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For maximum health benefits, supplement your healthy eating plan with regular exercise. The goal of a low-sodium diet is to reduce sodium intake to a heart-healthy level. Sodium, in appropriate levels, plays an important role in regulating blood sugar and blood volume, as well as in muscle and nerve health. A low-sodium diet provides a maximum of 2,mg daily.

However, the American Heart Association recommends that your diet contain no more than 1,mg per day. Sodium occurs naturally in small amounts in foods, and most dietary sodium is added to foods during processing, according to the National Institutes of Health. Most of the sodium in your diet comes from salt. One teaspoon of salt contains approximately 2,mg of sodium, which is the case with kosher and sea salt as well, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

For a 2,calorie meal plan, the DASH diet includes seven to eight servings of grains, four to five servings of vegetables, four to five servings of fruit, two to three servings of low-fat or fat-free dairy, up to two servings of lean meat, poultry or fish, up to one serving of nuts, seeds or dry beans and two to three servings of healthy fats and oils, notes the NHLBI.

The DASH diet limits sweets such as jelly, candy and sweetened beverages to five servings per week. Opt for unsalted margarine, low-sodium cheese varieties and other low-sodium condiments, rinse canned foods prior to cooking and season foods with spices rather than salt when cooking, advises NHLBI. The NHLBI provides one week's worth of low-sodium menus online with exchanges for 2,mg or 1,mg total sodium content. Our low fat diet meal plans are overall very similar to the Flexible Dieting meal plans except there is an emphasis on the plan containing lower levels of fat.

This plan is flexible and is suitable for weight loss, weight maintenance and weight gain. Our low carb diet meal plans are overall very similar to the Flexible Dieting meal plans except there is an emphasis on the plan containing lower levels of carbohydrates. If you undertake large amounts of exercise or you are a vegan this may not be suitable for you. The protein sparing modified fast diet PSMF is a very low calorie diet, based on a prolonged fast, and is used for rapid weight loss.

Calories would largely be drawn from lean protein sources, with minimal amounts from fats and carbohydrates. The high amount of protein helps reduce muscle loss and wastage. This is the traditional macro nutrient split used, and still used, by many who wish to follow a diet to compliment their bodybuilding training. In our meal wizard we have built in a little more flexibility to these percentages in order to make the diet easier to follow.

This is the best option for people that want total control over all aspects of their diet plan and nutritional targets. If you prefer to set up your own completely custom diet plan from scratch or wish to find meals that fit the criteria and macros that your nutritionist has given you then this meal planner is for you. My Meal Plan Diet Plans 5: Create My Diet Plan Now. Frequently Asked Questions How does the diet planner work?

Will I need to update my diet meal plan often? How many meals a day should I eat? How much exercise should I do? Once your diet is set up we allow you to edit the nutritional targets for each individual day. Would you prefer your main meal of the day to be lunch? You can adapt our recipe finder settings to ensure that we find the most appropriate recipes.

This is where we make things much easier for you Instead of using our automatic recipe finder you may wish to enter recipes manually. We allow you to do this with the help of our powerful recipe search tool.

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