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Thank you,i hope this will help people who wants to get all the benefits from moringa leaves, Regard, Pinky Philippines Thank you and regards Reply. What do I need to get started with slow cooker freezer meals? This year I decided to go with a table setting that was more over the top than usual. Veterans' Services Covering a broad spectrum of services, from loans to death benefits, education and retraining grants, assistance in obtaining military records, our staff is here to enable veterans to navigate the system of forms and directions, from application to qualification. Thank you so much. If anything is mushy or dried out, decrease the cooking time next time.

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For this, they were slapped Oct. It started small, with 10 cars during the day, until there were 10 cars in half-an-hour. Well, this was busier than Boston Pizza. As time went on, the home-based takeout became so popular, locals witnessed two people coming in early in the morning to help prepare the food. There was no place for friends who came over here to park. The issue reportedly came to an end after a city crew working in area asked residents why so many people were going to the house.

Shortly after, public health inspectors came calling. Along with 31 Petriw Bay, the public health department also cited 23 Petriw Bay for operating without a permit and failing to register. A residence at 98 Acadia Bay was also written up for the offences.

As well, a home at 4 St. Ali Rana, a provincial public health standards specialist, said preparing and serving food from a home-based business for public consumption is prohibited.

Unlike restaurants, which have physical locations and are inspected at least once a year by public health inspectors, the province has no idea how many people are selling food out of their homes or where they are, he said.

Complaints from the public are usually the only way underground food takeout businesses are revealed, Rana said. When you have things not inspected and no certified food-handling person, the risk of food-borne illness outbreaks is great.

Rana said the homes shut down in the past few months were all selling meals to go and not preparing food to be used at a restaurant or through a catering service. I took it for with poridge and to my surprise l have developed a pain in my heart like ulcers. When l took the green poweder it went down with a burning sunsestion like hot paper is this really moringa, because you say it heals ulcers.

I also vomitted after taking it in the morning with porridge. Please reply so that l know. I was told to be taking thee green poweder in the morning and the brownish poweder in the evening. I am from Malawi, and most herbal mefications have been tales of growing up. Here is what you must keep in mind, tyere are specific and approved by herbalists ways of preparing Moringa.

The leaves are NOT to be dried on the sun directly, sjn drying has a bad effect on Moringa. Instead fresh green leaves must be allowed to dry on a shed and then it can be prepared into powder. I would suspect that the kind of powder you took was nit prepared in this manner hence it give u some buring sensation or l am not surr if they added any other herbs to the powder other than Moringa. Getwell soon to all ya! I am wondering if there has been any usage of this plant for canines dogs.

My dog was diagnosed with Lymphoma yesterday, apparently the most invasive form. It is in her liver, spleen, and throughout her lymph nodes. The Vet said she has anywhere from two weeks to eight weeks to live, her best guess. Does anyone know ow long this Moringa takes to start working?

I would like to find a way to obtain some as soon as possible. I am eager to try it too. I also have Family members with very active cases of Lyme Disease.

Very little is known about Lyme Disease being in California. I have been researching natural remedies for years, and I had never heard of Moringa. I have heard that there is a plant that grows where nothing else grows that has remarkable healing Properties.

I wonder if this is it? Is there anyone that might know someone who has any available in Southern California? Time is critical for my little dog. I have a Nutritionist I am working with who referred me to this product.

I have Tremendous Respect for this person. He is in Virginia, United States. He said it will take about 3 days to receive it. Thanks for any information, Diane. Does anyone know what dosage is necessary to receive the benefits of Moringa? Is it better taken alone or is it equally beneficial when included in the contents of a meal shake of mg of moringa leaf?

She started to drink morninga tea. She uses 2 cups of water adding 20 leaves. Just put water and leaves to a boil.

As soon as it starts to boil remove from heat. You can add honey or sweetener like agave and drink warm or let it cool off and drink. She no longer has that problem. The name of Moringa leaves in Nigeria is Zogale. It mostly gotten in the northern part of the country. Moringa leaves are almost available in any Filipino or Asian Oriental stores. They are called Malunggay. Look for it in the vegetable or produce section.

I really started taking in Moringa for the past two months now. I hope i get to use it one of these days. The leaves taste great and since taking them I am no longer passing out from fatigue for seemingly no reason at all. My localized psoriasis is also not imflamed like it was. Though it has yet to disappear, it does seem to be slowly getting better. I know that the seeds are the parts for purifying water, due to thier coagulant effect on pollutants, which is why people believe it will help cleanse the blood as well.

The root is another part that is said to have its own benefits, and I even heard of it treating disentry… which is pretty incredible. But with more C than oranges, protein then yogurt, iron than spinach, etc. I have yet to do this, but will. Oh, and Diane, …. California has MANY moringa farms. It grows great there!

Farmers love customers right? I have been taking moringa powder as a tea every morning for the past 18 months and since then there has been no sign of my hayfever nor the winter flu nor cold. Am taiwo from Nigeria have heard and witness so much about it my question is can this moringer help to concieve.

I brought some moringa seeds back from Ghana a couple of months ago. I going to plant them in my back yard. My question is do I only use one seed per tree. I only have nine seeds to plant. Also once the tree has matured do I use the leaves of the tree and the pods.

What do I do with the pods other than planting more trees? How do I create powder from the tree? Dont know about the seed planting. The trees in our backyard is from branch cuttings. I grew up in Fiji where the indian population has always used Moringa leaves as any green vegie… like you cook spinach with oil, onion, garlic and salt. And the drumsticks we use in dhal pea soup or curry with potato…. My mom is diabetic and she control her it by diet.

She boils the Moringa leaves and eats it. Her sugar levels come down when she does that. And Diane hope you found Moringa in California.

I know the Fiji community in CA have moringa in their backyards! My childred ages 9 and 12 yrs old is very selective when it comes to eating vegies. We also make delicasies with moringa particularly the polvoronez de malunggay. I observe that they become more concentrated in their studies and have strong immune system.

They never got cough and colds anymore. I am nearly 50 yeras old and I can still walk non stop even 3 kilometes without getting tired. With powdered moringa, I able to find peace of mind at least.

Praise God for this woder tree and to the researchers and nutritionist. I tried moringa for my son who has heavy metal toxicity, cadmium, aluminum, bio-unavailable copper which results in scizophrenia. Also known as Wilsons disease. His high Iron levels caused anger, violence outbursts. I put him on moringa after some convincing from others.

I was told he would feel remarkable in 3 weeks. The Iron was to high for someone already toxic. I had high hopes. The catonic posture came back with body twitchig, yellow eyes, anger outbursts, disorganized speech. I have since put him back on kelp and pure aloe vera juice which is having a much greater effect. Have you tried Bentonite Clay? It is a natural detoxification for removing metals and toxins in the body like iron etc..

You can research it and I would recommend the already mixed liquid instead of the powder as it is more difficult to drink the powder. Plastic or glass only. Again, I pray it works for your son. What a relief reading your comments have been! My mother in law just mentioned that I try moringa.

I had never heard of it though I know horseradish exists. Is it the same thing? Little did I know that she wants to prolong my life with good health. The comments of majority of you outweigh those who appear to have had negetive effects after using Moringa. Are there any downsides to this herb?? Moringa leaf is very important. It is very common and cheaf in northen Nigeria.

My grandma and mom will put this in her soup all the time. But yeah I love this leaf. It has such a wonderful taste, wild and strong, but not bad. So natural tasting, and the leaves are small and delicate and easy to eat! Please favour me with your best tips to use above in differant uses as mentioned above. Moringa is in deed a miracle tree. Its good for husband and wife relationship. I enjoyed and satisfied sexually.

Thank goodness we hafve the tree at our backyard. My boss insisted I took moringa but I vehemently refused. Well somehow after reading some comments here I decided to give it a try, I do not wanna exaggerate, moringa is a prodigious tree..

A tip on how to ravage this terrific plant, mix a large quantity of moringa with fresh yogurt every morning before meal. The yogurt makes it very possible to consume a large quantity of dried moringa. How can I know it, where do I get it and what is the name in Yoruba and Igbo language so that I can look for it.

I am Ghanaian, I have been taking Moringa for the passed one year now and believe me, this leaf is really wonderful, the name miracle fits it properly, I feel good, energetic, fit, sharp, strong, smooth body, good sight,sleeping soundly and work from morning to evening without being tired. I used to be tired when I do a little work and easily become weak but now no more. Please all should embrace this gifted leaf. This is a natural medicine for the poor. The rich can also use it if only they want to live long.

I encourage everybody to take moringa leaf. I have Moringa leaf, do i need to dry the leaf in the sun before grading into powder form? Second quesition is how do i use the Moringa leaf and can i chew the fresh Moringa leaf? Moringa is indeed a wonder crop, iam young agriculturalist intrested in growing moringa, iwish to use it eradicate malnutritions and create employment for our teaming unemployed youths in my country NIGERIA.

I have been feeling sick and dull all the time and I thought it was because of the hot climate in Mombasa Kenya. But when I started eating the leaves of Moringa tree as vegetasbles I got healed automatically and I no longer feel the same but I feel fresh and active. I Thank God who introduced the Moringa tree to us. Moringa is common here in the Philippines. You cab plant moringa by cutting the branch and plant it in soil. It will grow after a few days. In Nigeria,the yoruba name of moringa is Ewe igbale.

My lab will come up with scientific proofs of some of the purported uses of Moringa as a contribution to eradication of malnutrition. M ost O utstanding R ecords I n N utrition G ain A ppreciation i ncomparable These humble leaves bring hope that illness in not part of life….

I am 60 years old. Within in 5 minutes after taking a teaspoon of moringa powder in 8 ozs of water, lubrication burst into my eyes and I was amazed! I now have only been taking moringa for 5 days now, but will continue to take it and enjoy whatever other benefits I can receive!

I am very happy not to have to buy any more pharmaceutical tear drops — which only help for an hour or two….. What is the Igbo name for moringa leaf. I have a cyst in my mouth under the tongue and all medications taken failed to eliminate the tumor. Moringa has done great to my family. My children are full of life and get enough sleep. My father had insomia after having a stroke in Mix in the flour until the dough comes together it is a crumbly dough. Shape dough into a disk, wrap in plastic, refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Spray tart molds with cooking spray or brush with butter and press the dough into tart molds cutting off excess with a pairing knife. Add the almond paste and sugar to a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment and mix on medium until it is the size of peas. Add the butter and mix until fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time followed by the almond extract.

On a low speed mix in the flour and almond flour. Place the cream in a pastry bag or zip top bag and refrigerate until ready to use.

Place parchment paper on a sheet tray and set out the tart molds. Pipe the almond cream into the tart mold smoothing the top with a small offset spatula. Bake for 20 minutes until the cream has puffed and browned slightly. Put the jam and water into a small saucepan and simmer until it is reduced to a thin syrup.

Place the strawberries around the edge of the tarts and fill into the center to create a flower shape. Finish by brushing on the glaze and enjoy! Add the butter and sugars to a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment and beat until fluffy.

Next add in the eggs one at a time followed by the vanilla bean paste. Whisk together the flour and baking soda and add to the wet ingredients be careful not to over mix Add in the oats, cranberries and chocolate chips and mix just until they are incorporated.

Using a 1oz scoop portion out the dough onto baking sheets lined with parchment paper. Bake the cookies for 6 minutes then rotate the pans and bake for another 5 minutes or until they are golden brown. Being a clean freak has its benefits, like actually being able to see your clothes in your closet or not panicking when a friend drops in.

But when it comes to food most of us are eating too clean, too clean for our gut health that is. With so many things pasteurized for a longer shelf life we are all missing out on tons of extremely beneficial bacteria that can really impact our digestive health. I started to learn about probiotics when my friend Midge was visiting me in New York, she told me that she gives each of her kids a little bit of sauerkraut in the morning as a supplement.

I was so confused but when she explained that it contains tons of beneficial bacteria that can do everything from support digestion to improve your immune system it made sense to me that you would want to have that in your diet. On that visit she showed me how to make sauerkraut and kefir at home, it was amazing to learn how it is done. Since then I have learned how to make so many more ferments like kombucha, kimchi, pickles and so on.

It is so fun to learn how to make all of these different things but when life gets in the way I do find it hard to make the time to do it myself, luckily I found Farmhouse Culture. They make their products the way I would myself but I can easily pick them up at the grocery store. I have actually teamed up with Farmhouse Culture to show you 3 different ways you can use the new vegetables in your next meal:.

Add the goat cheese, beets, walnuts and top with salt and pepper. In a small bowl mix together the mayonnaise, tuna and 2 Tablespoons of the brine from the vegetables. Add in the avocados and mix. Carefully stuff the mix back into the avocado skin and top with the vegetables and some cilantro. Whisk in the canola oil and finish with black sesame seeds.

Add the dressing and top with the peanuts and parsley. All three of these were big hits at my house and my YouTube fam was really into how easy these dishes were to put together. Check out the video below:. Check out Farmhouse Culture you can find which stores near you are stocked up on their products by visiting www.

I had read about the benefits of drinkable collagen like improved skin elasticity and moisture but I had not taken the plunge and tried it. After talking with the brand I realized how easy it is to incorporate into your daily routine and I decided to give it a try. I can totally see a difference in my hair, skin and nails plus it also adds protein to my daily diet.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Moringa Leaves?