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Plantain fritters — Crusty on the outside and dense inside made with overly ripe plantains, brown rice and spices. Get to Know Us. Nonni's Biscotti, Toffee Almond, 8 Count, 6. If you have never tried puff-puff before, it is deep fried dough, just like bread dough — slightly crunchy on the outside and chewy inside with a touch of sweetness. One of the things that excites me about these Mandazi is the custom of adding freshly grated coconut, cardamom and nutmeg spice into the dough. Continue to mix and add the eggs gradually. The person who invented biscotti is believed to have been a Tuscan baker.

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Baked Lotus Cheesecake

Working with 1 at a time, dip balls into melted butter, then roll in cinnamon sugar and place in pie plate. Stack balls to form a dome. Sprinkle with any remaining cinnamon sugar, and drizzle with any leftover butter. Cover with plastic wrap, and let balls rise by half, about 1 hour. Preheat oven to degrees. Unwrap balls, and place pie plate on a baking sheet.

Bake until golden and firm, and a wooden skewer inserted into the center comes out clean, 50 to 55 minutes. Let bites cool in dish 15 minutes, then drizzle with glaze. Total Time Prep Yield.

How would you rate this recipe? One other tip I have, is put a tray under your casserole dish, it really boiled over quite a bit. Jen, I just made this for Easter, but instead of waking up 5 hours early I made the dough and let it rise once the day before and then refrigerated it overnight for the second rise in the pan. All you have to do is wake up in the morning and put it in the oven for an hour. It was delicious, the only comment I have is that because the second rise was longer the balls at the bottom of the pan baked together more so it was harder to tear.

However, it was still delicious. Does anyone know if this can be made in advance and just put in the oven at the last minute? It requires a lot of prep time for all the rising for a breakfast dish, but something like this would be best served warm out of the oven. A good butter conversion to various measurements can be found at http: Rewind a few years back to when I used to get panic attacks whenever a couple of projects land in a span of few days.

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