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The enema contains sulfite and should not be used by patients with sulfite allergy. I am a completely different person if I don't eat a healthy diet. These things are all that distinguish who will grow to be strong and who will grow weak. What do the cows feed upon? For example, heavy metals impair phase II methylation, toxins from bacteria can impair phase II glucoronidation and pesticides, inhibit an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase, which prevents our primary neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, from being broke down. Reducing sucrose and fructose could be the key to McDougall starch diet not the elimination of butter, meat, eggs and cheese. It all falls over when things that should be flexible get stiff and as you age, the opposite also happens.


The Body Cleansing Diet

We were working hard to get The Sinus Guide up and ready. If you are interested you can pick it up here: About the squeeze bottle: It can definitely cause water to get into the Eustachian tubes. You have to be careful when using it and if you feel any liquid in your ears, stop and let it drain out. To help it drain you can move your jaw around, swallow or yawn.

It can help though that procedure is not always successful and it has been known to make problems worse. If nothing else works then I would give it a shot.

Migraines can cause both double vision and ear fulness and tinnitus can be associated with migraines as well. What I would do is keep note of what you eat. Try to stick to whole foods without preservatives and other additives, such as MSG. Whenever you get a migraine, note what you ate or drank previously.

ACV is apple cider vinegar. You should be able to get most of the things I mentioned in a health food store. We will be continuously adding to it as well.

The parasite cleanse material is all there: I got my tonsils removed, then got grommets and then was told I have TMJ jaw tension, so they made me a mouth plate. How can I keep my Eustachian tubes open? I need advice and I am willing try anything.

MY nose is never blocked, just my ears with the dry throat and constant ear infections. That sounds awful and you have my sympathy.

Treating your tmjd would be a very good step. Clench your jaw as hard as you can for about seconds. This takes time, but try to feel all of the muscles. Sit in a comfortable position and let your jaw hang loose. Breathe through your nose gently and try to reduce your breathing as much as possible. When you find it, release it and continue to search for more tension. Do this constantly throughout the day.

You do this to the point where relaxation becomes your default setting. A complimentary step is your diet. Cut out all inflammatory foods and replace them with whole foods. Drink plenty of pure water. Your tubes are likely chronically inflamed.

The best way to get rid of that inflammation is to cut all possible causes of systemic inflammation. The best way to do that is through your diet and lifestyle. Get plenty of exercise, plenty of sunlight, only eat whole foods. It sounds simple and it really can be. You have to make sure you stick to it though. It includes the above and more. In your case, with chronic ETD, it can take longer than 30 days but the progress you make should see cause for optimism.

You can find it here: My doctor has told me twice now, Kayley you ears and sinuses look fine….. That is an excellent step. Try to make most of your food raw as well. In any meal, the more raw food the better. If you can make all your meals raw, even better.

A good peroxide preferably food grade will help by pouring it into the ears to help kill parasites, and any cellular microbial problem, as the body uses h peroxide in the immune response. I would highly suggest a full mineral, and vitamin test, as well as an acids test which will test your gut bacterial as well as digestive imaging. Drink much water throughout the day, as when there is not enough water in the body, as is seen with pneumonia patients, the body needs to find a way to lubricate and will create a sticky mucous membrane, so without water, problems such as the ear not moving properly, or the lungs being filled with excess mucous will happen.

Also, simply limiting eating time to about 4 to 6 hours a day within that window will also help substantially, as the immune system does not operate very well while the body is in a digestive state, as well as, if the body is in a stress response physically, or psychologically. Next is the spinal column: Many doctors like to take out bones behind the ear, however this is unnecessary, and generally only helps to stop parasites from forming in the area, as they prefer to hide behind that area.

There is also oregano oil that can be applied to that area behind the back of the ear lobe , along with something such as hot pepper, and coconut oil, for full absorption to assist in removal, applied in that area.

Lastly is the structure of the ear itself. If their is a structural problem, it can sometimes be fixed naturally by flushing everything out, and increasing circulation, with a warm moist compress.

Now, there is the ear wax scenario, or obstruction, which is generally a very easy fix. Remember, your body is an intelligent system that needs the proper building blocks, and the proper structural integrity. I hope any of this helped someone with their problem, take care. Right now my ears are blocked, I went to an ENT he said there was nothing he could do. So what I have been doing that seems to work is I try to unblock one ear at a time. Pinch your nose and plug one ear while blowing just hard enough to have them open.

You can do this with water or some lubricant to allow it to get water in your Eustachian Tube. What it does is it blows air softly enough to help you pop your ears. You put it up by one nostril and close the other.

Get some therapeutic turmeric, start taking it. Make some nasal drops from it mixed with olive oil Put a few drops in the nostril your blocked on. It will tingle but the throbbing will stop along with the pressure. I am only only day 2 but boy does it feel better. And as for the turmeric, you need to keep it around and possibly rid yourself of all sugar, processed food and anything fast.

Sorry but its all a trigger. Good luck with your sinus battle! Mucus is normally created by the body as a way to protect sensitive linings and to trap debris in the respiratory. Depriving your body healthy fats can cause damage in the long term. Asians need less and in fact have difficulty digesting milk because their ancestors evolved slightly different not having milk or nearly as much red meat as Westerners.

Fatty acids is why you include things in a vegan diet such as avocado, olives, nuts and seeds. I am not completely vegan. But there are raw foods that do contain good fats and protein. Ya just have to know food.

If someone insists on being vegan, they should include B vitamin supplements. I do eat grass fed red meat, chicken and also fish. I do not eat grains, dairy and processed foods. I am proof that changing diet will open up sinuses, lower inflammation and balance mucus production.

It came on out of the blue without any infection. What can I do whilst pregnant to help shift this? I like how she wrote that in without a second thought. I have been in agony for 2 months. My eustachian tube is still full of fluid. And my ears feel clogged and they ring and pop.

My eustachian tube dysfunction started a little over two years ago. They thought I had Menieres disease but all the tests were inconclusive. They wanted me to get an MRI but with my insurance it was out of pocket. After that I cut out gluten and dairy to see if it would help. A week later all my symptoms disappeared. Its was two months of a clear head and clear ears and it was glorious. The reason why the apple juice first and then the lemon and olive oil is because we treat it gently as possible as to not promote toxicity when the body is cleaning up, through intestinal recirculation.

I am required to say that everything i am writing is only my opinion. Have heavy wax buildup in both ears [years of no wax maintenance. Simple equalization methods do not work. I have been successfully unclogging my eustachian tubes of copious thick mucus for 4 months using Alkalol and the Eustachi device in combination with a procedure I developed.

It will take time to master, go slow and methodical with focus, concentration and a clear vision of where you are aiming the drops at the anatomically correct hole entrance area. Study images of the ET anatomical location. And visualized when doing.. Your head has to be fully backwards then Immediately after the drops, pinch your nose, close your mouth and gently force air up the ET, the so called Valsalva.

If I want to unclog the left ET, I slightly tilt my head to my right shoulder and use the Eustachi in my right nostril. After a while you will master getting a puff of air directly to ET entrance hole. You are trying to get a straight shot of air to the solution that is now on the mucus plug-if you have dripped the solution correctly onto the right area. It may be thick at first and require repeated trials to get flowing. It may be a little at a time also. But you will feel the mucus being cleared gradually up the tube till unclogged.

It may take just a few times if done correctly and the mucus is not impacted and thick. I have mastered the technique and now do about times a day or as needed. I was so impacted. Research the anatomy to be able to visualise. You will be guided by feeling and hearing also. I worked as a Respiratory Therapist in the intensive care units. We used to clear mucus out of lungs with saline and an Ambu bag, which is a handheld bag you squeeze to deliver positive pressure with oxygen. It is the must have equipment for intubated patients.

It was called bronchial hygiene as we had to keep an open airway to properly ventilate. And had to do often with many patients. So, essentially, the Eustachi is the positive pressure Ambu bag that forces the Saline solution onto the mucus. Using a nasal spray up the nose will not anatomical reach the bottom of the ET. Why are earth would a nasal spray directed at the sinuses get to the ET entrance hole.

This technique that apparently I developed has not been used is mind boggling to me. My ENT doctor was amazed that I made the connection and developed the procedure. I have developed and improved several other medical procedures and respiratory equipment modifications with my logical ideas. I think boldly and outside the box, especially when failure is not an option. So, do some study and research on the anatomical place of the ET entrance hole, and aim to get the Alkalol solution at the ET entrance hole.

Like I said it may take sometime to get results, especially if the mucus is very dry and impacted with mucus plugging the entire ET. Casual antibiotic misuse is one of the reasons why bacteria are developing immunity to those antibiotics.

Has anyone had problems with swollen lymph nodes associated with the blocked or infected Eustachian tube? Hi Im now trying the neti pot after attempting nasal spray after nasal spray to undo the blocking of my right side sinuses and right ear. Hello, This is the first time I heard about Eustachian Tubes and had no idea it was linked to sinus pressure. Hey Rose, While in my experience Eustachian tube dysfunction has not manifested itself in pain behind the eyes that is a big symptom of sphenoid sinusitis as you mentioned If you are getting recurring infections, you may wish to clear the problem out.

That seems to be a big problem with specialists especially in surgery! Take care and let us know how it goes. Hi MAC, Sorry for a late reply. Hi Mac, Sorry again for the delay. Migraines can definitely leave you confused and anxious. Hi Kayley, That sounds awful and you have my sympathy. Good luck on your recovery Kayley! When you are in adrenal fatigue, the body has a difficult time storing energy. Eating smaller meals at more regular intervals will help your body learn to better regulate blood sugar so you can feel your best.

Ideally you are eating a healthy snack between meals around am and pm. Use healthy fats at every meal. Include lean protein with each meal and snack. Protein helps stabilize blood sugar and reduce cravings for refined sugar and caffeine. Animal or plant source proteins are fine. Try eating lower-carb at breakfast and higher carb at dinner. There is an example of this in the sample meal plan below, but this pattern of eating helps many with adrenal fatigue feel better.

Kick the caffeine habit. Caffeine provides extra stimulation to our adrenal glands which is already working in overdrive. If going cold turkey sounds too difficult, consider switching to green tea first, then decaf green tea as a second step.

Green tea has a lot of beneficial effects on gut health so may be helpful when consumed daily. Herbs might include those like Maca, Ginseng Panax sp. Be in bed before 10pm. Getting on a regular schedule with your sleep and making sleep a priority is key to healing. Find pleasure and eliminate the energy robbers things that drain your energy. We only have 80 years on this planet, maybe less, so finding pleasure should be a priority! Pleasure and fun also stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system which also helps you feel better.

If you need this to be your excuse for a monthly massage, so be it! Make plants a staple in your diet. Eat lots of colorful fruits and veggies. Eat a salad every day and include only foods that are grown in nature. You may need the help of a functional nutritionist to help you identify food sensitivities and allergies, but once you have found and eliminated them the healing process will speed up! This can be mentally, emotionally or physically. Pushing yourself beyond your limits is probably what got you here in the first place.

Laugh several times per day and enjoy your recovery. There is no need to be so serious! Make this journey fun. Find a relaxing hobby and make sure it helps you smile. Sauteed greens carb and onions in 1 Tbsp coconut oil fat with 2 eggs protein or 4 oz leftover steak or chicken protein. Seasoned with sea salt, pepper and other desired herbs.

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