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Hipsters On Food Stamps, Part 1
They were literally part of the royal bloodline,that was not just a symbol though the importance attached to it by society was. Beating someone up because they disagree only makes them dig their heels in deeper. Wow, so now white guys are subject to the same kind of scrutiny other people are when unemployed. Do the time, four to six weeks, and see for yourself. Posted by Ryan November 13, 1:

can you stomach the truth?

Millions on food stamps facing benefits cuts

At best this post reads to me as gender ambiguous. For me at least. My degree was something I poured my life into. I really loved and dreamed, and I just knew I'd do something good and I find it sad to think about it. Just one more thing in my past. And a box to tick. The second was the end of my belief.

Posted by Anonymous November 12, 8: November 12, 8: The system works by giving them a set, one-time dollar amount for food each month. If they waste it on over-priced food, that's less food for them.

Posted by Thomas Belnap November 13, November 13, Looks like I touched a nerve. Your comment shows the difference between you and I. I believe I have control over my actions and you seem to believe that life is simply a matter of chance. Posted by Anonymous November 13, Posted by Anonymous November 13, 1: November 13, 1: And also, asshole, five years in psychotherapy is valuable and is also a hell of a lot of hard work.

Posted by Ryan November 13, 1: They were literally part of the royal bloodline,that was not just a symbol though the importance attached to it by society was. There were millions of White Russian supporters, and so a very real threat that one of the children could later return and start another war to regain their throne. Look at the Carlists in Spain, for how longlasting this could be. And why the problem with bored housewives?

Is that sexism- women can be anything they want as long as it is not a housewife I have no idea why being bored as opposed to, I don't know, wildly entertained matters to you either, but I digress.

Seriously- is that the best you've got? Posted by Pirran November 13, 2: November 13, 2: Oooh, what a racist. How can you make such a baseless, bigoted projection? And everyone else whoever they may be has the DUTY to pay for it. I'm not entirely sure how these things work, but I believe it involves planting many more Magic Money Trees.

Posted by Anonymous November 13, 2: TLP is cool with you as long as 'she' is a psychiatrist, but not cool if she is an analysand. They are navigating the same basic territory but for some reason the psychiatrist is better to you.

Although the analysand is largely operating from an emotionally and mentally difficult position, that of navigating raw, original experience Kind of flip sides, same coin.

With these other posts, the basic premise is that poor people artistic hipsters shouldn't get uppity and want things they aren't really entitled to And finally, the artistic hipsters, in my imagination, are happy and making the most of their poverty, cooking something nice, which is all anyone can do, ever.

But everyone writing in with any sense of entitlement is for the most part, pretty unhappy. So what makes you better? I know it is great fun to feel superior to someone, nobody knows that more than me I am super into that. But still, I've noticed a lot of the time in this blog it's like nobody feels good without trashing on someone else.

It's particularly funny when they are doing it whilst insisting grandly they are overcoming their narcissism and being querulous about the best way to be an authentically good person. Posted by DensityDuck November 13, 2: She has a choice: Use meth and sleep on the street, or sleep in a shelter and don't use meth.

She'd rather use meth than not. She is, therefore, choosing to sleep on the street. Choices are not made in a vacuum. I don't want to eat ramen noodles for dinner, but I like having Xbox Live more than I like having a burrito. Pretending like my choices don't result in noodles instead of beans is foolish. Posted by Chris November 13, 4: November 13, 4: You will not like them.

McDonalds is hiring, at least where I live. If there are no jobs, move, and work as a janitor in a oil-riggers dorm if needs be. Do not sit in a pile of bong smoke. Use the time you have. It is a ticket that gets you in to an entry level job. If you had a real degree pharmacy, medicine, nursing or a trades certificate plumber, mechanic you would KNOW that.

Your newly minted M. That gets you a residency -- or registrar job where I live -- and completing that where I live allows you to sit an exam half the candidates FAIL. If you pass that But my backup plan back in the day when Reagan was schooling Carter was to do English Lit.

There the bus ticket is a PhD. And PhDs do not come easy. Keeping academic jobs and promotions I've published on average two papers a year for a decade. My H factor is 8. My highest cited paper has over 80 citations. And I did not start specialist training until I was Whatever you end up doing, do it well. Because what you did last year really does not matter. What matters is completing the tasks you are doing now. If you are a salesman, you have got to close. If you are a waiter, you have to serve, if a carpenter, build The doors, the choices, are still there.

Commit to it for a year. Because irony, in the end, is Posted by Anonymous November 13, 4: Posted by thestage November 13, 5: November 13, 5: The problem that is cropping up in these threads is that people are taking the idea of "college is bad" in a very general, reductive sense, and then taking this to also mean "knowing things about things that aren't directly related to economic production is terrible.

Most of the people bitching about the terror of the humanities essentially in this thread are people who went to college as a trade school and learned nothing of intellectual value. And yes, TLP is telling you that this set you up economically.

But the point isn't that you are awesome, it is that the system fucking blows. If knowledge was truly valued, pursued, and disseminated effectively, we wouldn't be in this position to begin with. Terrible economies and confining social systems are literally based on stupid premises, propagated by idiots intent on being king of the dunces.

Education is not the evil, you are. Buy into it so you can eat bread without dying in the gutter we are so dumb we've convinced people one step away from financial ruin that the problem is not that everyone is one or zero steps away from financial ruin, but that we actually attempt to feed the ruined , sure, but nothing at all improves if there aren't also countermeasures, if the concept of advancement via something other than short term economics and material consumption not production, lol, we leave that to asian people is not aggressively and thoughtfully propagated.

Posted by AlexeyConrad November 13, 6: November 13, 6: Posted by Unnatural Selection November 13, 7: November 13, 7: Or never start using meth in the first place, but don't let anyone catch you saying that "people should be held accountable for their life choices".

It isn't their fault that they chose to fail. Posted by Anonymous November 13, 8: November 13, 8: I agree with you but at the same time, considering what a big deal college is, society shouldn't let your sentence be true. College must give you some entitlement or they should get closed down and sued. I live in europe and here college is cheap, but still they are funded with public money and professors with enough seniority make a ludicrous amount of money compared to the national average.

Why we should let this be if then college doesn't entitle you to anything? The fact that a degree doesn't entitle you to anything is exactly the problem.

Posted by tornpapernapkin November 13, 8: You're still thinking of you. What "she" and remember, you're the kind of person who made her up. She's YOU in your imaginary mind. But what "she" is accountable for, like in my hypothetical evil room, is recognizing the clues to make a better choice.

But don't let that stop you from feeling superior! Posted by tornpapernapkin November 13, That seems to be the only time where there's a situation that could be interpreted in such a way the gender of the speaker might be inferred. Still a big leap though.

I could also read it as trying to impress a senior in rank. We're talking about associate profs here. They're like glorified grad students. Trying to impress some one can be as simple as wearing a suit to a job interview, or name dropping your famous colleague. Now it could be sexual. But that doesn't imply a heterosexuality or b that it's not status oriented anyway. I'm so amazed always that people really go through life convincing themselves they're so sure of everything. Posted by JR November 13, Is there anything I can do to get you to stop writing about economics?

I really like the blog, but your ignorance about this one subject is cringe-inducing. This whole post is based on a false premise.

They're not getting rich, but they're certainly better off than if they hadn't gone to college. The article also serves to reinforce the system by subtly suggesting it's still better to be a cog in our economy than a producer in someone else's. It's not an article about the rational hipster who takes his worthless BA in English literature and gets a comfortable salary and free living accommodations teaching English in China.

Hate the hipster on food stamps, but God bless America. I don't think he hates the system and America so much, I think he is more interested in fixing it and not destroying it or damaging it for example by making smart or valuable people move to shitty china.

Posted by Ed S. Does anyone ever actually read a TLP essay or just mentally keyword scan and react? What's it about then? Well, TLP conveniently puts the first topic of the essay in the 1st and 2nd paragraphs:. Those are two "hipsters", and the punchline is that they pay for their foodie porn with foodie stamps which sounds like it should be a terrible thing, except it's in Salon.

It's very easy and satisfying to hate these two, and nothing would make me happier than to hit them square in the back with a jack-o-lantern. But I also recognize that I am being told to hate them, so I have to take a step back and find out why it is so important that I hate them.

So what makes them hatable is the seeming choice they have made: If you think that this is an essay about the "value" of a BA -- read it again.

The essay is about what TPL regularly writes about: Posted by J November 13, 4: Posted by Dovahkiin November 13, 5: Or at least that's not my point. I love me some history, I read about it as I get time. The thing I think is conflated in this picture is that somehow you didn't really learn history or art or literature or philosophy unless you got a degree in that subject.

It's actually the oppostie in many cases. If I went to a 4-year program to learn history, I'd be pretty much reading pre-chewed history straight out of some professor's book about whatever person or period I'm studying.

And in most cases, that's about it -- you read at most ONE text on the subject with maybe some supplementary reading on the side. You don't even really learn to evaluate whether that person is right or wrong. You take notes on what the teacher says about the professor's texts, then spit back what the professor thought was important about the other professor's thoughts on the history of whatever era.

Or if you read on your own, you find yourself reading lots of different sources, and at least in my case a lot of primary sources, and in that way, you are forced to come to terms with whether or not a given author has anything useful to say, or whether that theory of the civil war you were taught in the first text holds more or less water than the theory put forward by a different author.

You find out that what Lewis and Clark were saying about themselves might be very different from the romanticised notion put forward in textbooks. That's the thing, I think you'd actually get a better "liberal arts" type education for a lot less money by reading the texts about whatever interests you on your own time. It forces you first of all to learn how to learn, but it also makes you budget the time effectively to do so and evaluate sources that you spend your own money on.

Then once you do that, it you need to you can use those skills to earn a degree that will make you money. Unless you really want to brag about the diploma, I don't see the problem with self-study. The resources are out there. It's not as prestiegious to do it that way which is what I think a lot of people like the lib arts degrees for , but you get the same material. For most of us, we're only going to get one chance at a college degree, and since we'll be paying for it for the next 20 years, it makes no sense to get the degree in a subject that won't pay you back.

I suppose if you have a trust fund, it might be different -- you aren't going into massive debt to get the diploma, you aren't getting the diploma to get a better job, it's for fun. If that's the case, do whatever you want. OTOH if you're going to college and taking out loans that you'll be paying back for the next 20 years, you shouldn't be looking at college as "mind expanding" but rather as a job training program.

Because if there's no job after the debt, you've become a slave for a degree that's more often used as a way to get a pie piece in trivial persuit, rather than doing it on your own and having no debt. Posted by tornpapernapkin November 13, 5: This is so interesting and different a feeling to me. It is very hard for me to want to be a failure. Makes me think of the line from Place of Dead Roads. I don't understand how not winning is worse than failing. Winning is just the end of something. Losing is the end of something too.

If it's worth doing it's worth doing however it turns out. Posted by DrModern November 13, 5: TLP, this post is stupid, and you are stupid for writing it. To get specific, credentialing is a form of signaling; signaling is the primary means by which participants in the modern labor force convey information about themselves; colleges are institutions that provide credentials. The value of those credentials depends directly on the perception that they are difficult to obtain, which requires most colleges to set performance standards by essentially arbitrary benchmarks related to cognitive achievement, many of which are ultimately not germane to the tasks people will ultimately be required to do in the labor force.

The service that college provide, part of the promise, is that they will grade you rigorously and harshly on your academic performance. This is why colleges generally do not take steps to constrain their pupils in their choice of major: And while some choices of academic concentration may require further specialized training to realize the value of the undergraduate credential, access to that further training is itself strongly contingent on one's undergraduate credentials.

That some subset of the populace hasn't taken steps to realize the value of their credentials doesn't say anything about whether they're mispriced or overvalued by the market in general. I guess you just don't like that the modern labor force depends on being able to signal your value without necessarily actually delivering value? I mean, sure, no one likes having to work with morons who managed to coast through at Harvard, but it's not like there's some bygone golden era to long for here.

I guess I don't understand winning. You don't know what you win. You don't go get a thing, and if you did by the time you get it the thing has become worthless. It was the doing stuff that was worthwhile.

The end is just an excuse to make up something to do. Failure is winning then if you decide you want failure, then you're winning at getting your failure. It's either worth doing the "win failure" operation or not based not on what you win I don't even know what failure means to anyone else specifically but rather on what you get to do while acquiring your failure. I mean there's nothing to win at all ever.

There's nothing to fail at either. In my mind, there's just things to do and death is the last one. Posted by Galimathias November 13, 5: Both what you get and also the intrinsic value of the thing, the intrinsic value of the doing.

You have to have both. Posted by Dovahkiin November 13, 9: November 13, 9: Part of the value of any signal is how hard it is to fake your way. If a semi-literate person can graduate from a local state college, you aren't signaling "smart guy" necessarily. So what exactly are we signaling at this point? If I have a diploma from a 4-year college, I'm signaling that I'm Because the average American has a 4-year diploma.

As far as colleges not restricting majors, I agree that it's probably not where they're going to restrict. If they're serious about the value of the diploma, I think it's going to be a question of raising the standards so as their graduates have to accomplish a lot more to get in.

Or if they don't really care, they do as they have been doing, sell the "college experience" and give anyone who can pay tuition a diploma years later. High end schools will probably take the first path, as they're counting on future successful people endowing the university with money in gratitude.

State schools will probably continue to take the McDiploma route in which you buy a degree -- because they have very little incentive to stop the gravy train of thousands of suckers willing to pay through the nose for a diploma and a few drunken frat parties. It depends on the model schools really have. Outside of prestiege schools like Harvard and Yale, they probably don't really care if their diplomas signal anything out in the workplace.

I've yet to see any 4-year school give the percent of people who are working in full time, non intern jobs in their field within 2 years of graduation. If they were concerned about the value of the diploma they sell, that would be something you would hear about.

But as far as the present, I think the value of a degree is pretty low, as it only signals functional literacy, which while nice, has very little to do with job training. If you're in STEM, you will have skills related to that field, you'll know how to make a bridge not fall down, stuff like that.

It's not giving any signal worth sending. We've essentially made college like high school because we fell in love with the idea of being college graduates. We've brainwashed generations of kids who really wouldn't have gone to college into spending thousands on diplomas that do little more than make them debt slaves.

Because, hey, I'm a good parent with above average kids who all graduated from college. Posted by Jay November 13, I said nothing about your agency, self control, or lack thereof dude. Let's think of it like this: It's almost like there are a complex set of factors that go into everyone's life, most of which are determined before you're born. I believe it's called "playing the hand you've been dealt". Is it somehow unreasonable to assume people hit the ground running as a result of their parents?

Things like their ability to afford a college education, and the ability to live in a school district that will facilitate getting the opportunity to earn a degree? People their parents know, or wealthy people who they happen to meet to take a chance on them? What about having parents who ensure that you do your homework every single day, and have the free time to stimulate your intellectual curiosity?

What about the luck of being born in the first world to begin with? What about the objectively measurable advantage of being white and male? What of all that? I don't need to waste my time on refuting babby's first fallacies here. Here's an ad hominem for you: I'd pity your professors, but there's a very good chance that there are dozens of students even more naive than you in their program.

I hope they can do something for you, but there is not much reason for that -. Which brings us back to why college is terrible for everyone - the standards have cratered to the point where students are less knowledgeable about certain things after leaving college than they are after leaving high school - like history.

Their writing and critical reading skills are no better than the day they graduated high school either. These institutions are also EXPECTED to meet the needs of a corporate culture that gives exactly zero fucks about your ability to comprehend Kant, Joyce or Derrida, or to be able to crank out a thousand words on a Mondrian painting. Which, IMO, are all admirable pursuits in themselves. The article actually makes a point of saying the same thing, which makes most of the comments here coming out swinging at TLP for being anti-intellectual or at least anti-academic ironic - it makes his case for him.

Academia has already failed you if you can't figure out what a brief blog post is actually saying, quite frankly. Let's get back to it though - Colleges divert a huge proportion of PUBLIC funding to entertainment, aka sports programs, and divert another big chunk to amenities to attract the tuition dollars of both domestic and especially cash-cow foreign students.

This is a matter of economic necessity, coupled to what the general public demands. Adjunct positions are the only wave of the future for people seeking to teach at a college level - tenure is over, you're now teaching as an independent contractor for half of what you'd have made 30 years ago, and you will get no benefits to boot. College in the year happens to be run like a business, in other words, and a lot of the administration at state universities comes from the private sector.

I cannot emphasize how reprehensible that is, and how much I fear for the future of intellectualism in the US. Posted by Weldon November 13, It's not like we're fighting a two-ocean war and need everybody to pitch in: Why do we still have 40 hour work weeks?

Because that's how much a manual laborer in the s could do for 40 years before he keeled over? Are there any non-shift jobs for which that number is not entirely arbitrary?

For that matter, what's the point of productivity-increasing technology if everybody still had to work at a job? Also, I think you're ignoring what college is actually useful for, which is the same thing it was used for years ago: Fortunately we're a kinder, gentler oligarchy now than we were then, so we allow a path for some people to get into the rarified social circles from the barrio.

Which is supposed to make all the difference. Posted by Chris November 14, 1: November 14, 1: I will say that in my country I work for a university in the top in the world on a small rock in the South Pacific university sports are just that You play against the local town teams -- and in an annual tourney. Which does not make the TV. We do have fee paying foreign students.

It is a reasonable deal in the Antipodes That is kiwibucks, so around 16K -- 68 K in US dollars at current rates. And I do some consulting work The real way the University makes money off me is by contracting half my time to the local hospital. My employer university gets a fair amount of its money from he government Taxpayer and the income depends on completion rate. There is thus pressure to pass people -- the limit is the integrity of the staff. Since I work in a professional school the grandmother test applies -- would you let your grandmother go and be treated by that student?

It becomes the mother or child test in some circumstances. General comment -- if you do not know what you want to do and are graduating high school, get a job for a year. Go to school when you need the certification to pursue the jobs you want. It is cheaper to fly to Ibiza to party than to have a college experience. Posted by Anonymous November 14, 3: November 14, 3: Some of the posts have statements can that be read either way.

Often I think the value in the blog, one of the values anyway, is in the cathartic release of people expressing themselves, which as you can see often happens quite strongly.

And sometimes pretty snotty. This is a little outside my realm but based on what i know perhaps i should clarify. I meant something akin to catharsis, approaching it, maybe sometimes right there. Posted by Anonymous November 14, 4: November 14, 4: Coaches for american football at American universities are oftentimes the highest paid state employees.

The NCAA is a multi billion dollar media empire. In fact, college football is oftentimes more popular than the NFL, which is no slouch either.

The problem with running a university like a business is that the focus ultimately shifts away from education to amenities and sports entertainment. The focus is drawing people in with the most amount of money to spend as well, aka foreign students. The prices are pretty gargantuan in NZ if what you're saying is true. Look, I'm not even referring to something he's being ambiguous about.

Considering that he routinely employs concepts from psychoanalysis, do you really think he dislikes the humanities? I'd also contend that leaving the reader to fill in the gaps through provocation and rhetoric does not necessarily mean that it's hard to understand.

That's just how I read things. Oftentimes TLP will attack the inherent cynicism of the articles he makes the subject of a post for treating you as if you cannot think for yourself and offering a simplistic, Disneyland treatment of the discourse , so even if his writing is unclear it often is , he's at least willing to practice what he preaches. Posted by Whatever November 14, 6: November 14, 6: Guess who's shoveling in the dough, while the other is languishing in long term unemployment or low paid temporary job contracts.

I know cazillions of such stories. Take a stab at vocation instead. Even the child care workers at our local preschool are better off than some people who studied to become a teacher. Posted by fraula November 14, 9: November 14, 9: TLP, are you playing three-dimensional chess here by especially criticizing women's choices to study liberal arts? If you are going to college to get an education and not to meet guys, you are insane, literally insane, delusional, in reality one is never going to happen and the other is going to happen anyway, and you could have gotten both for free at a bookstore.

Since other commenters are playing Anecdote As Data here, I'm going to toss out the wild guess that my anecdote as a woman will be criticized as exceptional. Which it isn't, if you'd actually talk to women who studied liberal arts instead of facile nonsense.

Again, three-dimensional chess or what? I and every, single, woman I know who studied liberal arts - literature, foreign languages, and music, no science or "computer science" or law or medicine whatsoever - are gainfully employed. Several are contentedly, long-term single, myself included, and fully, financially independent. Guess what we're also smart enough to criticize Posted by Zeus November 14, November 14, The only thing worse than slimey hipsters is the thought of spending the rest of my life with a look-at-me-I'm-tough obnoxious white girl like you.

Posted by tornpapernapkin November 14, Add me to the list of women with useless degrees who are gainfully employed.

I actually even like my career. Bring on the hate I guess, I'm a taxpaying salary woman. And I even got a degree that is supposed to result in my being a starved hipster sucking it on the street for photo-ops on Vice magazine.

Posted by Anonymous November 14, 1: Posted by shakingfist November 14, 1: I had the same awakening and exactly in that same order. There are too many others on the not-good-enough-to wipe-my-butt-with now. Wow, that post had so much vitriol that i wanted to counter with a cute picture of a tiny fluffy kitten wearing a green frog hat, but this site won't let me post pictures. Still the thought is there. I wish we could post pictures.

Posted by Antigone November 14, 2: November 14, 2: I fucking hate my post above, but I tilt so badly, when the topic college comes up while I am drunk, because, guess what, I teach at one business school, at least here the female using college as a marriage market hasn't died out yet. Let me try again: The problem is, that they are, when most of them shouldn't.

They shouldn't go to college, but learn together. The jobs they eventually get, shouldn't mostly exist. Posted by Anonymous November 14, 2: Posted by tornpapernapkin November 14, 4: How do "they" do anything.

We invest them with meaning. They just make that profitable for themselves. But all bets are off when you eat the Coke or the broccoli. These foods have to be processed by your metabolism not a closed system.

Coke and broccoli trigger very different biochemical responses in the body—different hormones, neurotransmitters and immune messengers. The Coke will spike blood sugar and insulin and disrupt neurotransmitters, leading to increased hunger and fat storage, while the thousand calories of broccoli will balance blood sugar and make you feel full, cut your appetite and increase fat burning. Their courses advocate the use of low-calorie artificial sweeteners and indicate that cutting calories is the key to managing your weight — regardless of where those calories come from.

All the while, independent research is suppressed. As put by Marion Nestle , a nutrition professor and author: The companies are not buying the results, although it sometimes seems that way. Instead, it seems to me that researchers who are willing to accept grants from food companies tend to be less critical about the way they design their studies.

I often notice that sponsored studies lack appropriately rigorous controls… As a rule, corporate funding discourages critical thinking — or promotes uncritical thinking — about the importance of individual foods or nutrients in healthful diets. Sponsored studies have only one purpose — to establish a basis for marketing claims.

Many packaged low-calorie diet foods contain ingredients that can rob us of our health, some cause us to eat more than we should and most of which you would never cook with at home:.

I could go on. I truly find it sad that anyone considers this healthy food! Speaking of healthy, I checked out the ingredients on a container of Healthy Choice Country Vegetable Soup , which only has calories.

What could possibly be unhealthy about veggie soup? It turns out a lot. Their soup contains soybean oil, sugar, and hidden MSG. Try this Mexican Lentil Soup recipe instead. I know I do. That was until I read the box on Skinny Cow Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches and found a complete freak show of artificial colors blue 1, yellow 5, caramel , and carrageenan on the ingredient label. Try this Coconut Milk Ice Cream recipe instead. Try this Chia Fruit Salad Pudding instead.

When you eat whole foods — especially plant based foods that are low in sugar such as leafy greens, vegetables, and fermented foods, you optimize your gut bacteria sources 1 , 2 , 3 , 4, 5. Similar to how antibiotics which destroy gut bacteria are used to fatten up farm animals , it only makes sense that an unhealthy gut could fatten us up too.

The effects are complex — some of these chemicals increase the number of fat cells, others expand the size of fat cells, and still others influence appetite, cravings, fullness, and how well the body burns calories. My new book The Food Babe Way will help you do that and opt out of this broken system and finally break free from the grips of the food industry.

The habits you will learn in The Food Babe Way will take the guesswork out of that — I created it for myself, my family and friends — and all of you! Do you know someone who is still counting calories?

Please share this post with them! Find out what to buy and where at the top grocery stores near you. If you purchase a product through an affiliate, sponsorship or partnership link, your cost will be the same or at a discount if a special code is offered and Food Babe will benefit from the purchase.

Your support is crucial because it helps fund this blog and helps us continue to spread the word. This is one of the most well written and comprehensive articles covering everything wrong with our current way of eating and the sad state of our food supply. Thank you for posting and sharing this valuable info! I am passing it along to my family and friends. I think she does a fabulous job of food label interpretation based on what exists.

Somehow people like me who follow people like her tend to be healthier for it. Composition and grammatical errors? Why so glum, chum. Any one who was ever on a debate team or has written research papers understands the importance of using data qualitative or quantitative that support your argument. Just keep on mouthing off like the simpleton you are???

Hey Haleigh……Eat what you want! If you think chemicals are ok to consume then that is your business and it will be seen in your health. In the end the consumers will let the companies know that they are sick of their lying and deceiving advertisements. When their sales start to plummet then they will change. Well, Haleigh…maybe you need to apply for the job of editor.

Maybe that would make you a happier person. I doubt if there is an article written anywhere online that does not have errors. That does not mean that the information is wrong. And if you have information that disputes what is being said, why not post that? We need more doctors like that hey, your mom is so lucky to have a caregiver that actually cares. I appreciate the passion and commitment you bring. No need for nasty, small minded remarks people.

What is wrong with advising people they should be eating whole fruits, vegetables and other foods found in nature instead of packaged junk food? Really people have a problem with that advice? I appreciate your work, Vani! In my own experience real food has solved health problems for me. Label reading is key… we need honest labels as even supposedly healthy food stores such as Whole Foods and Trader Joes still have plenty of food that has unhealthy ingredients! I have nothing nasty to say to those who choose to eat either way!

Thank you again for helping us with this valuable info! Too many people are sensitive or dangerously allergic to MSG. MSG is found in a lot of foods naturally too. This verses the Krafts or other brands of processed Parmesan.

Whether the cheese is in a block, or pre-grated, MSG occurs in cheeses naturally, in very large amounts in some cases. Tomatoes are another source. A molecule is a molecule is a molecule. To those people, it may be worth examining your total diet and exercise regimen.

It depends on the brand. Buy higher end brands and there is no msg. I am highly allergic to msg I have to carry and epi pen. I shop the outer walls of the supermarket and spend a lot of time in my kitchen cooking from scratch.

Not only is msg killing our bodies but all the other unhealthy ingredients are too. We need to band together as a society and protest to the food and drug administration!

My doctor told me not to eat anything from a box, bottle or can. I no longer need to read food labels. Plus, my food packaging waste has gone way down! Right on Vani-your message is so valuable to us all!

A must see for all concerned parents bee are being duped! Luv ya girl, press- on! I have shared either via FB, email or thru conversation, her hard work. Yes, she has photos of her fat self on these boards, what a difference now… As for.

Gary I suppose you have a PHD in chemistry… You should not show your ignorance in public like this, a molecule in your tomato is not equal to a molecule synthetically made in a lab, shame on you!!!

Go back to school …. The WeightWatcher program is one of the worst for pushing processed foods. BUT, at every meeting, they push processed food — low-calorie, low-fat everything: All of the products are loaded with artificial sweeteners and other chemicals! The shame of it is, WW has food scientists who know the dangers and the uselessness of these products for long-term weight loss, so they have absolutely no excuse for their greed.

Hi Elena, I totally agree with you. I tried WW years ago and the reason they push points and processed foods is so they can sell their own brand of junk. I found it anything but simple. Simplicity is just eating whole foods that come from nature, not a lab!

What a comprehensive and well-documented article. Thank you for this. This is a must read for everyone interested in taking back control of their health. We have posted this on our Healthy Changes Now group Facebook page and we will be including a link in our next newsletter.

Thanks again for this great article. I would just like to comment as a Registered Dietitian. We generally teach people to eat as close to the natural resource as possible. We give recommendations for health. If weight loss is the first step that is what we focus on first. Small steps make big changes and its unrealistic for someone especially when working with lower income families to cut out everything at once.

I appreciate the idea of cutting out processed foods. Sorry lynn, but your comments prove you ate a brainwashed dietician. It is very possible, for everyone to do this. It just takes time, planning and the desire to do it. Most of us are lazy, we want health and nutrition to be easy. If not its too hard. They use coffee creamer and such. Yes, you as a dietician should be ashamed at the host chemicals that are in foods you condone. No wonder those trying to lose weight never actually learn how to eat healthy.

If people in third world countries and Army rangers can live on grasshoppers and worms and be healthy and strong enough to survive and even fight back, then so can you. So the reality is that it comes down to inclination, determination, willpower. Do you want to be strong and healthy? Do you want to have a heart attack instead? Are you willing to do what it takes change the way you live in order to have a better life? When you do that you encourage them to make excuses and point to scapegoats to avoid that responsibility and pass it off on some heart-bypass surgeon and those that foot the medical bill.

Such behavior is disgraceful as it allows and encourages this problem to continue. Along with that, they feel deprived without that twinkie. To make matters worse, these same children often receive a bag full of food for weekends and holidays, and its more processed crap. So, its not always because someone is lazy.

We have got to stop the government from being so easily bought by these large food corporations that they are ruining the health of our youth as well. A patient explained to me when you are poor you eat to fill up. Grass hoppers and worms might work if that is all that is out there.

But someone who is poor will not care as much about eating an apple or greens as they want to fill up not knowing when the next meal will come. Folks who say it is easy for poor to eat healthy have likely not been poor or worked with the poor closely. When you see under weight teens living in tents, working, going to school, starving ready to pass out… any dietician worth her salt is not going to lecture the child or family to only eat whole foods.

As whole foods are not always available. They have to eat what they can find. More than 80 percent of beneficiaries find employment within a year of starting to collect payments. With the economy no longer in free-fall and SNAP participation leveling off, analysts also do not expect the program to drive up the deficit.

The Congressional Budget Office projects federal spending on food stamps to fall over the next five years as the economy strengthens.

Parents often skip meals to ensure children are fed and use other means to make ends meet. People are looking for something they can feed their children right now. Families, particularly single mothers, rely heavily on food kitchens, mobile food pantries, faith-based organizations and other charitable groups when their food stamps run out.

Flowers leans on her church and Bread for the City, a Washington, D. But that, too, worries, anti-hunger specialists. People in the field say food banks across the country are already at their limit in the help they can offer people. Resources are always tight, and they have been stretched to bursting by the recession and anemic recovery.

And right now there is none. As usual with large socioeconomic problems requiring public policy solutions, any remedies in principle lie in Washington. That may be bad news for SNAP recipients. Although some Democrats in Congress have attacked the Nov. When it comes to America's hungry, it seems, political leaders who can't agree on anything can agree on this: The poor can make do with less. For her part, Flowers has not given up hope that elected officials will help her keep food on the table.

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