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Vector the Crocodile

Andi Sue Irwin
Black Siren makes a shocking decision. Youtube 13 April Retrieved January 17, He soon returned to Besa Kavajë after failing to settle at Iraklis, and he shortly became the club captain, guiding them to a third-place finish in the Albanian Superliga before moving to KF Tirana after just one year back in Kavajë. After a long drought, the boys are back just in time for summer with two months of new episodes on Disney XD which Disney seems to be positioning as their new home…. The Hub worlds are only playable in 2D, so they are not free roam like they were in Unleashed.

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Vector the Crocodile

Do të shkoj te Rijeka" [Andi Lila confirms: I will go at Rijeka] in Albanian. Retrieved 17 March Retrieved 28 December Po shkoj te Parma" [Lila confirms: I'm going to Parma] in Albanian. Retrieved 1 January Retrieved 4 April Andi Lila è un giocatore del Parma. Avrà la crociata con il numero 3" [Andi Lila is a player of Parma.

He will have the crusade with the number 3] in Italian. Archived from the original on 22 June Retrieved 22 June Cagliari 2 — 1". Parma 4 — 1". Ja pse festova si shqipe, tani dua fitoren me Armeninë" [Lila, goal in Serie A: Lila i huazuar te Parma, e presim të kthehet! Lila on loan at Parma, we except him to be back] in Albanian.

Retrieved 5 June Qëndroj te korçarët derisa të gjej ekip, më këshilloi De Biazi" [Lila at Skënderbeu: I stay at Korça until i find a new club, De Biasi advised me] in Albanian. Retrieved 10 August Retrieved 26 August Odds BK 3 — 0". PAS Giannina 3 — 1". PAS Giannina 3 — 0". AEK Athenes 1 — 1". Retrieved 20 July Kombëtarja i bën puç, Bariç jep dorëheqjen" in Albanian. Retrieved 8 October Retrieved 22 October Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Retrieved 8 January Retrieved 10 July Retrieved 12 October Retrieved 30 May UK Children's shows by network: Our Twitter - wolfbloodwikia. So, Wolfblood series 5 came to an end a few hours ago - in the UK at least - and what a series! I really enjoyed it, but the finale had to be my favo…. I had changed my username. I use to be "Houseofanubisfan". I still love "Wolfblood".

Hello everyone, Lately somebody asked me what the differences between werewolves and wolfbloods are. But before I'll explain that, let's first sum u…. There has been said That wolfbloods are A different type of werewolves, Some kind of subspecies. Somebody asked me what the differences between werew….

Want your community included? Sign In Don't have an account? Characters Learn about all the characters in Wolfblood! Cast Learn about the amazing Wolfblood cast! Really confusing episode Series 3 edited by Michael Duley Summary: Retrieved from " http: Later in the month, a Sega-Sammy earnings report listed 3DS and PC versions of the game; however, a revised version of the report no longer listed either version.

The 3DS had minor story changes as well. They also worked on Sonic Colors and MadWorld. The game features levels derived from twenty years of Sonic history, ranging from the Classic era, through the Dreamcast era, to the Modern era. Each level can be played with either Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic , each taking their own routes throughout the level.

Classic Sonic's levels are strictly two-dimensional side-scrolling stages, using classic moves like the Spin Attack and the Spin Dash. Red Star Rings return in the console version. Five can be found in each Act, and collecting them unlocks extras such as music, art, and movies. The hub world starts out at White Space , but opens up more as the Sonics pass through more levels. The Hub worlds are only playable in 2D, so they are not free roam like they were in Unleashed. One character is rescued in each stage.

Characters rescued will stand outside the entrance to the stage, and they can be talked to. Also, there is an area above the entrance to the main stages where the player can access Challenge Acts and rival battles. Bosses are accessed through special areas known as "Boss Gates", found at the end of each era.

The handheld version, unlike the console version, makes the Modern Sonic gameplay similar to Sonic Rush , while also featuring Special Stages based on Sonic Heroes. Some bosses are played as Classic Sonic, and some are played as Modern Sonic. Act 1 is played as Classic Sonic and Act 2 is played as Modern Sonic, and there are ten missions per level. Classic Sonic's levels are strictly two dimensional side scrolling stages that are similar to the games in the s.

Classic Sonic stages consist of him running in a permanent two-dimensional perspective, platforming all the way towards an end sign post just like in the original games in the s. Patrick Riley referred to Classic Sonic levels as "momentum-based platforming".

The handheld 3DS version uses stereoscopic 3D to give a sense of depth. Classic Sonic also has an unlockable homing attack in both versions. The 'Modern' gameplay kept the style of Sonic games that have been from , Sonic Unleashed.

The player can perform Freestyle Tricks , which can be used to fill up the boost gauge, by launching off Trick Ramps or passing through Rainbow Rings. There is a new visual element to all returning levels, such as the cave in Green Hill.

There is more platforming involved, the camera is immovable and quick reaction times are necessary. Completing challenges, as well as finding Red Star Rings hidden in each of the main Acts, unlocks additional skills, as well as bonus concept artwork and music. The music can then be played in any stage, challenge, or boss fight. Ranking Attack, which challenges players to obtain the best time and score on each level, and 30 Second Trial, which challenges players to see how far they can get through a level in thirty seconds.

He has the Boost , the ability to slide under obstacles , jump off walls , and the Homing Attack. Modern Sonic's levels use the 3D effect of depth on the handheld version more actively as well as to giving a better view for when Modern Sonic jumps into the background, although the console versions are 3D-TV compatible. In the console version, Modern Sonic is only able to wall jump off certain panels similar to the DS version of Sonic Colors , but in the handheld version, he is able to wall jump on any wall much like Sonic Unleashed and the Wii version of Sonic Colors.

In a past version of Green Hill , Classic Sonic is running until he hears a noise. In the present day, Sonic celebrates his birthday with his friends until the Time Eater disrupts the party, sucking everyone through various "time holes" and scattering them across different points in Sonic's past.

Sonic tries to stop the monster, but is easily overwhelmed by its power. After regaining consciousness, Sonic finds himself in a strange dimension known as White Space , a realm where time and space end up after they have been 'erased' by being drained of color and life. As the two Tails determine that Time Eater's actions are damaging time and space itself, which is why it is white and lifeless, both "Classic" and "Modern" Sonic race through their history, restoring time to normal and rescuing their friends.

They also realize at one point that the Time Eater's weakness are the Chaos Emeralds. After restoring the worlds and collecting all the Chaos Emeralds, they discover that the mastermind behind the Time Eater is Eggman and his classic self, Classic Eggman , who was faking himself to be a victim of the Time Eater all along. Although the Time Eater manages to nearly defeat the two Sonics, the support of their friends and the power of the Chaos Emeralds allow them to transform into Super Sonic and Classic Super Sonic , and confront both versions of Eggman.

Despite attacking with missiles, warping arms and slowing down time, the Sonics penetrate the Time Eater's core, destroying it. The heroes return to the present and continue celebrating Sonic's birthday. A post-credits scene shows the two Eggmen lost in White Space. The two argue as they search for an exit, discuss whether or not they ever defeat Sonic and contemplate if they should go back and get their teaching degree as opposed to continuing their misdeeds.

The story begins with Classic Sonic in Green Hill. After completing Act 1, a purple vortex in the sky appears and surprises Classic Sonic. After that, it goes all the way to the present day and Sonic is invited to a birthday party by Tails. However, Sonic arrives early, so Tails tells him to wait. But then a vortex sucks Tails into it. Sonic jumps in but is "attacked", though he manages to get in anyway.

Sonic sees a white world and wonders what's going on. Modern Sonic rescues Tails after restoring Green Hill, and Tails tells him that he sees a big city in nighttime and a giant mushroom, so Sonic decides to go check those places out, being followed by Classic Sonic, who is believed by Tails to be Modern Sonic. After restoring Casino Night, Tails informs Sonic that he feels like he has been there and Sonic mentions that he had a some sort of "déjà vu" of that place too.

He then sees Classic Sonic through a glass, thinking that it is a mirror. Then, both Sonics hear Eggman's voice, and Classic decides to follow the voice through a portal, but Modern was unable to get there in time.

After entering the portal, Classic Sonic meets with Metal Sonic and races him. The Tails' explain that they are traveling through time and space. After beating both Shadow and the Biolizard , Tails does some modifications to Modern Sonic's shoes so he can do the Stomp. After the fight, Eggman is kidnapped by the Time Eater again. After restoring all the levels and collecting the Chaos Emeralds, the Sonics go to fight the Time Eater who turned out to be some sort of monster being controlled by both Classic and Modern Eggman, and from seeing both Tails defend the Sonics from the monster, the Chaos Emeralds allow the Sonics to go Super.

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