Medieval cuisine


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New bandage made of silk and gold that is laser-bonded to your skin 'fixes wounds The completely edible shortcrust pie did not appear in recipes until the 15th century. The two-meal system remained consistent throughout the late Middle Ages. Porridges were also made of every type of grain and could be served as desserts or dishes for the sick, if boiled in milk or almond milk and sweetened with sugar. Wine, verjuice the juice of unripe grapes or fruits vinegar and the juices of various fruits, especially those with tart flavors, were almost universal and a hallmark of late medieval cooking. Food should preferably also be finely chopped, ground, pounded and strained to achieve a true mixture of all the ingredients. The price is a cut above the competition, too.

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Do the health benefits of raw milk outweigh the potential risks. Are the benefits proven. What about the risks.

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