appreciate and commend Peter Rooyakker's commitment and knowledge of family fire safety best practice!

The information provided with regards to latest technology in fire safety and how current standards are lacking, has allowed my family to be better protected incase of fire. I enjoyed every second of the fire safety meeting.

We were very pleased with a presentation a young outgoing man by the name Nick Burton gave us. The presentation and life saving information was was a value..

Something we will think about and the info was memorable. Yes, the information was useful and very helpful. Have monitors installed in my home. I feel more at peace and safe. I will tell others about first class fire safety. Saw Tony Ritchey's fire safety program and learned how important it was to protect our home with the improved fire alarm system. I feel safer now and feel I can be alerted in time to save my family. We think Tony is pretty awesome.

I feel so much better that he has come into our life. I sleep much better having alarms in my house. Like I say he's pretty awesome perfect personality. The way Tony sells the product he shows that he really cares about the people and their homes. We consider Tony part of our family now. This was an eye opener. You just don't realise how important safety is until you see how all these fire, water, carbon monoxide alarms how fast they detect.

I'm just amazed what they do. Thank you Peter Rooyakkers you helping me to keep my family and my animals safe I'm just pleased thank you once again. Tony Ritchey's presentation was informative, brief and he sold us big time on his knowledge and sincerity in wanting to be instrumental in the saving of lives. His visit was enjoyable, fun and the installation was completed in a timely manner. We feel blessed to have met Tony and feel as though he is part of our family and we know our home is well protected at all times.

Laurie with Nevada home fire safety,we learned a lot of information we didn't know before. Very informative, up to date fire safety material. The presentation was very thorough and covered in a very personal way. Matthew and Allison brought to light the unsafe fire hazards we had in our home that we were unaware of and the failure rate of our present equipment.

Our choice to upgrade to omnishield has given us a greater piece of mind. Our time with Tony Ritchey was definitely an eye opener. He spotted hazards that we never knew about. The value of this product is times the worth of any kind of insurance that someone could buy. Prevention is far more better than After the Fact Protection! Safety is of paramount importance to me and for my family. Nathan Huffman did an excellent job to present information about the shortcomings and dangers of "inexpensive" smoke detectors.

I asked a ton of questions and Nathan answered all of them. I am very happy to have met him and even more happy that I am better informed about the real dangers of house fires. Allison and Nathan stopped by to talk to us about Omnishield. They were very knowledgeable about the service and products that are available with Omnishield. We are very excited about how Omnishield will help us to protect our family and are happy to become members of the Omnishield family.

Thank you Allison and Nathan!!! Tony was great when he came to our home to do the installation. He took his time explaining everything to us. There was no pressure in what items we wanted to purchase or not. He also took the extra time to explain how the detectors worked when our son got home from work. He is very passionate in what he does. Terry Dalton was happy to explain the product in detail, help us choose the best areas to place them throughout our home.

His detail, knowledge, and friendly demeanor could not easily be surpassed. Being able to monitor your home away from home is such a peace of mind. This system will certainly prove to be the best and only choice for optimal safety. John from Nevada home fire safety, it's a really great system and it's seams alot safer of a option. Which we will purchase as soon as possible.

Ty john for sharing this info. At the presentation, at Georgio's in Lethbridge AB, had a wonderful dinner and Peter Rooyakkers, presenter for Family Fire Safety was very knowledgable and gave us a lot to think about over night.

So when Peter Rooyakkers came to our home the next day and we decided on a network system that we could afford and then be able to add to at a later date. This was very helpful and affordable, so thank you so much. Tony Ritchey was very knowledgeable and did a great job in explaining the lack of safety with the standard devices typically in use and how and why the Omnishield devices Are superior as an early warning system.

He performed the installation in a an effective professional manner and all of this was in addition to being a great guy. Peter Rooyakers convinced us that this saves lives and potentially even more than your own family if you are in a condominium,apartments etc. He is friendly, helpful and professional. Peter Rooyakker was very informative and pleasant to speak with. He certainly opened our eyes to the dangers within our home.

Will definitely inform friends and family to sit down and listen to what he has to offer. Thanks for the knowledge Peter. Laurie with Nevada home fire safety,very informative nice and we learned a lot that we and I'm sure others do not know. Peter Rooyakkers gave a very informative presentation. The material was logical in content. We appreciate your time in this presentation. We were very happy with Tony Ritchey's professionalism and knowledge when he brought us our OmniShield home protection.

He was both thorough and patient about answering questions. I like his attention to detail, and he is comfortably approachable. Impressed with the technology and the way the units connect with each other and that it texts alerts to up to 8 contacts.

I would like to suggest that the system interfaces with my existing alarm hardware from a previous alarm service so that I can monitor other safety aspects, like glass breaking, intruder, and open doors. That would make it a real bargain. Tony did a really great job at explaining the products. We enjoyed the class he did with us. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning fire safety. Devlon from Pro Fire Safety, Devlon did a great job explaining how fast a fire can spread with todays synthetics materials in the home.

My wife and I decided to have the smoke sensors, heat sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, a bed shaker, and water sensors and a fire extinguisher installed.

Cookie was a pleasure enjoyed her presentation. Very professional very informative. Knew answers to all my questions. Jayson and John from Nevada home fire safety.

John from Nevada home fire safety Was very knowledgeable and informative. The products demonstrated are superior to what we have. His presentation was outstanding and we appreciate all the information.

We are impressed with the products. Learned many issues that never thought about and he made me aware of areas I wasn't aware of that needed attention. Jeremy is well-versed and extremely knowedgable. Hoping to arrange presentations for me as my friends and family would greatly benefit from his time and effort.

Laurie with Nevada home fire safety,the information was very informative. John from Nevada home fire safety taught us about talking to kids about meeting spot and how effective our alarms are currently.

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The team acts for individuals, trade unions, professional associations, businesses and non-profit organisations, with particular experience in representing clients in the healthcare and entertainment industries. The practice handles a range of complex, high-value personal injury cases and has expertise in claims involving acquired brain injury, spinal cord and brachial plexus injury, and amputation and advanced prostheses. The firm handles a range of cases and is known for working on behalf of trade union members and migrant workers and has expertise in catastrophic and maximum severity injury claims.

The practice specialises in representing adult and child victims of sexual abuse, and handles cases involving catastrophic spinal cord and brain injury, amputation and complex, high-value fatal accident claims. Recent work includes acting on behalf of clients involved in the high-profile Jimmy Savile sexual abuse case. Department head Alicia Alinia is experienced in handling multimillion-pound claims and cases involving amputation, occupational stress and deafness.

Thompsons Solicitors LLP continues to handle the full range of accident and injury claims for major trade unions, as well as clients involved in road traffic or other accidents. Key figures include national head of serious injury Samantha Hemsley, who has handled a number of multimillion-pound claims and specialises in maximum severity cases, including brain injury, spinal cord injury, severe burns and amputation; and serious injury specialist Henrietta Phillips, who has expertise in catastrophic and life-changing injuries caused by accidents and work or road accidents.

The firm recently acted in a multimillion-pound asbestos case in which the High Court found that the defendant, a former manufacturer of asbestos insulation board, was entitled to a full indemnity for previous, ongoing and future asbestos-related claims made by employees during the s and s.

Recently, the firm defended claims relating to asbestos and chemical exposure, occupational strain injury and noise-induced hearing loss. Andrew Parker is at the forefront of strategic litigation and advises insurers on a range of emerging issues affecting injury claims.

The matter was taken to a liability-only trial and the court found for the defendant and dismissed the claim. RPC has a track record in handling complex personal injury cases involving life-changing injuries, such as amputation and brain damage, and is experienced in crisis management.

Sarah Hamilton retired from the practice. The firm is experienced in handling cases involving complex local authority liability, social care, stress at work, defamation, safeguarding and Data Protection Act damages claims, and acts for a number of major insurance providers and local authorities. Recent work includes representing Diageo in high-value multi-party litigation in relation to the distribution of Thalidomide in the late s and early s, as well as acting on behalf of BP in a case relating to the terrorist attack on the Amenas gas plant in Algeria.

Department head Howard Watson specialises in group action and catastrophic injury claims and is experienced in litigating in foreign jurisdictions.

The case is led by department co-head Joanna Kolatsis , who specialises in advising clients on disaster planning and risk management. Department head John McGowan has expertise in silicosis claims by miners and construction cases involving mesothelioma.

Keystone Law handles the full range of defendant personal injury cases involving public liability, local authorities, marine injury and health and safety. The firm recently acted in a case involving a passenger vessel collision.

Find out which law firms are representing which Product liability: Additional work streams for the group include claims relating to food poisoning, cosmetic products and faulty white goods.

Tower block residents have retained Paterson in litigation against Whirlpool regarding a fire that was allegedly caused by an Indesit tumble dryer. The firm is also part of several metal-on-metal hip actions, including a multi-party claim brought against DePuy Synthes for the early failure and revision of the Pinnacle hip prostheses and, in addition to this, the firm is the lead solicitor in the Wright Medical Conserve hip replacement group litigation order.

Acting for a claimant in a dispute with a well-known manufacturer of a dental product, which allegedly caused serious neurological injuries, was another highlight for the team, which includes Chartered Legal Executive Pauline Roberts. It receives further praise for its scientific understanding of complex cases brought by groups and individuals. In an illustration of its strength, the practice has been instructed by a number of young women, who allege that their chronic fatigue was caused by the HPV vaccine, and is representing multiple claimants in group litigation against GlaxoSmithKline regarding allegations that the clients developed narcolepsy and cataplexy after receiving the Pandemrix Swine Flu vaccine.

The firm is also acting for individuals that have allegedly been injured by defective hip replacements. Isobel Lovett is the name to note for mesothelioma cases and has a wealth of experience in asbestos product claims.

Fraser Whitehead is the other main contact and heads the business and specialised litigation team. Practice head Ian Dodds-Smith — who receives praise for his strategic thinking - is defending Grünenthal in 28 claims brought by a group of individuals, who allege that they were born with injuries after being exposed to thalidomide during pregnancy.

Adela Williams is representing Pfizer in multi-party litigation in Scotland, which centres on cardiovascular disorders that were allegedly caused by Celebrex. Counsel Tom Fox is recommended for litigation and filing judicial reviews on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and, in addition to this, he is adept in a broad range of non-contentious work, including labelling, conformity marking and compliance matters.

Associate Rhiannon Hughes is the other key figure. Bard against multiple claims relating to the allegedly defective transvaginal mesh and an inferior vena cava filter. Another significant mandate saw Leadley and Charles Thomson represent Foodles Production UK in proceedings pertaining to health and safety breaches that resulted in Harrison Ford being injured by a hydraulic metal door on the set of Star Wars: Monica Vinader, Kingfisher plc and Sony feature on the extensive client list.

Other recent mandates included advice on product portfolios, pharmaceutical products and Consumer Rights Act compliance.

Jonathan Isted co-heads the retail and consumer goods practice and is the other key figure with tobacco sector expert Paul Bowden and Andrew Austin. He is defending Zimmer Biomet formerly Biomet against various claims brought across Europe and a group action concerning the early revision of all-metal prosthetic hip replacements, which was allegedly caused by adverse reactions to metal debris.

Representing Vodafone in claims concerning radiofrequency radiation exposure is another highlight. Tobacco sector expert Ruth Grant jointly heads the practice with Meltzer and is retained by British American Tobacco in cross-border litigation filed by smokers, governments and health authorities, and she also advises on regulatory issues such as product testing.

Coca-Cola and The Weir Group plc are key clients of the group. He is also defending the administrators of TXU Energy in asbestos claims brought against one of its group companies. Senior associate David Bennett is a name to note. Davies, Andrew Hunn, Joti Penrose-Stevens and recently promoted partner Ben Aram are acting for DePuy in claims brought by foreign claimants under English law in relation to hip replacements.

Department head Shane Sayers has been representing manufacturers and insurers in disputes concerning a range of products that were allegedly defective in the retail, technology and transport sectors, and Daniel Turner is handling various matters for Beko and its insurer, including an inquest into a death caused by smoke inhalation from a fridge freezer that caught on fire; the family of the deceased have filed a civil claim against the insured, which faces allegations that it declined recalling the defective product.

Highly experienced solicitor Karishma Paroha is well regarded with David Philip, who is an expert in product design disputes. They are defending GlaxoSmithKline against a number of claims brought under a group litigation order regarding the antidepressant drug Seroxat, where the claimants allege that discontinuing the drug amounts to personal injury; the case will be heard in The practice also advised on Trading Standards investigations and large-scale product recalls.

Recently promoted partner Richard Wise is recommended for product liability and policyholder work. Suppliers and manufacturers also instruct the firm in everything from cross-border disputes to recall claims. RSA and Globachem have retained the firm in a multimillion-euro claim relating to crops that were allegedly damaged, and the group is also representing Sunseeker and QBE in claims relating to a fire, which allegedly originated from a vessel that was manufactured by the insured.

Michael Harvey is another key contact. Legal director Jason McNerlin focuses on product recall and contaminated products insurance, and Claire Petts has experience in medical devices and drug trial cases.

Jamie Hui was promoted to senior associate and is a name to note. Practice head Neil Beresford has particular expertise in the agriculture and food industries and is acting for an insurer in relation to contaminated fish that was sold by its insured to a restaurant.

The practice is also representing AIG in a case involving allegations of defective product design and negligence in connection to US class actions relating to the water contaminated by perfluorinated compounds. In addition to this, the firm defended Caffè Nero in proceedings brought by Wandsworth Council, which alleged that a customer was injured after digesting a cleaning brush wire that had found its way into food sold by the client.

Iveco, Chubb and Travelers are also clients. Food, drink and automotive sector matters are core strengths of the firm, with David Kidman handling a claim arising out of a fatal car accident and Ross advising a fast-food company on cross-border compliance with marketing claims for poultry and beef products.

Recent mandates for the practice included high-profile product recalls, warranty disputes and personal injury claims relating to allegedly defective consumer products. Senior associate Peter Shervington is an expert in the transport and automotive sectors. The latter is a core focus of the group, which also acts for clients in the retail, security and insurance industries.

Insurers and manufacturers from various industries instructed the practice in the full range of work, including multi-party disputes relating to products that were allegedly defective in the transport sector, proceedings concerning personal injury claims arising from chemical contamination and business interruption loss claims relating to alleged faulty products.

Sunseeker is a key client of the team with food, automotive and construction sector companies. Asda and Tecoglas are additional clients.

Manoj Vaghela is the main contact in London. In another illustration of strength, Flower and health and safety practice head Nick McMahon are representing Cloverleaf Products, a former distributor of PIP breast implants, in relation to a number of Part 20 claims brought by clinics which face action for implanting PIP products.

Senior associate Peter Rudd-Clarke is a key figure with practice head Gavin Reese , who is defending a Chinese manufacturer in a property damage claim relating to a fire that was allegedly caused by a bottle cooler supplied by the client.

As well as advising on regulatory issues and product recalls, the firm also manages risk and brand reputations. Sarah Croft focuses on the pharmaceutical, medical device and automotive sectors and is highly experienced with Alison Newstead, whose expertise includes electronics and industrial components.

Samuel Sebree joined the London team following the closure of the Geneva office with Trevor Bridges, who is well regarded for assisting with new product launches and representing clients in investigations conducted by government entities, among other matters. Insurance, automotive, technology and retail sector companies feature on the extensive client list. Managing associate Sherry Goodman-Smith is recommended for consumer products matters and handles medical devices work with Bright, who has additional strength in pharmaceuticals and cyber liability risk.

Rod Freeman joined Cooley UK LLP as practice head from Hogan Lovells International LLP and has a track record in high-stakes litigation and international matters spanning all manner of work, including defective medical devices and pharmaceutical products and large product recalls. Global companies also instruct him in non-contentious matters relating to reputational management, product safety and regulatory compliance work.

Associate Sarah-Jane Dobson joined from the same firm and is noted for international mandates. Laurence Harris is the other key figure with David Kendall , who is representing XL Insurance Bermuda in various arbitration actions against policyholders in relation to coverage under Bermuda Form liability policies regarding medical devices, pharmaceuticals, construction defects and numerous other matters.

He represented Collier Environmental Services in a claim concerning a defective Volvo vehicle and commercial litigator Richard Marshall acted for Cannon Automotive and C.

Holdings plc in proceedings against its former US distributor in relation to BMW car mats and Hyundai vehicles that allegedly defective and sold across the US. Guildford-based senior associate Elise Bevan has been active in medical devices work. Volkswagen, IKEA and Tesco are key clients with Hoover, which retains the group as its sole product liability advisor.

Other recent mandates for the practice included high-profile product recalls and personal injury claims pertaining to defective product allegations. Insurers, automotive companies and retailers often retain the firm, which is acting for an insurer in a dispute relating to solar panels that were allegedly defective. Its expertise extends to food contamination claims, malfunctioning industrial components, product recalls, brand protection and numerous other matters.

In other personnel changes, Sophie Law was promoted to senior associate and has expertise in a range of matters, including health claims pertaining to smoking and product safety advice. The group shines in tobacco sector work and represents Imperial Brands in international litigation relating to conventional tobacco products, and e-cigarettes and other non-conventional tobacco products.

Cosmetics and InterSystems Corporation. Consultant Nicky Strong heads the practice from Southampton and is recommended with Bristol-based associate Ashley Borthwick, who is well regarded for product safety, compliance and recall work. Health and safety expert David Beckenham arrived from an in-house position at Harsco Corporation and is adept in product recalls and defending against enforcement actions under food and safety laws, among other work.

The firm has experience in acting for automotive, media and technology companies and other diversified clients. Work relating to compliance, investigations, product quality and brand protection are further strengths of the firm, which has dedicated practices for industrial products, brands and consumer products, and food and beverage litigation.

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