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And because fat tends to slow down digestion, many low-fat dieters fight hunger pangs all day or eat such an abundance of low-fat foods that their calorie intake is too great for weight loss. As of today, I have lost 8 pounds and only exercised 3 times in the 41 days that I have been on the program. There is some data, however, suggesting that both endurance and strength athletes have increased protein needs compared to inactive individuals. August 8th, 0 Comments. Nine of those 20 amino acids are essential, meaning you must get them in the diet. I know mealworms contain much more prorein than meat and half the fat.

What you should know about eating for your body type

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But are they really? Did you know your vitamin is supplement could include herbs that are NOT supposed to be taken daily? Find out more about what you should know about any supplement you might be taking!

As if your period is not bad enough! Can it be helped? What can you do to minimize those PMS symptoms? Or perhaps in your personal journey? You know those times your weight goes up and you just need to follow something simple to get back on track! These are the 10 things I do when that happens to me! Some of them are KEY for losing weight any time! And none of them involve a detox or starvation. So, you keep hearing you should meditate!

But WHY should you? And HOW do you even get started? WHAT will the benefit be? Can it really help with weight loss? Top 6 Meditation Apps from Episode: Over the past few weeks I have realized why so many people are suffering with their health and having issues maintaining weight loss. You keep hearing about it and might wonder if it truly has some of the incredible benefits people are raving about!

How to set yourself up for success in ? Follow these steps to help you set intentions for your year with a way to hold yourself accountable! A system that has worked for me and will work for you! Are you tired of getting sick? Need some help with your holiday shopping?

Ideal for active and fit people who enjoy the very best! Includes cheat sheet with links to each item and some great discount codes! Cheat Sheet For Gifts: Are you tired of feeling bloated, lethargic and up 5 pounds after Thanksgiving Day?

Try these 10 easy tips to help you stay in control and feel great through the entire holiday weekend! But your body does not change! Maybe you are missing these 4 things that play a serious mental game in weight loss!

So many choices, and yet, how do you know which one is best for you? Do you think trans fat free means there is NO trans fat? Or how about sugar free…. Find out the truth about the everyday food labels that are used as marketing ploys to get you to buy it! They will trick you and should NOT be allowed! But yet…this is how it is! So, learn which labels to watch out for and teach your kiddos too! Do ever feel like you are the only one in your family or amongst your friends that is trying to eat healthy?

Well, you are not alone! A lot of my clients have a partner that is NOT healthy and it can make it hard for you to keep up the good work! Have you been hearing about people talk about the Keto Diet? Ever wondered what it was? If it might work for you? And does it help athletic performance? Are you always starving? Do you know what that means? Do you keep hearing about people eating the Plant Based Diet? Is it the same as being a vegetarian or vegan?

And is this the right nutritional change for you? Do you hear different research daily about what you should and should not eat for your cholesterol?

Did you hear eggs are good for you and then bad for you? And what about these documentaries about healthy eating? Let me guess…you train for a marathon and gain weight?

Find out 5 reasons why many athletes are struggling to lose those last pounds! Do you feel like your summer body is losing its glory?

Let me guess…you are not on schedule with your workouts, nutrition or life right now? Summer is fun, but the extra pounds you might be gaining are not so fab! Find out why and the fiasco it caused in my head! And what you should be asking your doctor! AND…can we really trust this research? Want to know how I helped my 14 year old find his sport?

Well, it did not happen overnight! I learned 5 lessons! These lessons can pertain to almost any challenge you face! And learning from these lessons can help you the next time an obstacle comes your way! Check out this episode and see what you can learn from my 5 lessons! Are you sitting on a coach wondering if you could ever do more? She says she once came in last place for a Half Marathon!

And NOW she is on top of the podium! She talks about how she did it, how she lost weight and how she became a vegetarian! An episode you do not want to miss! Did you know your SKIN is the largest organ in your body? And we slather a lot of toxic chemicals all over it in the summer!

Make sure your sunblock is NOT harmful and find out what to look for on your sunblock bottle! Do you know what is ruining your body more than anything?

This is a very important episode for people who are never satisfied with their body weight, body image and overall body confidence! Find out things you can do to actively change your thoughts and therefore your life!

You might even catch me SLIP about my personal negative self talk! Check out this fantastic interview with Natasha Van Der Merwe to find out how she lost the baby weight as a pro-triathlete, how her nutrition has changed by adding MORE calories and how she inspires people to try this amazing sport all over the world!

They affect your mood, your skin, your weight and sometimes feels like they affect your whole life! Sometimes normal, sometimes not. Are you ever so sore from a workout you can barely walk the next day? Or how about incredibly exhausted? Find out my TOP recovery tricks so your body can be ready to keep going! Did you know that going 2 actually tells us a lot about our health? Find out if your POOP is normal? Have you heard coffee is bad for you?

Or perhaps myths about it being a dehydrating beverage? Want to know the latest findings? Is it healthy or harmful? Find out on this episode! Do you ever wonder why you are not a faster runner? Or perhaps why you keep getting injured when you run? Find out what she did to go from an 8: Do you have a vacation coming? Check out these tips to help you on a road trip or vacation across the world! This is exactly what I do to stay on track when I travel! These questions can give you a great sense if your body is balanced and harmonized.

Your answer to each question might surprise you! Listen to this episode and take the 10 Question Test! Do you think you need a personal trainer or coach? Perhaps you want to drop those last pounds or get ripped? Follow these 10 Tips to help you make the right choice! Do you lose weight while on a program or a challenge, but then gain it back when on your own? If you struggle to hold yourself accountable to your health goals, THIS is the episode for you! Find out what 4 steps I personally use hold myself accountable and how you can use them too!

This episode is also available as a blog! People tell you to watch your sodium but do you know why? Do you know how much sodium you should be eating or not eating? Are you having trouble dropping those last pounds? Do you eat right, workout and still struggle? Find out in this episode! You know I am NOT a fan of supplements!

However, I finally did find a company that seems to have their supplements at a level that I can stand behind! Do you get confused about protein? How much do you really need? Are there some sources of protein that are better than others?

Or Daily Pull Ups? Well, find out what I think about fitness challenges and why they might be doing more than challenging your body! Do they get you to the next level for fitness, health, nutrition? What do I eat when I splurge? Do I ever eat a whole cheesecake? Do I just want to go to McDonalds sometimes?

Click Here for Podcast Let me tell you what I changed in my fitness and nutrition world to get the body I have today! And why I think most strength training programs are failing their clients! Do you turn to comfort food when you get stressed or emotions take over? Do you wonder why you keep turning to these fattening foods? Are they killing your waistline and making you feel depressed after you eat them?

Do you wear the right workout shoe? Do you know what type might be best for YOUR foot? Do you know how often you should actually be replacing these shoes? Are you a mom? If so, this is an episode you do not want to miss!

Click Here for Podcast 31 Show Notes: These are 10 likely reasons on what went wrong! Click Here For Podcast Too many women are falling into some serious detrimental traps! Please listen to this important episode that might relate to you more than you realize! And if you have a teen-age girl, this is an episode you do not want to miss! The episode you all asked for! I took the top protein powder brands and compared them all! Click Here For Podcast 28! How do you handle an injury when you are trying to lose weight?

Will an injury mean you will gain weight? Click Here For Podcast 27! This means that excess calories are more likely to be stored as fat.

This profile leads to a greater propensity for energy storage, including both lean mass and fat mass. This can also mean a lower carbohydrate tolerance. Endomorphs typically do best on a higher fat and protein intake with carbohydrate intake being controlled and properly timed e. Again, no math gymnastics. Just think higher fats and protein, lower carbs. In general, we encourage individuals to experiment with different nutritional strategies until they find what works for them.

And this is certainly one way to go about doing things. Regardless of your body type, body composition, or overall health status, your ability to handle carbohydrate-dense foods is greatly improved the more active you are. Depending on your body type, your carb tolerance and needs are different and your strategy should be different to match. This means eating more carbs all throughout the day. And you should, of course, ensure you get plenty of carbs around your workout for fuel and recovery.

Remember that as carb intake increases, fat intake decreases. If you have moderate carb tolerance or needs , you should likely maintain a moderate intake of carb-dense foods outside the workout window. The rest of the meals would consist of less carb-dense foods and more lean proteins, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. As we approach different stages in our lives, hormones change and our body type can be influenced. This includes stages such as puberty and menopause as well as the male equivalent, andropause.

High Typical body type: Ectomorph Carb timing ideas: Moderate Typical body type: Mesomorph Carb timing ideas: Low Typical body type: Endomorph Carb timing ideas: This would be a better place for you to start. For our advanced nutrition readers, take advantage. Establish your body type, implement the strategies, and watch how your body changes.

As always, match up behaviors and expectations while utilizing outcomes based decision making. Our next group kicks off shortly. Plus the ability to turn that knowledge into a thriving coaching practice. Click here to view the information sources referenced in this article. Semiz S, et al. Body fat distribution in childhood obesity: Koska J, et al.

Distribution of subcutaneous fat predicts insulin action in obesity in sex-specific manner. Obesity Silver Spring ; Overview of adipose tissue and its role in obesity and metabolic disorders.

Methods Mol Biol ; Haugen F, Drevon CA. The interplay between nutrients and the adipose tissue. Proc Nutr Soc ; Fat and muscle component of body mass index BMI: J Assoc Physicians India ;

You don't need the extra protein or the heavy metals our tests found