Best Potassium Supplements Ranked for 2018 – Top 10 Brands

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BioCare Vitamin C Rosehip Complex is a great tasting vitamin C powder with minerals, bioflavonoids and berry extracts. This handy powder dissolves easily into water. Each 5g dose provides 1g of vitamin C with minerals such as zinc and manganese.

BioCare Methyl Multinutrient is a superior, high potency multivitamin, mineral and antioxidant complex, providing nutrients in metabolically active, bioavailable forms. BioCare Methyl Pregnancy Multinutrient is a superior, high potency formulation to support pregnancy and breastfeeding, containing active folic acid in the form of Methylfolate.

BioCare Vitamin D3 iu is a high potency vitamin D3 supplement providing iu vitamin D per capsule for optimum support. BioCare Osteo Intensive is a high-dose combination of magnesium and calcium in their bio-available forms with boron, vitamins D and K2.

Vitamins K, D, calcium and magnesium contribute to maintenance of normal bones. Skin Within is an exciting new formula from Nutri Advanced, which has been developed for skin beauty. Nutri Advanced MetaClear is a high-strength combination of over 30 different vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and choline, designed to help support normal liver function.

The range of extracts includes milk thistle, pomegranate, watercress and green tea, as well as artichoke which supports normal lipid fat levels Tablets. Nutri Advanced Metagenics MetaTonic is a targeted combination of Acetyl-l-carnitine, l-tyrosine, Rhodiola and Siberian Ginseng, as well as folate which contributes to psychological function and the reduction of fatigue.

Nutri Advanced Metagenics MetaZen is a targeted combination of l-tryptophan and Saffron, with folate and magnesium for psychological function. Information contained on this web site is for informational purposes only. No information is intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or advice and should not be regarded as such. In your situation you should probably at least look at this one.

Beyond that you may want to consult your doctor. So glad Wild Thing made the top Clean and great pumps!! Hi Kristin- Thank you for your question. Most of the preworkouts in The Top 10 Preworkouts are very stimulative because the majority of customers use them to get highly energized during their routines and work to push themselves beyond their previous limits. However, you are not alone in wanting to workout without intense stimulants.

Customers who fall into your category report that they get a good experience from Condense by Purus Labs. Another one, although it does have a low amount of stimulants is C4 by Cellucor. C4 has been around for many years for a reason — some customers swear by it. I have tried Mesomorph and it gives you a very clean energy rush with no crash that lasts for hours. Thank you for your comment. Your experience with Mesomorph is typical of what others have said.

Do you have any recommendations from the above list for US military members? I really would like to try Wild Thing. Hi William- I believe Wild Thing is a good choice. We have a large number of military customers who have been using it and I have not heard of any issues, they also use Mesomorph with no reported problems.

I just want to know what one of these will work? I just want to tone up. And yes I am working out I have my own rutine planed out.

Hi Destiny- Thank you for your question and I am glad to hear you are making progress, 15 lbs off is no small feat. I am going to suggest two preworkout supplements, one is stimulative and one is much less so; however both have nutrients to feed your muscles and help accelerate building muscle tone. The first, is Wild Thing by Assault Labs. Wild Thing is stimulative yet it has a nice list of nutrients as well as nootropics.

The nutrients are designed to help your body get the most from your workouts. Wild Thing will help you push harder and faster though your workouts, which for many people means they get more activity in less time, thus burning more calories and building more muscle tone than they would without it. The other, is Hyper Shock Rage by Myogenix. It also contains a complete list of nutrients, amino acids and electrolytes so it helps to feed your muscles and aids in their recovery afterward.

It also helps to reduce or eliminate the soreness you may get the next day. Both are very good and it just depends on your preference. I would also suggest you tap our Pro Support Team, you can call them toll free at or just click here: They will be able to help you individually by listening to your situation and helping you with workout, diet and supplementation.

They are awesome and there is never a charge for their service. Thank you for your question. We have free samples for those who want to try our some of the preworkout products we sell. You can get more information by visiting this page: Hi Matthew — Thank you for your question. Hi Richard — Thank you for your comment. NO Shotgun came out of the gates hot with a lot of hype and promise, but in the end customers did not repurchase it. That said, if you are getting the results you want from it, go for it!

Hi Dwayne- Thank you for your comment. The fact is C4 has a big following and many people really like C4 and have for a long time, thus it continues to rank on in the Top It may not be the highest ranked, most repurchased pre-workout but it does have its loyal fans, and you cannot argue with that. Hi Kyle- Thank you for your question. Tough choice, both products are good and both deliver tons of energy and focus. Wild Thing is better as far as multiple re-buys goes, customers comeback to it more often.

Also, Wild Thing has more nutrients for helping to build muscle and recovery. The Quest Innovative New Products. Read The Full Intro The customers have voted with their re-buys and positive reviews of the best pre-workout supplements. Brands on this list have been reported by customers to be the go to supplements when the status quo is NOT an option and growth and personal bests are a must. The Top 10 is based on: Many of the pre-workouts on this list are purchased month after month by lots of customers.

Feedback from customers — their reviews and phone discussions — see for yourself you can read the reviews on the store site. Learn About Wild Thing. Learn About Seismic Surge. Learn About Edge of Insanity. Learn About Total War. Learn About Mr Hyde. Learn About Defcon 1.

Learn About C4 Extreme. After 3 years in the 1 position, Mesomorph has finally been dethroned. At the time of this publication little is known about the New Mesomorph other than it now it does not contain DMAA and sports a brand new label.

Fear not Mesomorph fans, the manufacturer APS is no stranger to the preworkout game and this new formulation may even be better. Time will tell, its just that we take these numbers seriously and it would not be fair to include it in the Top 10 until it was battle tested by customers and earned its position.

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However, it is also an effective potassium supplement! It contains electrolytes, and one of the most powerful among them is potassium. Emergen-C Super Orange is manufactured by the Alacer corporation, which was founded in In , Alacer was incorporated into Pfizer, which is a leading supplement producer in the industry. Pfizer produces medicine and supplements and distributes their life-changing products globally as a leading advocate for healthcare. This supplement does not only provide you the potassium benefits, it also supports the immune system with its high vitamin C content.

Additionally, it contains 7 B Vitamins, antioxidants, and the four major electrolytes; which includes potassium. This is a very well rounded potassium supplement that offers a lot for your health, made by a trustworthy brand. Nature Made Potassium Gluconate is a potassium supplement that comes in the form of a tablet.

Potassium Gluconate is extremely effective at supplementing your daily potassium intake, and preventing potassium deficiency. Potassium Gluconate is one of the most effective potassium supplements on the market. Nature Made is a company that has been producing natural supplements for over 20 years. They contribute to health in more ways than just producing affordable, health-supporting supplements; they also contribute their knowledge to health science. They support public studies and clinical trials, and conduct their own.

All of their products are based in science, and research has proven their efficacy. This product is the quintessential potassium supplement. It is pure, provides a healthy potassium dosage, and all the benefits you could ask for of potassium. It is produced by a company that is dedicated to health and natural supplements, and has been clinically tried and proven. This easy to use potassium pill is perfect for experiencing all that the best potassium supplements have to offer. Twinlab Potassium Caps are natural potassium citrate and potassium aspartate supplements that have been packed into an easy-to-take pottasium pill.

Each capsule contains a healthy potassium dosage and provides the benefits of this important electrolyte. This product is only produced in NSF Good Manufacturing Practice registered facilities, and comes in a glass bottle to preserve freshness. Due to its inclusion of aspartate in its formula, its bioavailability is also enhanced.

Twinlab was created and founded in by David Blechman, who had over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. It was named Twinlab due to its budding formation at the time of the birth of his twin children.

Their products are currently available in 55 countries worldwide. It is produced by a reputable company in reliable facilities. However, the product is a bit pricier than some alternatives, and the amounts of each form of potassium salt are undisclosed; meaning that there may not be an active amount of one or the other.

Solaray Potassium is a potassium supplement that includes an amino acid complex in potassium pill form. This supplement claims that unlike other potassium supplements, it does not react with soy.

It also provides your body with additional amino-acids, which are the building blocks of proteins and essential to your health. Solaray is a natural vitamin, mineral, and supplement brand. It is part of the Nutraceutical brand family. Launched in , is has accumulated over 1, products with a wide variety of supplements, herbal extracts, and more.

This supplement offers an affordable potassium pill behind a well known brand that is committed to natural products. It provides all of the benefits of potassium, but it has a couple of drawbacks. The amino acids that they use are not listed, so you have no idea how beneficial they may be.

This supplement also uses more fillers, and more fillers mean less bang for your buck. Solgar Potassium Tablets are supplements of potassium gluconate in tablet form. This supplement is great for an athlete looking to improve their athletic performance while adding additional potassium to their diet.

Solgar is a natural supplement producer that has been around since Their products are exclusively distributed by retailers in the natural supplement industry with the knowledge and tools to effectively help consumers find the right product for them. This is a good potassium supplement for athletes. It promotes the storage of blood sugar as glycogen, which feeds your muscles energy and improves athletic performance.

However, there are cheaper alternatives, and there are alternatives that use less fillers. This potassium supplement is made in the U. They are committed to quality in every step of the process, from the scientific research, to the ingredients, to the GMP certified facilities where they are produced. Their facilities have been successfully audited by the United States Pharmacopeia and STR Specialized Technology Resources , which is an organization that ensures that supplement companies adhere to quality standards.

This is a basic potassium supplement that offers the main potassium benefits, with particular emphasis on the benefits of potassium in regards to muscular function. Potassium gluconate is a good potassium supplement for athletes, because it helps to fuel muscles with glycogen stores. However, just like the previous supplement, it contains some fillers.

One of the minerals it provides is potassium, an electrolyte essential to nervous and muscular function, as well as overall health. It also includes vitamin D3, calcium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, and molybdenum. This product is made by NOW Foods, one of the biggest and best-known companies in the supplement industry. With decades of industry experience, NOW is a proven leader in the natural supplement world.

This supplement contains potassium, but is more of an all-around mineral supplement designed to ensure that your body consumes enough trace minerals daily.

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