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You can avoid this by using a debit card with a PIN number. I am new subscriber and tried your Roasted Pork Tenderloin tonight. In the It Starts With Food book the authors explain all about why fat is crucial to a healthy diet and they go into detail on the differences between good fats and bad fats. Love Costco- I buy my cheese slices and our cheeses find it real good prices. Denise Hindera October 30,



Thursday is here and now theyre saying its next Thursday.. Well im sorry but that doesnt work for us. He got hired on with reluctance, because he wouldnt get paid for so long. We are living check to check with a young son. We need this check and no one is helping us out. This company is really going downhill. I was let go recently as well for conditions that were out of my control and they preach how wellthey treat their employees.

Everytime I call another person is answering and the other people dont return calls. I warn people not to get air conditioning from costco if you dont want headache. Why are we consumers still being punished a month later? Nothing of this nature ever occurred in all our years with AmEx. I forgot to mention that I sent Citi two emails via its internal communication set-up. There has been no reply to either. More examples of incompetence and unprofessionalism.

We are long time members and very disappointed in the recent customer service we have received. We are still waiting for a refund. Been dealing with this furniture since FEB 22 We were told they would send us a check several times… now July 11th… they are still trying to locate the refund..

Guess I wont be going to Costco for furniture again! In the northern part of St Johns County, Florida we are having a terrific growth spurt. It will have the largest shopping area in Northeast Florida.

Plans call for 2. We have a serious lack of big-box retailers and services in the northern half of St Johns County. Bass Pro Shops is the only retailer announced so far. This area could definitely use Costco as one of the large retailers. If we could get a Costco gas station in the same location would be the icing on the cake.

While traveling to Tallahassee early this summer we stopped at the Costco Warehouse and for the first time took advantage of the gas station.

Costco either needs to tell Aerogarden to shape up, or ship them OUT of their stores. I received two Aerogardens as gifts, a small one two years ago, and the larger LED one just over a year ago.

BOTH stopped working, and the customer service at Aerogarden is as helpful as someone calling a big corporation and complaining. They will tell you how bad they feel, they will tell you that this is awful, they will tell you all the sympathetic crap that they think that you want to hear. Their items are extremely expensive to begin with, but when they stop working after the second planting, then you know that they deliberately make a cheap product that is too late for warranty service.

I would like for Costco buying department to take note. I will also publish this on social media, Yelp, and any other place that I can think to place this inferior products reputation for deliberately cheating the public.

Free trade and all….. My wife and I have enjoyed shopping at Costco over the years and thought their operations to be well managed until this latest credit card fiasco. Transitioning millions of customers from American Express to Citi Bank Visa was a nightmare and not well thought out in my opinion. As a retired Technical Manager of Customer Relations for a large International Corporation, heads would have rolled if we treated our customer base in this fashion.

Keep close watch on your bottom line Costco, you may not like what you see! Today I had the worse experience at costco. First the floors were lacking staff , so I was unable to retrieve help obtaining products. Second, was having to encounter a cashier named Felicia, whom was very disrespectful and provided us with attitude.

Apparently customer service skills were lost in the training of the staff? But that was not all, when requested to speak to a manager, no one walked over to get one. They screamed name out loud and left us there. We gave up and left and will be writing letter to headquarters.

Recently Costco discontinued the Kirklands signature Canadian blend whiskey at the dunwoody GA location. This was a really hot seller and my absolute favorite whiskey. Is there anything I can do to get this location to receive more? This is the fourth day trying to get ahold of Citi Visa and I still cannot get through now I called at 5: I would rather have great customer service and to get all these extra percentage points on my gas and my other stuff.

This is a very terrible decision that you guys made. I expected more out of you guys this city visa seems to be second-class. Regret very disappointed customer. Our main strength is our in-house infrastructure supporting our factories in Vietnam. We have a workforce of over seven thousands personnel producing women garments. Our competitive edge is very strong due to our London based Design Team and ability to source Fabrics and Trimmings worldwide. To ensure our customers are supplied with the very best garments, we have on — site QC and QA inspection teams, monitoring every stage of the production process.

All design, development and production is in — house. We are very proud of our state of the art production technology, which includes;. Macpi automated fabric inspection and pressing. Lectra and Gerber automated cutting The latest sewing technologies and techniques. Costco on Renaissance in Albuquerque. In the letter it gave two meters for me to choose from as replacement.

When I took the letter to the pharmacy, the Pharmacist already chose the meter I would get and ordered it without checking with me at all. So the Pharmacist makes choices for me whether I like it or not. The pharmacist told me that the meter she chose would be in sometime today. I filed complaint with Costco Corporate No call back so far….

My card was now declined. I told them in July and they said they would fix it. They did not as this is August Today, I just left your store in Hoover,Alabama and two of your cashiers was very rude to a friend and I. I told them I am going to retrieve my card in my car and I will be back through the line to get my merchandise both started laughing and whispered to one another.

When I gotten back they had put my stuff back and told me I had to go and get it. Then another cashier from another line went and got it for me and was very polite. I am a cashier supervisor and if one of my cashiers had treated a customer like they treated me they would be written up. I never gotten rude service like this before the reason I come to Costco because I hear good things about you guys. But if this continues to happen I will shop elsewhere.

I know that there must be others like me that only will used an AX Card for all their shopping. Why in thr world did you drop American Express. Could it be you get more corporate earnings from this. Citi has been terrible for customer service.

I was declined using Citi about two weeks ago. When I call Citi they said my account was ok that it was the merchants machine that probably caused the proble. Well today aI went to Costco to buy things since we were on vacation in California. I paid with the Citi card with no problem. Ten minutes later I went to Sproutsto purchase and was declined twice. Call Citi and Watson hold for 45 plus minutes. At this point I am goin to use Citi card to gain a chess to Costco, but us another card to pay for my purchases at Costco.

I will not give one moe Pennie to Citi. This was a terrible mistake on Costco part. I will write to the New York time and other daily papers. I was chosen for interview for the County Line Road new store in Indianapolis, my husband also applied. He got a job, GREAT, but I had interview on Monday and they had marked my name off since my husband had mentioned we were married to manager.

Waited over an hour, was taken back and neither interviewer new of policy of married couple could not work at same store. I had called 2 other Indianapolis stores, they say up to each individual managers, well since that can change then policy can also.

Since my last name was different I could have just lied and said we lived together, I guess that would have worked, but we are to honest. I did forget to put in the Costco they put me back in for is 45 minutes to an hour with traffic from my house. New Costco is 5 minutes! Your store on Los Feliz Blvd. To make matters worse, even when lines are long, store management is slow to respond by opening more registers, use additional employees- to scan items prior to paying, speed up returns, etc.

Reading all these comments has been very interesting. I hope things get resolve. I truly believe Costco is a great company with great benefits!! The products are great as well!! Costco has many nice gifts and beautiful flowers as well!! Costco in Poway, CA, San Diego County, has low-life, crass, aggressive salespeople, who verbally and physically harass customers, in spite of the previous complaints to the Poway Costco management.

This is the 4th complaint about the ongoing problem at the Costco on Tech Center Drive in Poway, CA, regarding the Costco Direct TV salespeople who both verbally and physically accost and harass customers as soon as they enter the store.

The sleazy, aggressive, offensive, Costco Poway Direct TV salespeople harass customers as a matter of standard practice. This is ongoing, in spite of complaints. Poway Costco Direct TV sales slime harass customers with phony, aggressive, underhanded, slimy sales practice. Perpetually annoying, harassing Costco Direct TV sales people give the Poway Costco a crass, cheesy, sleazy, low-life, carnival type of atmosphere. I have complained 3 times previously, about the Poway Costco Direct TV sales slime policy and practice.

Third complaint was 15 January , about similar bad behavior on 14 Jan Since then, I have tried to ignore the aggressive, Poway Costco slime-ball sales people.

As I ignored this Poway Costco low-life sleazy sales type, he came across the aisle, over to me and my basket, deliberately harassing, pressuring, pestering, annoying, bothering, and accosting me. Poway Costco has an ongoing practice of training their Direct TV sales people to harass customers in the manner just described.

When these low-life Poway Costco slime-bag sales people succeed in getting the innocent customer to look at them, then those aggressive low-life, harassing Poway Costco Direct TV sales scum immediately twist their high pressure phony greeting into their sleazy, slimy, dishonest sales presentations.

He came all the way across the aisle to confront and accost me, in his Poway Costco trained, obnoxious, aggressive, high pressure manner. He was directly next to me when I stopped and told him to stop bothering me and to get away from me. I am a 70 year old senior citizen. Both of those facets make me even more vulnerable fair game for the typical Poway-Costco-trained, sleazy sales pressure and harassment.

What do Poway Costco customers have to do, in order to protect themselves from the perpetually aggressive, high pressure, obnoxious, crass, grossly inappropriate, offensive Poway Costco sales people, with their Poway Costco trained, instructed and sanctioned aggressive, offensive behavior? Some female manager called me about this same kind of complaint, a couple of years ago, and offered me a free cake. Nothing has changed; the Poway Costco sales policies still have the Poway Costco sales slime behaving aggressively.

Costco Corporate Office hear this! Please take an active approach by actually intervening to put a stop to the Poway Costco policy and practice of having their slimy sales people accost customers. I do not understand why Costco continues to affiliate themselves with Foster Farms. Their factories are I humane to poultry and are filthy and laden with salmonella. You carry ONE Perdue product. Perdue not only meets industry standards but insists on being graded on a higher level. I also do not want my chicken coming from a place that is teeming with salmonella.

I used to think Costco wanted the best for its members. I am now rethinking that. I want to suggest an addition to your wonderful hot food service menu. Best prices on the dogs and salad and pizza, etc. It is easy to make and easy to maintain and easy to serve! It would definitely increase sales at the food service counter. I shop at Costco a lot. I have for years. We trust in the Costco name. I now have reason to start doubting this long established relationship.

I went to costco online and was ask to take a customer service questionnaire and receive a free gift. The only gift that looked even half way nice was some facial cream. Now I find that I must have misssed the small print in The hijacking message. You may have clicked on a phishing site by mistake. I have spent all day calling vendors who I have purchased from with auto pay on my Costco American Express card. Your decision not to renew with American Express has put a tremendous burden on your customers and has dissuaded me from wanting to continue as a customer.

Costco is considering raising its membership fees?! And what do the members get for the millions Costco stands to make off our backs?? Could it be more bad service, cheaper products, and more irritating policies? For instance, why not take all credit cards to accommodate everyone? This moronic policy of only taking one type of credit card is one of the main reasons I stopped shopping there. I had a horrible experience with one of the customer service representatives at the store located at 82nd ave and 2nd street, zip code in Miami.

Please avoid this guy, he is not going to help you and he is not helping the business. Costco lost a deal today. After 31 years of service I desided to retire.

I moved to Colombia in to get a change in life. I heard that Costco is coming to Colombia and if you are I would love to come back to the company that I love so much. Please let me know the current plans or if you need me to do research here for the company. My name is Zane Barnes from Brandon. Thank you for the consideration. There are many surrounding towns, Bisbee, tombstone, Douglas, Benson, Patagonia, Hereford, that would make it worth your while. As it is I drive over an hour to shop at Costco as do many other people.

Please consider and thanks. Lies when they say its an open door policy, by this open door policy of speaking to this woman because he was asking about his paycheck he went to her after he spoke with 3 other employees starting with his boss then his boss sent him to another person then another then this nasty woman who has no business being a manager.

I have started legal procedures anyone else feel free to help it is wrong what they did and the really peculiar thing that struck me was I read the article about the man that was let go weeks before this happened to my son and then when my friend told me she mentioned to her boss he had Tourettes I was like oh it wont happen again his boss said he had no issues it was upper management!!

I do not appreciate being signed up for a credit card without my approval. Costco and Citibank slamming their credit-card on me without my approval is not only disrespectful to me the customer but it should be illegal!

I am hoping a class action law sue is file against both companies for this action! Please join me and contact your attorney general and file a complaint against both companies for this action. They should of sent out a notice with an option foe us the customer to select not receive the credit card prior to just assuming everyone wanted to do business with Citibank.

I have been buying Truenature resveratrol maximum strength for va few years and it has been discontinued and replaced by Truenature grape seed and resveratrol. I checked the milligrams of resveratrol in each and the one no longer carried had Mg compared to the one now carried which has only 30! And the cost appears to be even more than what I had b even paying for the plain resveratrol.

Bring back the maximum strength because I will be returning the new bottle I had just purchased. We are getting screwed!!!!!!!! So I decided to take my precious time to write this complaint. My family members lost keys at the Cashier at Costco today.

Surely, they were frustrated because they just lost keys. One of the employees has tried to find lost keys for my family which I really appreciated, but a few employees talked my family members down because my family members could not speak English well. At that time, my family felt unappreciated and discriminated.

To make a long story short, my wife got home and picked up a spare key for her car which she parked at the Costco parking lot. So we went to Costco together to pick up the vehicle. On the way to Costco, we got a call from Costco that they found keys. We were so happy that they found our keys. When we arrived at Costco, we stopped by the front desk to pick up the keys. This manager seemed to not care about my concern and issue. When this manager showed a bad attitude in front of my family members, I asked for a business card.

Sure, I will bring him here. When I talked with Dan, General Manager about this assistant manager, he seemed to understand and apologized what happened. This assistant front end manager really needs to get training for a better customer service skill, communication and manner. As a customer, all they need is to feel supportive and understanding…. By the way, this Costco Store is a brand new Costco store, and needs to improve a better service for customers. I would like to share our experience with the Costco headquarter and some of the customers.

Had a terrible experience at Costco on line shopping. Avoid them at all costs. Rather than being pro-active they waste your time and follow scripts. RUN the other way. Many thanks for having some super employees. Shaun at the Manchester MO store always has a smile on his face, talks up Costco as a great store and wonderful place to work.

The key from being a manager for over 30 years to ensuring quality customer service is to reinforce the positives, and thank superb employees for great service.

I have dealt with Shaun for a number of years, and regardless of how frigid or hot it may be, he is always positive and pleasant to the members. To whom it may concern, I shop at the Simi Valley costco I have to say I love the selection however you guys keep discontinuing a lot of what I buy.

Example canned peas, neutrogenia, turkey meatballs just to name a few. Also on a different note I have requested garlic pepper seasoning by mc cormick, country crock butter, vegan cheese,knots berry farm preserves. Hairspray and Fixodent would be nice also. Thanks for reading hope to see some of this stuff soon. Hi, Jeffrey Grayson a clerk at your Danvers, Ma. Store has targeted me.

He was friends with the bodyguard of the mayor of my town. I objected to s golf course being built on our local watershed, our water was terrible , not as bad as Flint but near enough.

I was targeted lost everything. Jeffrey is part of this targeting. I ran away to the mountains of New Hampshire and both these men followed me. I have shopped at Costco since your store opened near San Diego Ca.

I now shop in Danvers , Ma. To make a long story short I saw Jeffrey a few weeks ago and asked him how the targeting business is going , he became very angry, and within a short time I was under observation by your shoplifting staff.

The harassment in my neighborhood has increased as well as they are part of this system having most worked for local govt. Is this what Costco stands for? You have always had a good reputation with me even when I recognized Jeffrey as my harasser. I have been silent to long. I would like to know how to obtain the video recording of the day I was shopping at Costco in my hometown.

This would include at the register checking out 2 times I went through check out over 3 hours and out in the parking lot. I will provide specific details when I am directed to who it is I should ask anyone but the store workers, themselves.

If there is an attorney on staff for Costco, it would be my preference to discuss this matter with him in telephone conference. The right to bear arms is a constitutional right and a anti gun policy by Costco is making me think ,do I want to spend my money at a store that will use your profits to let our gov take our right away from us I like the service your company has given in the past but you should not be involved in politics please re consider your stand on this issue or I will move on.

I loved shopping at costco. But recently recently my sister, Jeannie Romero just got wrongfully terminated by Brandon , whom is her manager at store I have tried to get his last name but no one seems to know. He made this decision solely on his own.

I would think that a company as great as Costco would follow some kind of protocol and fully investigate the situation before making such a life altering decision for someone who has given 8 years of dedicated work service to the company. He completely removed Charles Hill , who was suppose to be the investigator on the case. I was told by Charles to call the other manager handling the case, Mr. When I did Mr. Tucci acted as though he had no idea what was going on or who was handling the case.

He then told me he would pass this information I had given him on to whoever was taking care of the investigation. The next day when ,my sister went in for her review it only turned out to be one person, Brandon making the decision the fire her on the spot.

I will make sure that I have this situation fully investigated. I hope that this gets noticed by the right person , because I can promise all legal issues will be pursued. Only if you have worked at actual retail store for 20 plus years your go to go even if your worthless employee they use people for this 3 month probation then bye bye I will never ever shop there again.

Amen to that , I am having the same problem like you I will not give up until i get to the bottom of my situation, my disrespectful so call manager name is Kelly Phillips store they are having so much going in that store you would think some one from headquarters would pay that store a visit. Contacting Costco Headquarters Costco is a warehouse company that sells items in bulk or in larger sizes than customers can find in the average store. Costco Headquarters Info Company information for Costco headquarters is located within the retail website.

Costco headquarters offers customers two addresses to reach the corporate office. You can choose to send your letter using the post office box or the physical address for the company. The post office box is tailored for customer contact. Issaquah, WA Phone Number: You can contact member services at , but there is no corporate phone number listed on the website.

We found the phone number listed on a third-party website. Call to contact Costco headquarters directly. We did not find a corporate website separate from the retail website. Costco Headquarters Executive Team It took a bit of searching, but we were eventually able to find the complete list of members of the executive team. Brotman Pat Callans Roger A. Galanti Jaime Gonzalez Bruce A.

Murphy Rich Olin David S. Portera Pierre Riel Ginnie M. Rose Yoram Rubanenko Doug W. Joe August 8, Elizabeth Keranen August 6, Rae Tabion August 2, Marissa July 25, There was no supervisor making sure that things are done in a timely manner. Babrick July 17, Betty S July 15, Jenny hong July 14, R S Kranidis June 24, Aq August 9, Jonathan M Chattin June 23, Dirk Howard June 19, Sue Lopes June 28, Erick July 11, You have to deal with a third party company not Costco and their insurance.

Norma May 30, Scott Bovard August 16, Claude Ellis May 26, Polly Herbert May 4, Kim Hutz April 25, Matthew April 17, Jane Geoghegan April 3, Jan Howard March 31, Tracy March 20, Britney March 20, I seen this happen Tracy. He needs to get fired. Tracy March 19, Melissa March 20, Scott DiStefano March 17, Robert L Fain March 16, Amy Janssen March 14, Ira June 24, Randy Wilder March 14, James LaValley February 13, Scott M February 11, Jubie January 27, Robin Dean January 21, Of course, rules and regulations will vary per locale.

I'm sure some places probably don't even require a building a permit to put up a gazebo. Yes, it would be great for Costco to mention this, but, unfortunately, they are under no obligation to do so, so definitely check your local building permit office beforehand. Just bring it home and bolt it together.

If you go to your county and ask they'll say you need a permit to change a faucet. It's all about putting money in their pocket. It's just a big piece of patio furniture, I wouldn't bother asking anybody for permission to put furniture in my yard. Hi Anonymous, yes I agree that there are just way too many bureaucrats than we need.

Anyway, ya it actually wouldn't surprise me if many people put up structures similar to the Yardistry 12' x 14' Cedar Gazebo with Aluminum Roof on their properties with no regard to local building laws, and I'm sure they do get away with it as well. If people do decide to go this route, there's definitely a certain amount of risk involved. Definitely, proceed at your own risk. This is not a "piece of furniture" it could kill or seriously injure someone if it fell on them. That is not true of a plastic chair, which does not require a permit.

Thanks again for the article. These are sold out at all the Costco's in my area. Is there any other option to purchase this gazebo? Hello Anonymous, normally I would say that you can also order the Yardistry 12' x 14' Cedar Gazebo with Aluminum Roof on Costco's website, but I just checked and unfortunately Costco is out of stock for this item online as well.

Yes, a permit is needed to have this in your yard. Hi there, this Alberta girl here wishes that we could get the same Costco deals as you all in the states. I am a baker and as a wife and mom of two teens I love to shop at Costco. We always stock up on the fruit and veggies because of the price and freshness. Thanks for sharing your great suggestions with other readers Debbie!

It is just a couple dollars more for a pack of 3 than what I pay anywhere else for just one. I love their Pesto. I put it in small containers in usable amounts and freeze them. Take one out put it in cold water for about 15 minutes and its thawed and ready. Thanks so much for sharing! I love your site, it is my go to when I need a new recipe.

My entire Thanksgiving meal this year came from your recipes. When shopping in Costco I always buy a roasted chicken. I would love to see you do some recipes using the meat or soups with stock made from the bones. Thanks for following Debbie! I will definitely keep your suggestion in mind! Great suggestions, thanks for sharing! Those are all great suggestions Lauren! Wow your price for sweetened condensed milk is amazing! Why are they allowed to Jack up prices before Christmas?

Both my husband and I are addicted to Costco. I get all your emails and enjoy them. We buy butter lettuce in Costco as well for our lettuce wraps ,yumm!!! I agree with all the choices with the exception of water bottles…. Please watch the video of the miles of plastic garbage floating in our oceans! People need to STOP buying plastic water bottles and using plastic bags, etc.

KathJo, the plastic floating on the ocean was disposed incorrectly. That is why a recycling is essential. We also buy at least 6 of the items on your Costco list.

One big item we buy every week is their Finlandia Cheese Slices. We also love their Avocados and Kiwi. I am new subscriber and tried your Roasted Pork Tenderloin tonight. Next will be the Chicken Pesto Roll-ups. Those are great suggestions Jody!

Thanks for following and sharing your thoughtful comments! I am loving your easy to follow instructions and your happy face that makes it much easier to watch. I would like to get the Fooducate app you spoke about.

I was not able to find it in the app store. Would you please help me find it? Thank you so much!! I have it for my iphone. I hope you love that salmon!! I like your writing style truly loving this website. The Best Rotisserie Chicken, mangoes, berries, and cheese. Many thanks to everyone! Toilet paper, paper towels, Costco zyrtec and baby aspirin, glucerna, books, and the list goes on. Those are all great suggestions Cheryl! Daves Killer bread, Brussels sprouts and butternut squash. We like the frozen organic fruits and broccoli they are a freezer staple.

Fresh Avocados are always on the list they consistently have the best quality and price. I totally agree Joaquin! Thanks for sharing your suggestions with other readers!

We consistently buy milk, Cheerios, coffee, Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches summer only , eggs, butter freeze the extra , and we fill up the car at the gas pump. Those are all great suggestions Katie! My friends call me the Costco Queen!! I wanted to suggest a way to get a sweet, juicy watermelon. The tip is from my husband, whose father and uncles grew lots of them.

Look for the yellowish spot where the watermelon rested on the ground. The larger the spot, the sweeter the watermelon. Also make sure the stem end is brown, not green which is desirable for grape stems.

What a great tip Nichole! Thanks so much for sharing with other readers! I agree with all of your choices. We buy the Kirkland brand of Zyrtec. No one else can come anywhere close. Also, one of my children has medical need for glucerna brand shakes.

Those are all great suggestions Sarah! I love Costco too. Our kids have grown and flew the nest but we still go there, we get most of the things you do, love the jar peaches in the winter, soaps of all varieties, roasted chicken is excellent and I make chicken broth from the remainder.

Much success to you. Thanks for following and sharing your great suggestions with other readers! Yes, great suggestion Christine! The best hands down. I buy plums in a bag, avocados, fresh peaches, and tomatoes, milk, eggs plus everthing you buy also.

Those are all great suggestions! Thanks for sharing your suggestions with other readers Maxine! Thanks for sharing Olga! It was enough to make joining Costco again a no brainer. Just came home with four cases and made my membership fee back in one trip! What a great suggestion!

Thanks for sharing with other readers Courtney! We buy our Dog food at costco , the ingredients are that with some of the best competitors ingredients , the bag is huge and a great price! Even the vet recommended kirkland dog food.

Also avocados , bananas, organic blueberries , and danimals! Yes, those are all great suggestions! Thanks for sharing Melissa! I just discovered the avocado mayo, which is Amazing!!! You must try the Kirkland brand of microwave popcorn. What a great deal, thanks for the suggestion Kathy! I have 6 people to feed…. I buy 2 rotisserie chickens and use the meat for one meal. Then I take what is left over bones and juices as well and throw them in a large pot to simmer.

Then I take out all the meat and bones, add soup ingredients and spices and simmer. When the chicken is cooled enough I pull all the meat off and chop it up and add to the broth and veggies. I serve with a sandwich. Great for a summer meal as I get veggies in my son!! It makes 2 chickens go for 2 meals. Such a smart idea. My sister told me about rottisserie chicken soup. Now i am making soup or broth from one fresh chicken and one rottisserie chickent leftover , cause everyone loves chicken breasts.

I do this as well. The Kirkland plastic food wrap, it lasts forever. Thanks for sharing your suggestion with other readers Marcy! We never leave Costco without a bag of frozen chicken, toilet paper, paper towels, milk and eggs.

We have 4 children… ha! I like to buy at Costco some items too. My choices are mostly organic: I do not like their bakery, fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, and meat. I prefer to buy my organic food as fruits, vegetables, grains, almonds, chicken, wild fish, sea food, grass fed meat, bread at the farmers markets Whole Foods, Sprouts or others as they are more fresh and tastier.

I like most of your recipes. Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you for sharing your great suggestions! Buy Starbucks French roast coffee, bean and pods. Those are all great suggestions Mary Lou! I love their bags of fresh avocados for five or six bucks. Yes, great suggestion Marilee!

Love Costco- I buy my cheese slices and our cheeses find it real good prices. Buy our berries and my multi-grain bun mmmm they are delicious. And I get books there too and great deli products. My Costco shopping includes many of your choices such as the tortilla chips. It was mentioned about things from the spice aisle but specifically I want to mention Kirkland Garlic Powder and Kirkland Minced Onion. These jars are the mother load…16 oz each.

I use one or the other often for many recipes. My hope is that Costco never stops carrying either one.

Other must have super affordable staples are Jasmine Rice, Quaker Oats, and white granulated sugar. Yes, my hubby and I do use some white sugar…but mostly large affordable quantities are needed to feed the hummingbirds which live in my area all year around even in winter.

These are all great suggestions Myra! It was my pleasure. We love your recipe and sense of humor! And we buy everything at Costco they are the best! Excellent salmon also for the beautiful recipes you have! Thank you so much for sharing! Thank you for following and sharing your thoughtful comments! Oh ya, thanks for sharing with other readers! I love Costco, I buy all my meats there. Those are both great suggestions Adrianne!

In your 20 things to buy at Cosco article you indicated you avoid MSG. It is a very inferior product. Hi Tom, I think they have different varieties and this one clearly states there is no MSG on the label.

The one they sell at Costco I believe does have msg in it. You do have to be careful! Those are great suggestions Gail! I always purchase the large bag of real bacon bits. And I just heard from a friend that they have pre-cooked wings now! Apparently they rival KFC for taste, at a fraction of the price! Those sound like great additions! I bought one of those bags of bacon bits a while ago, and left it out on the counter. Thank you for sharing that tip!

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