Samuel L. Jackson Goes Vegan “To Live Forever”


How Janet Jackson lost 60lbs
Also, my question is when Ms. He apparently has had a lot of criticism about it, and l love this comment of his on Twitter: You can find it on the internet. I know I have another body under this layer of fat, but dam,,,,,, where is it? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. She does the same in this interview a bit. June 21, at 5:


Janet Jackson Sneak Peek: Stunning 65-Pound Weight Loss Ahead of Tour

How many of you knew that Brad Pitt is vegan? Apparently, this is an ongoing fight between him and his wife-to-be, Angie: We do need to consider the fact that Angelina tried going vegan years ago and failed due to lack of information, nearly dying from it. But, the question that raises for me is - how does she stay so thin almost too thin, if you ask me while eating animal by-products? Surely she must eat several vegan meals per week These stars are all vegetarians mostly for health reasons - to keep their bodies hot and for the energy.

Here , some are listed as the hottest actors ever. No, he did not become incredibly intelligent because of his vegetarianism because he only embraced this lifestyle at the end of his life. However, he had always supported a plant-based diet over eating meat for the longest time, so he surely ate vegan meals often. He believed that mankind, as a whole, could greatly benefit from being vegan due to moral reasons - he was probably referring to a lower level of anger and depression when he stated this, and meant that there would be less wars across the world.

Let's not forget long-time shelter-animal adoption promoter, Bob Barker. Remember how he often had shelter pets come on the stage, with one of his 'belles' showing it off? This man ate a vegan diet for most of his life, but only sported a vegan fashion because his wife was against fur.

This, thankfully, rubbed off on him and he stopped wearing leather altogether. He also claims that this diet is what helped him work for so long. He's become a bit of a laughing stock because he supports animal rights, yet has not made a step towards even reducing his meat consumption. However, I decided to mention him here because he is doing some things right - he is at least conscious of the fact that factory farming is wrong.

This list could go on for a very long time. I am very happy to have done this search and found so many people who support a cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly and socially-just way of eating.

Do you know any other stars you are happy to know are vegan, vegetarian, or promote animal welfare? You can follow me by clicking on my name to open my profile, then click on 'Follow'. Tobias Akerboom at hutmeelz.

Log in to comment. Log in to vote. For complete listings, follow these links: Ryan Gosling He's become a bit of a laughing stock because he supports animal rights, yet has not made a step towards even reducing his meat consumption.

Don't forget to vote! More about artist , actor , singer , famous , celebrity , activist , activism , animal , rights , justice , vegan , vegetarian. Leave a Comment Log in to comment. I had no idea about some of these. I agree that they should be applauded for whatever reason they are doing it because ultimately it benefits everything.

Natalie Portman is vegan, she fell off the wagon for a bit while pregnant but I believe she's back on again. Also, Anne Hathaway recently started a plant-based diet.

I get upset when I hear people fall off the wagon for "health reasons. I think there are ways to control whatever issues you may have with a little research.

Ginnifer Goodwin said she had to start eating omni again due to a health issue. That saddens me because I believe that's from a doctor who either isn't educated about plant-based eating or doesn't believe in it. Anemia is often the reason, and if these people took the time to read, they would know how to correct this. Oh well, all we can do is try to let them know how, and let them decide.

Thanks for the comment! Brillant, I love this! Well written, witty and interesting. I was sad to hear about Michael Clarke Duncan's death too; it is a shame he didn't go vegan years ago, then he would probably still be alive today.

Also, did you know that the American footballer Arian Foster has recently gone vegan? He apparently has had a lot of criticism about it, and l love this comment of his on Twitter: I wish they felt so strong about peace.

I am out of votes for now, but will definitely come back and vote for this tomorrow. I'm not much of a sports fan, hence the reason why I didn't mention many athletes. However, I agree with Arian. More talk about peace and less about putting others down would be very appreciated! Thanks for the vote! Just wondering did yo have problems attaching a picture? I had problems downloading a picture with my article today.

Not to be contrary to your point, but Sarah McLachlan has more than fallen off the wagon. Two of her recent photos added to facebook are of salmon complete with recipe and lamb dinners. I admire her activism, but I'm finding her photos and her voice for animals a little hard to reconcile. For me, she doesn't belong on this list, particularly at 1. I didn't check her FB page. I read an article that says that she only eats fish and at times, chicken. She is still promoting shelter animal adoption, and that, to me, is one step towards lesser cruelty.

But thanks for letting me know about the lamb I wish she didn't do that. By the way, I only put her as number one because she was the first name I thought of when doing this list.

It's completely random, not according to who deserves the highest mention, because this would take too long. I guess next time I'll state that my lists are usually in random order. Usually, when people are on the road to veganism, they support all other animal rights, like being anti-vivisection, anti-fur, pro-adoption, etc, and then in the end conclude that they should stop eating them and their products too.

For some reason, the diet thing always seems to be the last defence to crumble, when someone becomes an animal rights activist. So all power to the stars like Ryan Gosling who do a lot in other ways - let's encourage good people like him, and hope he gets there in the end! Personally I think he will! He is still quite young after all. Does he campaign against foie-gras?

He should, with his surname, LOL! By Avery Phillips Aug 13, 5 Comments. By Emma May 4, 7 Comments. By Amelia Jan 15, 18 Comments. By RachelJackson Dec 19, 3 Comments. By Amelia Oct 31, 18 Comments. She also mentions their butter pecan ice cream Yum! Vegan Glory is where she loves to go in LA for vegan tacos and un-chicken nuggets. This interview raises some questions.

Should we be so strict about labels? I think maybe not in some regards but in other ways I think we need to be clear because the messages can get a bit blurry.

For example, I think most not all and this is just my take vegans look at eating vegan as one aspect of being vegan.

Even if it is a bit of a blurry hot mess. Greater clarity will emerge as we move forward. Another thing she talks about is fish. Your email address will not be published. Please enter an answer in digits: By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

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